I have been thinking a great deal about the varied physical symptoms so many have been experiencing and today something occurred to me. While many of the symptoms seem to be ascension symptoms (headaches and the like) - and they may be - I would like to offer another theory. We have been talking for months about revisiting and clearing out our personal karma and core issues, and so I heard the following:
These symptoms you personally have experienced and so many others as well are indeed the result of multi-generational karma and core clearing. As each person delves deeply into their core issues, bringing them into the light for clearing, the body is included in the process. As you know, much clearing is done on the physical level. This clearing all are doing is taking place not only on a personal level but also a global one. Do not identify so deeply with your symptoms, instead allow them free rein as the pass through. Guard for resistance for that makes this journey even more uncomfortable. Self care is essential as is a peaceful mind/heart. This effort is essential and requires diligence and focus. Allow all that is not Love and Light to fade away. As you individually clear, so does the Earth. Many ascended beings are here with you now to assist in this very important process. Open your heart to them and ask for their assistance. It will be given, for the New World is at hand

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for  TheCosmicPath.com. It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.