By Patricia Cota-Robles

July 1, 2014

As miracles unfold step by step the way is being cleared for the next phase of the Divine Plan, which is something the Company of Heaven and the I AM Presences of Humanity have been striving for since our fall from Grace aeons ago. This monumental event will require the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth. At the beginning of 2014, we were told by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth that this would be a year like no other. Obviously, that was an understatement.

Incredible Activities of Light have been Victoriously accomplished so far this year that have raised the energy, vibration, and consciousness of the masses of Humanity in previously unknown ways. These accelerated influxes of Light have paved the way for the Global Activity of Light that the Company of Heaven said will catapult the Earth and ALL her Life up the Spiral of Evolution into ENLIGHTENED FREQUENCIES OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and LIGHT-FILLED PATTERNS OF THE NEW EARTH beyond anything we have ever experienced.

This plan is designed to Awaken within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity the awareness that CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is the enlightened state of Oneness and Divine Love our Father-Mother God invested us with at our inception, when we were first Breathed forth from the Core of Creation as individualized Sons and Daughters of God. At that time, we were also invested with the creative faculties of thought and feeling and given the gift of Free Will. Then our Father-Mother God gave us our gift of Life, our Lifeforce, which is the electronic Light substance that beats our heart, activates our brain, and enables us to think, feel, breathe, move, and exist as individualized expressions of our Father-Mother God.

The original Divine Plan was for the Sons and Daughters of God to learn how to become cocreators with our God Parents. Through our Free-Will choices and our unique ways of thinking and feeling, the intent was for us to create new expressions of Divinity that would increase the patterns of Divine Love and Oneness in the Causal Body of God. This would expand exponentially the all-encompassing Divine Matrix that is our Father-Mother God’s Body.

But tragically, there was a point in time aeons ago when the Sons and Daughters of God made the Free-Will choice to experiment with our creative faculties of thought and feeling in ways that did not reflect the Divine Love associated with Christ Consciousness or the reality of the Oneness of  ALL Life. This is when we began cocreating the gross mutations of separation and duality, which eventually resulted in our “fall from Grace

All of the pain and suffering Humanity has cocreated over aeons of time, and is still cocreating to this very day, is a result of the fact that we fell from the enlightened state of Christ Consciousness into the fragmented and fear-based consciousness of separation and duality. Since that fateful decision aeons ago, our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven have been trying to help us lift our heads above the muddle puddle of our human miscreations enough for us to reclaim our Divine Birthright of Christ Consciousness and Awaken to the Path of Divine Love and Oneness which is the ONLY way for us to reverse the adverse affects of our fall from Grace.

Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness will Awaken within every heart the KNOWING that we are not the victims of our lives. WE ARE THE COCREATORS OF OUR LIVES. This sacred knowledge will bring to a conscious level the profound Truth that WE are the cocreators of the New Earth and that through our unified efforts we will tangibly manifest the patterns of Divine Love, Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace, Vibrant Health, Oneness, Reverence for ALL Life, and every other pattern of perfection associated with Divine Love and the Oneness of Life.

This amazing transformation will not involve a monumental effort on our part. The manifestation of the New Earth will result from a slight adjustment in Humanity’s awareness. The tangible manifestation of the New Earth will be the result of Humanity’s shift from a consciousness of separation and duality into the Awakened Christ Consciousness of Oneness, Divine Love, and Reverence for ALL Life.

This shift is not destined to occur in some distant future time as many people believe. This unprecedented shift of consciousness is taking place right here and right NOW, through the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth. The next phase of the unfolding Divine Plan is designed to accelerate this process a THOUSANDFOLD. And the Company of Heaven is invoking your assistance.

Your I AM Presence has drawn this information into your sphere of awareness because you have been preparing for aeons of time to assist with this facet of the Divine Plan. You are a harbinger of Divine Love whether you are consciously aware of it or not, and the time for you to fully manifest that aspect of who you are is NOW!

