Deep within you are long held beliefs and karmic patterns that are now being experienced physically.  These patterns and beliefs have taken on a life of their own, over time/space.  The energy you feed them with your resistance gives them power to become an entity unto themselves, rather than allowing them to bring the transmutation and awakening for which they are designed.  The physical body is speaking to you, and you must offer each and every message it offers your profound attention and openness.  This is particularly critical in this moment of space/time. The frequency of the physical body must be attuned to receive the critical downloads that direct the newly transformed physical.  A caterpillar does not fight the chrysalis. Do you imagine that the transformation from caterpillar to magnificent butterfly is without discomfort? I assure you that is not the case. The caterpillar surrenders to the transformational process, allowing its physical body to express the change itself.  There is no room for resistance, and resistance only prolongs the discomfort.  Call upon the Ray of Wholing to assist you when discomfort arises. This Ray enters through the crown and lights up the entire body, physical and etheric.  It is best utilized when you are quiet and allowing it to work unimpeded. I ask you to bear witness to the sacredness of your personal metamorphosis, so that you may recognize and acknowledge the magnificence that is you, and amplify the Light you bring to this new world.

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