I come in love to show you the Way. My dances illuminate all that has been hidden in the shadows of time/no time.  The Divine Son returns; this has been foretold for eons.  The choice is yours to step forward into Christed Consciousness, the Path of Open Heart, Hands and Mind.  You are surrounded by Love and must not be distracted by all that appears to derail and destroy.  There are no secrets, only games of make believe. Pluto serves to transform the Beloved Son as he leaves his Wayward ways behind.  We continue to unify and awaken, these many faces of the Mother.
Your presence at this particular time/space was chosen by your Higher Self, so that you as Guardians might hold the sacred space for the birth of the New World. This time/space is alchemical in nature, uniting fire and love to create absolute transformation.  
He knows the last days of the Patriarchy are here. Even knowing the end of his reign is here, he fears Her and Her power. But secretly, buried deep inside, he is bone tired and ready to come home to Her love.  Pluto leads the way.
The New World is upon us and the constrictions of this age will contract and release.  The Divine Masculine begins to heal and will unite, as ordained, with the Divine Feminine and the Age of Unity will dawn.
Windblown, careworn
Time/space travelled endlessly
The worm turns
The winds change
Nothing stays the same
Deep breath
And another
Faith must stand
Embrace the future (past?)
Light the fire
Stand your ground
Remember who you are.
Remember who you Are.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for  TheCosmicPath.com. It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.