Our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are sending forth a Clarion Call to all embodied Lightworkers, this includes YOU and me. We are being asked to gather within the most powerful Portal of Precipitation that exists on Planet Earth. This portal exists within the embrace of the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming in the USA. This is an exquisite expression of the Nature Kingdom and the beauty of Beloved Mother Earth. We are truly blessed beyond measure to be asked to gather in this healing and nurturing Forcefield of Light.

Precipitation is the Activity of Light through which unformed primal Light Essence is drawn directly from the Universe and converted into form. This is the Activity of Light that Humanity must use in order to reach the frequencies that will enhance our return to Christ Consciousness and tangibly manifest the patterns of Divine Love and Oneness associated with the New Earth. This also is the Portal of Light through which the Light of God is flowing that will most effectively reconnect the masses with the Divine Love of our Mother God.

The translation of the word WYOMING is, “LAND WHERE THE MOTHER GODDESS IS LOVED.” The origin of the word is Native American, with strong links to Inca and Mayan civilizations. The Inca, Maya, and Native American Elders named geographic locations using sounds that conveyed information about the energy and frequency of vibration associated with the location or sacred site involved.

We are being asked by the Company of Heaven to assist in an Activity of Light that will greatly accelerate Humanity’s shift into Christ Consciousness and the Path of Divine Love and Oneness. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth revealed that this will be accomplished by Lightworkers volunteering to gather in Wyoming, within the Portal of Precipitation, to form a mighty transformer through which the Light of Precipitation will be secured in every person’s Heart Flame.

If you have the Heart Call to serve our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity in this wondrous way, we will welcome you with open arms and Divine Love from the deepest recesses of our hearts.

It is critical that Lightworkers from around the world be physically present for this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. We will join our Heart Flames which will be pulsating with the Light we have brought from our homelands, all over the world. Together we will form the transformer­—the Chalice of Light—that will serve as the Open Door for the Light of Precipitation.

Ask your I AM Presence for guidance, listen to your heart, and Trust your inner knowing. Your Light is needed now! Know that we will all be in our right and perfect place for this Global Activity of Light, but only YOUR I AM Presence knows where that location is for YOU.

In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present, there will be Lightworkers who will join in consciousness from points of Light around the world. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Precipitation in the Grand Teton Mountains where the Lightworkers will be physically gathered at Jackson Lake Lodge in Moran, Wyoming. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousandfold.

No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important is that we respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Precipitation, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission.

The vehicle that will be used for this gathering of Lightworkers is the 28th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This event will take place September 13-18, 2014. We will gather at the beautiful Jackson Lake Lodge in Moran, Wyoming. This exquisite resort exists within the heart of the Portal of Precipitation. All of the information you will need to participate in this wondrous opportunity is available on our website:

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This is going to be an incredibly powerful and joyous event. Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven want us to clearly know that EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. Our Lightwork will no longer involve the overwhelming struggles we often experienced in the past. That time is over.

From now on, our service to Humanity and the Light will be glorious adventures. They will be the experiences we have long awaited and patiently anticipated.

THIS is the Cosmic Moment we were shown aeons ago when we decided that no matter what we had to go through to get to this life-transforming time, it was going to be worth it.

Well, here we are.  So let’s make the conscious choice to continue our service to Humanity and the Light from the Heart Space of Divine Love, Joy, and Infinite Bliss!

I Love YOU, and I AM Eternally Grateful for your willingness to be an instrument of God, as we move forward together cocreating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

Whether you are planning to be physically present in the Grant Tetons or not, please click on the link below and watch this short video that will allow you to weave your magnificent Light into this Portal of Precipitation and connect with us at a Heart level from wherever you are on the Planet.

