The Gathering of the Goddesses

A few days ago, I saw a documentary called “Tea with the Dames”, with Dames Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright and  Elaine Atkins.  A conversation between old friends and colleagues, it is a charming retrospective of friendship, womanhood and career.  That the profiled were four women of a certain age struck me profoundly during this week of the Gathering of the Four Goddesses.
As I listened to these women talk and laugh, it was a meaningful reminder to me of the depth and breath of what it has meant and means to be a woman.  Our lives generate wisdom, insight and laughter, gifts that we treasure and carry safely in our hearts.   I am reminded at how much I enjoy gatherings with my own women friends, as we share our individual insights and life experiences.
As we age, we embody that wisdom in varied ways, each authentic and powerful in her own right.  And yet, through the historical ascendency of the Patriarchy, that wisdom, insight and profundity have become devalued and despised.  Older women are not respected and often treated as children.  In fact, recently at my doctor’s office, a 40-something year old man called me back from the waiting room.  As I walked through the door, he said to me “And how are we today, young lady?” 
I was literally struck dumb.  And I was furious.  Because of that fury, I decided not to say anything in the moment but to address it later when I was calmer.  (I tend to have to apologize later when I react in the moment.) Later that day, I happened to receive an email asking me to rate the service I had received. And I did.  Thoroughly.
While this encounter infuriated me, it has no effect on who I am and the wisdom I have come to embody through my own life experience.  Historically, a misogynistic attitude has worked as a control mechanism, but it no longer carries any power.  We, as women, know who we are, and we, like the four women in the documentary, age with grace, undaunted and strong.  Our bodies may decline but our spirits are indomitable, for we walk at the side of the Goddess. 
This week’s Gathering of the Goddesses speaks to us from the heart of all we know, replete with downloads and insight.  These goddesses are multi-dimensional archetypes and each appears representative of four different levels of awareness. Together, they bring the undeniable Reunification of the Divine Feminine.  The repudiation of the Feminine will stand no longer, and the truth will out.  The Goddesses’ words, laws and love will reign again with authority.  These four Goddesses stand together in harmony, on all levels of our awareness, to bring these truths home in clarity and without equivocation.
For those of us with open hearts and eyes to see, we must open even further for there is much work still to be done.  Our openness creates a framework that strengthens the fabric of awakening.  Our open hearts create a doorway through which love can work its magic.
I urge you to observe the women in your lives in the coming weeks and watch as magic happens. And happen, it will.
“Who is She? She is your power, your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. The life force. The first time, the twentieth time you may not recognize her. Or pretend not to hear. As she fills your body with ripples of terror and delight.
But when she calls you will know you’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer.”
Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman

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