The Father of the Heavens He has returned, and He brings his past with him. Once toppled from supremacy by the Wayward Son, He is Father once again but now a once-Wounded Father who must rediscover who He is in this new world with full mindfulness about how he partners with the Mother. Our patience is required as He finds his way. The Male role has changed: he is becoming the equal partner. He can be a Patriarch no longer. He is acutely aware that he stands as role model and prototype for the newly awakened Male and yet he knows that habit and ancient patterns might produce roadblocks ahead. Gaia helps as she can but she knows this inner battle is his. His devotion to Her opens many doors and lays a strong foundation if he can let himself trust this new way of Being. Gaia’s very survival depends on his ability to step into and become the Awakened Father.

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