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Patricia Cota-Robles

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©2014 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles



By Jan Finley


The news about the kidnapped girls in Nigeria has disturbed me enormously, for so many reasons.  In Stephanie's weather report one morning, she referenced the Persephone myth in regard to the kidnapped Nigerian girls and my mind was captivated. The Persephone myth has always disturbed me, because I never felt it was the complete story.  She was taken against her will, returned by the profound perseverance of her mother, a new pattern (the seasons) was implemented but what is never really mentioned is how profoundly Persephone herself must have been changed by the experience.


I am not ignoring the profound implications of the horror inflicted on these girls, believe me. That this should occur is an outrage and horrific.


I am merely looking at the myth from another direction, so bear with me.  A friend of mine has recently been contacted by someone from her long ago past, someone with whom she was deeply in love with. He hurt her badly, causing her to sever a portion of herself, a concept that those of you who are familiar with shamanism will recognize.  From the moment the wounding occurred in her life, she has never been the same.  She has been a shadow of herself.


Certainly this sounds extreme, but how often does some form of this severing occurs in the lives of women?  I believe that each one of us has lost some treasured aspect of ourselves as we have striven to assimilate and belong. We are trained from an early age to be good girls, responsible girls. We leave passion behind. We forget who we really are, in our efforts to accommodate.  Certainly, there are exceptions, and as we age, we often rediscover those aspects of ourselves. Many times, however, that wound remains unhealed and oftentimes acknowledged.


And this brings me back to the Persephone myth.


It seems to me that there may be another aspect to this story.  A young woman is living her life, peacefully, loved and adored by parents. Safe.  And along comes a man who covets her.  He appears before her larger than life, radiant in his role as God of the Underworld, and captures her (her heart, her spirit, her physical being), if not against her will but certainly against everything she believes to be true and real in her life, and whisks her away to a new and unfamiliar place. He proclaims his love but still he frightens her. He intrigues her. He awakens her. She might resist it, even fight it, but she is changed by the experience.


And yes, meanwhile at home, her mother and those who love her and miss the person she has been in their lives, react from a place of loss and fear. She must be returned to them.


Winter arrives. The landscape changes. Nothing will ever be the same again.


Meanwhile, the young woman alternately misses the safe life she had, warm and comfortable, cherished and safe, but a door has opened within her, forever altering her.  Even if she were to return to her familiar world, she is no longer the young woman she was.  And she never will be again.


The young woman returns to her previous life for six months of the year; her mother is happy but the young woman is forever altered.


And this is the crux of my sense of incompletion with this myth.  Many of you will be crying out in outrage: But she was taken against her will!! Is this not violation of the worst kind? And yes it is, but we don't know the whole story.


I have always wondered why Persephone went back every autumn if it was so horrific with Pluto.  Certainly The Lord of the Underworld would have experience and knowledge to which she had never been exposed, never even imagined existed.  I have come to think of Pluto as ‘The Lord of the Unawakened’, rather than simply the Underworld. Certainly, the Underworld carries implications of the undiscovered within all of us, the shadow aspects which must be reclaimed for self-unity to take place.  And Pluto can certainly turn a life upside down, but isn't that really what awakening is?  When you awaken, it is to a wholly new you.  And most times, the undiscovered aspects of ourselves are not welcomed with open arms.


Passion falls into that realm.  We love the idea of passion, especially in movies and book or someone else's life. But passion is powerful and huge and disruptive and messy.  Our society has long equated passion with sex, and goodness knows that we have come to view sex as something often suspect and dangerous.  Sex is a complicated issue these days.


However, the truth is that passion is so much more than that. It is passion that fills every endeavor with joy.  One has only to look to the arts to see that.  Passion inspires great works in everything from the daily grind to those great works of Art.  And yes, passion takes romance from the mundane and transforms it into the stuff of legends and myths.


So I submit that Persephone, while initially terrified and frightened, found a place inside herself that she had no idea even existed, and that place was her own passion.  I believe that even had Pluto let her go for good, never asking for her annual return, she might have returned to him on her own, a moth to the flame of her awakening.


