It is easy to underestimate the dancing Dark Moon. Giddily, she flies
through the sky, screaming “Look at me! Watch me!” One could get tired
of the constant quest for attention....
But wait.....take a moment and think this through. Millennia of judgment
and harshness toward the Feminine have shaped her frustration, her desire
to be heard and seen. Flighty and changeable she might seem but make
no mistake. This Handmaiden of the Great Mother knows why she is here
and what she is doing.
She came to remind us of our own feminine divinity, male and female alike.
Humans cannot be whole without both the feminine and masculine in
balance. The Patriarchy has tipped the balance to the extreme and the
Feminine has returned. The Dark Moon leads the way, opening the doors,
throwing wide the windows and ripping back the curtains. She exposes
that which has been hidden, both in herself and in the broken masculine.
Her job is to make us look, make us see the illusion before us.
Open your eyes, open your heart. Welcome her messages of Wholing the
Feminine for without it, none of us can be whole. The Feminine’s rightful
place in this world begins in each of our hearts, allowing her expression
and a place at the table. As we watch events play out on the global stage,
we must remember that every bit of what we see plays out inside of us.
The honor and respect we give to that process transforms the Feminine
and the world around us. Be this Change. With your heart, welcome Her

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.