For January 21 - 27, 2019

I am overwhelmed by the sense that the “big change” cannot be made until He comes to stand at Her shoulder.  I have spent time meditating on the Haumea Uranus bridge and that is not what keeps pulling at me. I literally cannot get the images out of my head.  She is reunifying and taking her place of love based power.  No question about that but we cannot be whole until the masculine and feminine are balanced.  For that to happen, the Sacred Masculine must step forward and right now He is still hovering in the back, all but invisible. The Wayward Son will not change by himself so there has to be more.  There has to be that moment when both Masculine and Feminine align in power, and not in quiet silence. Not behind the scenes. But out front and in our faces.  I keep watching for it “out there”and I see hints of it, but not enough for me to go “Ah! There it is.”   We have so many strong feminine archetypes to work with now.  Where is the Divine Masculine in all this? Certainly, we can call out names (Mars, Uranus, etc.) but they seem to be doing what men, good men, are doing here - standing back and watching.  Something more is coming and every cell in my body, every voice whispering in my heart, says “Get ready.  It is almost here.” 

(I started this as an email to Stephanie and then I heard this answer to my question:)

He stands at the ready, awaiting only the proper moment, to step forth at a Her side.  This is her show, and He knows it and honors it.  He has been fractured as much as She over the many years and now struggles to unify what his heart tells Him with what He has been told.  His anger dissipates and loss is left behind. A weariness and a loneliness He did not know He carried.  A hesitancy that He is unfamiliar with and struggles to identity.  

Open your hearts to Him. Welcome him home and allow him the room to re-member who he is.  And when the time comes, as soon it must, open and the door and insist He take his rightful place at Her side.  This is power not born of taking, of greed, but power born of union, of being more than self focused. He does not know yet how how to recognize this new power, this new knowing, this new way of Being.  It requires courage and individuality rather than pack mentality. And yet, and yet, once this power is acknowledged, true meaning and connection with others will replace the concept of pack.  There is no alone any more.  There is only All-one.

She leads the way, but He must stand at her shoulder.  Only in Unity can the New Age 

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