As for her mother, and the creation of winter....  Without winter, we would not feel the fierce joy that Spring brings, with the first hint of green and blush of warmth.  Spring awakens our own passion, bringing us to the fullness of summer.  Persephone's sacrifice(?)( commitment?) allows us to awaken to the fullness of our own expression.  The letting go and drawing in of autumn and the quiet introspection of winter perfectly lay the groundwork for the passion to arrive again in the spring.


It is repression, I believe, where the true darkness lies.  In denying an integral part of our expression, we become predictable, perpetuating the crime of safety, that illusion around which we gravitate with such dedication.  As women, we conform every day, until we re-member who we are and reclaim those abandoned aspects of ourselves. We are taught to be good girls. We are taught to adapt and adjust.  We forget to fly. We forget to howl with abandon. The Divine Feminine has become shackled by denial of self.


The lesson in this may be that while we do indeed pay a price, even a great price, for the reclamation of our passion, our most holy and divine Selves, we also regain our authenticity and without that, without that spark which generates our most sacred truth, we are nothing.


By Eric Francis of Planet Waves

Our culture specializes in pent up and uptight, then exploding.

That's how an archconservative political nobody can get an established, high-ranking uber-conservative congressional leader thrown out of office for allegedly not being conservative enough. Then he can claim to have started a revolution -- the "antigovernment" one symbolized by the Gadsden flag, the same flag that was thrown over the body of a police officer murdered in Las Vegas over the weekend.

It's why in the United States we've had 74 school shootings since the Newtown massacre of December 2012, the one we wanted to be the last one. It's how we can allow our political leaders to start wars that may never end, with implications they cannot control.
It's why so many people seem unable to let off a little pressure without a lot of alcohol. It's how that legacy gets passed from generation to generation with little consideration -- barely enough thought to notice that it's a problem, much less understand the effects of that problem.

It's why the distinction between sex as an expression of love or of aggression is becoming increasingly confused. This, in turn, describes why so many people find relationships so challenging or indeed impossible. We get a picture of sex education being cut back, eliminated or banned in schools amidst an onslaught of porno and sex-for-marketing. Then we seem content to live with a notion of sex that allows for "it just happened," mainly because so few people are able to speak about the topic honestly or even factually.

All of these have an astrological factor in common. Overnight tonight we'll experience an unusual Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the centaur planet Pholus (discovered in 1992). It happens that Pholus, a close planetary relative of Chiron, covers many of these themes and influences all of them. The thematic relationship of Pholus to Chiron describes a healing mission.

The precision of this Full Moon is visionary. Located in Sagittarius, close to the heart of our galaxy, it's the image of transcendent consciousness and aspiring to soul contact. It's one of those rare events where Pholus actually might manifest as the factor that precipitates spontaneous enlightenment.
Tonight's aspect pattern describes a potential moment of clarity that will, for some people, burn an opening in the fog and confusion we so often take for granted. Yet planets in the centaur class are always edgy, and it's a double edge.

They can injure or they can help immensely. It's one reason why it's necessary to gather so much awareness and clear intention around them, a side benefit that becomes a primary one.

With Pholus, alcohol is central to the myth, with all of its implications. This particular point has a way of showing up in charts for mass shootings. I noticed that for the first time with the Gabrielle Giffords incident in Tucson, my coverage of which included a detailed analysis of some very interesting centaur astrology. Mass shooting is also in the myth, which I describe in detail in the current edition of Planet Waves FM.

Pholus also describes a quality of energy, akin to the thrill of things going out of control. Our society thrives on the unleashed, on the sensation of something going viral or becoming ridiculously popular in a way that nobody understands.

It's the runaway reaction, the bubble that will eventually burst, surfing from fad to fad. As a culture we live with this energy all the time. It's the pressure we're under that keeps getting released but is never quite relieved. Buddhism would say it's the essence of Western consciousness -- the endless pursuit of nothing that feels like something.

Tonight's exact alignment of the Gemini Sun and the Moon conjunct Pholus opens up a pressure vent, or a line of awareness directly through the chaos. There's a catch, though. Pholus is conjunct a slower-moving point called Ixion, who was the first murderer of Greek mythology. In trying to rape Hera, the Queen of Heaven, he inadvertently became the father of all the centaurs except for Chiron and Pholus, who are of different lineages.Ixion represents the progenitor of the dark side of centaur consciousness, which is the dark side of human nature. Before we can reach the clear side of nature, it's usually necessary to engage and confront the shadow side.
The Full Moon conjunct both Pholus and Ixion describes the drive toward love and light and cautions about trying to do this without first acknowledging the sources of pain that, like whatever Pholus represents, are passed down through the generations.

Tonight's Full Moon has two other centaurs prominent in the aspect patterns. Last week I described the triple trine of Mercury to Nessus. We're now experiencing that aspect with increasing prominence as Mercury retrogrades back toward Nessus. Here's the operative fact: Mercury in early Cancer is aspecting the Aries Point -- the juncture of individual and collective material.

The message here is that you're not alone. Whatever you're feeling, you can be sure that others feel it. Whatever you need to heal, others share that need with you. Whatever you want to experience, others share that craving. The idea that you are the only one is a trap; this blazing Full Moon is the time to reach out to others and come out of your isolation.

The Mercury connection is saying it's not just OK to talk about this but also necessary to do so. I suggest you get this going while Mercury is in Cancer, and you can more easily access your feelings with words. The second exact trine -- and the only one with Mercury retrograde -- happens at about 1:15 am EDT Sunday. Mercury then retrogrades into Gemini at about 6:48 am EDT Tuesday.
There's one last centaur connection -- Chiron is prominent in this chart. Though the Gemini Sun has passed its exact square to Chiron in Pisces, the aspect is still strong enough to be effective. This describes a sense of injury associated with self-expression and with our perception of men.

Chiron is conjunct a slow-mover called Borasisi. It's interesting that both Chiron and Pholus are currently conjunct important newly discovered minor planets. The Borasisi connection is a reminder about belief. What you believe is going to be the thing that's true for you, whether or not it's true in fact.

Belief is profoundly influential, and it often deceives. One theme to be aware of tonight, accented by so much activity in Sagittarius, is to notice what you believe, and ask yourself whether it's really true. Belief is not validation, but it creates a miniature reality that sure can seem real.

There is an astonishing amount of energy moving right now. The Full Moon is picking up many planets clustered in late Sagittarius that I have not mentioned here. All of this is gathered around the Galactic Core, which is pointing the way to something much larger, more interesting and more meaningful than we've been likely to consider on Earth. It's just that we're unlikely to get there without first addressing what we've created here. This does not mean total immersion. It means, at least, some form of acknowledgement, and a decision to choose something else.

And to my eyes, this Full Moon is shining lots of light on how we can do just that.



Eric Francis


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Patricia Cota-Robles

May 10, 2014
This weekend there are millions of people around the World acknowledging the Love they have for their Mothers. This has formed a collective Cup of Consciousness through which the Feminine Aspect of our Father-Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout ALL Creation are projecting the most intensified frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love that Humanity has ever received. This unfathomable Love is flowing in, through, and around every particle and wave of Life on Earth, which has the ability to greatly assist the purging and cleansing process Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom are now going through.
The Feminine Aspect of our Father-Mother God is the Being of Light we have always known as the Holy Spirit. After our fall into separation and duality we lost awareness of the Feminine Aspect of God and we developed a very Patriarchal concept of God. Amazingly, our fragmented and fear-based human egos began to believe that as Sons and Daughters of God we had a single parent. Our fallen human egos came to the erroneous conclusion that the only parent we had was our Father. Well, what child is ever conceived without a Father AND a Mother? “As Above, so below.”
For aeons we have known that the Holy Spirit is the Love Nature of God and the Holy Comforter, but we thought of it as a masculine aspect of our Father God. Now we KNOW that the Holy Spirit is in fact our Mother God, the Divine Feminine, who works in perfect balance and harmony with our Father God.
Our Mother God is also the exponent of the Elemental Kingdom which we are, at long last, beginning to remember is an Intelligent Lifewave that is critical in our Ascension process. Our Mother God is the Loving Presence that supports the Mighty Elohim who are the Builders of Form, the Directors of the Elements who guide and direct the Divine Intelligence within the earth, water, fire, air and ether elements, and also the Body Elementals that have sojourned with the Sons and Daughters of God since we were first Breathed forth from the Core of Creation. This is why we refer to MOTHER Nature and MOTHER Earth.
During this Cosmic Moment, when Humanity and ALL Life on Earth are experiencing an unprecedented opportunity to transmute the past and to move up the Spiral of Evolution into the Loving Embrace of the 5th-Dimensional New Earth, we have been given an Invocation from On High that will allow Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom to take full advantage of the Transfiguring Divine Love our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity are Blessing the Earth with this sacred and holy Month of May.
Through this Invocation, the Gift of Transfiguring Divine Love will be secured in the Heart Flame of every person on Earth by his or her I AM Presence. This Divine Intervention will occur in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and the highest good for ALL concerned. Once this has occurred, the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love will build in momentum, with every Breath we take, throughout the rest of this Life-transforming year of 2014.
A Gift of Transfiguring Divine Love
“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. What I ask for myself, I ask for every person on Earth in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.
“Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you now expand the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love through every person’s Heart Flame. Create from this Sacred Fire a tremendous Heart of Pure Divine Love that envelops the entire Planet Earth. 
“This Heart of Transfiguring Divine Love is now magnetizing the Love of our Mother God from every Ascended level of Being in the Universe. This Life-transforming influx of our Mother God’s Love is pouring through the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness and blazing in, through, and around every person, place, condition, and thing on Earth. Our Mother God’s Love is empowering our planetary CAUSE of Divine Love, our newly Birthed Renaissance of Divine Love, and ALL of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.  
“Now, our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity in the Realms of Illumined Truth send forth a Clarion Call asking the Legions of Love throughout Infinity to come forth now. In addition to the Legions of Love, Twelve magnificent Solar Archangels representing the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love descend into the atmosphere of Earth from the Great, Great Silence. These powerful Archangels take their strategic positions around the planet standing equal distances around the Earth’s equator. Each One of these selfless Messengers of God willingly prepare to assist Humanity, Mother Earth, and ALL Life evolving on this Planet during this Activity of Light. 
“Now, as One unified Force of Divine Love, our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity, Inbreathe from the very Core of Creation the highest possible frequency of the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love that Cosmic Law will allow. On the Holy Breath, these Feminine Beings of Light now Breathe this Sacred Fire into the Heart Flame of the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. 
“This influx of Divine Love, which is now flowing through every person’s Heart Flame, creates a symphony of Love that ensouls and interpenetrates our Beloved Mother Earth and ALL her Life. Through this Activity of Light, the I AM Presence within every person becomes the Open Door for this resplendent frequency of Transfiguring Divine Love. At inner levels, every person on the Planet is experiencing this forcefield of Divine Love.
“Through his or her I AM Presence, every person is seeing the scintillating colors of Love, smelling the fragrance of Love, and hearing the Cosmic Tones and moving melodies of Love. Through this Activity of Light, we are ALL, truly, Love in Action. We are collectively changing the core vibration of the primal Light substance, which has gone into creating the present negative conditions that are surfacing from the old Earth to be transmuted back into Light.
“Through the Love of the Holy Spirit—our Mother God, the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity, the Twelve Solar Archangels, and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth, we are the CAUSE of this Forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love now anchored on Earth. Together we have set in place the basic Spiritual Forces of Divine Love over which Humanity is now Ascending out of the long exile in darkness associated with the old Earth, into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light and Divine Love associated with the New Earth.
“We are ALL being raised into a profound awakening of Supreme Love Consciousness.  We are, here and now, the Masters of Love we were always destined to be. We are Beings of Love, accepting responsibility for Loving this sweet Earth and all her Life FREE. We are One with this blessed Planet, and the Planet is One with us. 
“The Twelve Solar Archangels are now intensifying the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love through every person’s Heart Flame. This Activity of Light is lifting Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and every particle and wave of Life on Earth into a much Higher Octave of Divine Love and Light. 
“With the influx of this Light, every man, woman, and child on Earth is being initiated into a Higher Order of Being and invested with a Cosmic Forcefield of Divine Love that will be permanently sustained by his or her I AM Presence. 
“This Forcefield of Divine Love is lifting each of us into a Higher Level of Christ Consciousness, which will result in a Higher Order of Divine Service to Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and Mother Earth.     And so it is!”
Flooding into the mental and emotional strata of Earth at this time is the profound Truth that the Earth is a living, breathing organism. People everywhere are at long last beginning to remember and acknowledge that the earth, water, air, fire, and ether elements are intelligent. These aspects of the Elemental Kingdom constitute Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies, as well as the bodies of the animals, plants, and everything else that exists on Earth.
The reason it is so vitally important that we remember the collaboration we have with the Elemental Kingdom and heal the schism between us, is because we cannot complete our Ascension onto the 5th-Dimensional New Earth without the deliberate cooperation of our Body Elementals and the Elemental Kingdom.
At any given moment, the Elemental Kingdom is reflecting Humanity’s consciousness. The inclement weather conditions we are experiencing all over the Planet are an indication of the greatly intensified purging Humanity and the Earth are experiencing. As Humanity shifts into higher and higher levels of Christ Consciousness, we will heal the atrocities we have inflicted on the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. This will be accomplished by joining our hearts and minds as we cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. These patterns will manifest as the Heaven on Earth we have always known we would one day be abiding upon.
The following information reveals a powerful tool that was inspired by the Company of Heaven to help Humanity reconnect with the Elemental Kingdom in a loving and gentle way. If this powerful tool resonates in your heart it is available on our website at the following link.
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and Humanity’s Ascension into Christ Consciousness
 This exquisite Aromatic Light Elixir is a multi-Dimensional Synergy, inspired by the Masters of Light. The Harmonic Oils and Crystalline Liquid Light in this beautiful Elixir were blended into a frequency of Divine Love through the unified efforts of the Elemental Kingdom and the Company of Heaven.
This Light Elixir is specifically designed to assist Humanity’s I AM Presence and our 5th-Dimensional Body Elemental to raise the vibrations within our energy fields. This will occur regardless of any adversity from the old Earth we may still be experiencing. This Divine Intervention will accelerate the Divine Alchemy taking place in Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies and pave the way for a greater shift into Christ Consciousness.
All we have to do is gently spray this beautiful Light Elixir above our heads two or three times each day. Our I AM Presence and our Body Elemental will assimilate the beautiful fragrance and Elemental substance within the Light Elixir, thus lifting each of us into a frequency that will make it easier for our I AM Presence to quicken our return to Christ Consciousness.
Returning to Christ Consciousness is the single most important thing Humanity can do in order to shift our reality into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. From the level of Christ Consciousness, we have the ability to tap into the Realms of Cause where viable solutions exist that will help us to eliminate the pain and suffering we are still experiencing from the surfacing negativity of the old Earth. This exquisite fragrance has been consecrated with the powerful energies from the unprecedented Celestial Alignments and Activities of Light that are taking place this year.
Our supply is limited, so if you are interested please respond as soon as possible.  
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Patricia Cota-Robles
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Phone: 520-885-7909
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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.
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