I speak to you from the Hierarchy bringing the Light of the One to you.   You have now entered the portal of Truth and life as you have known it will be transformed. Your past has become a tool for shaping your tomorrows, as it was always intended to be. The human designation of “Past” as a time/place to dwell or control the moment of Now must be abandoned. You are being showered with new tools and information that will guide you through the coming days, as you reckon the passing of time. The Light of the Christed Self is of immense importance at this time/space.   Your heart must open to receive it and allow it to make a home within you. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by the petty, mundane and distracting. This charade continues to serve the purpose for which it was designed.
These times of chaos must be allowed to transpire with as little attachment as possible. Think of the chaos as the temper tantrums of a toddler, extreme in the moment but temporary in the larger view. Their purpose is to lower your heart vibration and anchor you to the mundane world. Your purpose is to keep your vibration as high to allow the union with and embodiment of Higher Self to take place. Each of you is an integral part of the Birthing process that is taking place at this moment in time/space. It has always been thus. The pain being experienced by what you term the “toxic masculinity” is merely misapplied energy fueled by the illusion that any being can be more powerful than another. This simply is not possible. It is an artifact of polarized thinking which has been the bedrock of this “age” on Earth. We do not term them “ages” but more as stages of development. We have given you codes throughout your time/space but many have become trivialized to dispel their power. Love IS always the answer. Love is the Light of the One made manifest and you have only begun to explore the immensity of what this means. Your time/space within must be given over to this exploration, rather than being drawn into the illusions being played out before you. There is no work or special technique involved, merely your willingness to allow your heart and inner world to expand beyond imagining. Ask for our assistance and it will be given. Open your Heart/Mind and breathe it in.
(I often struggle to “interpret” what I am told. When I write “the Light of the One”, for example, what I feel/hear is much vaster than I have words for. When they speak of “tools and information”, these are concepts of awareness that are available to us that are beyond description. We have become so accustomed to our “language of being” that anything “more” than that becomes trivialized somehow. It becomes mundane. Words like “love”, “light”, oneness” and so on are the merest reflection of what they truly mean. What is available to us and within us is so vast that my glimpses of what I see take my breath away. When I speak with the Hierarchy, I am stunned and humbled by all they are and what is truly “out there”/within us”. They find my struggles lovingly humorous, knowing that our language limitations remove the necessary energy/love flow that their language embodies effortlessly. Even saying that, I am not accurate in my description but it is the best I can do at this time. What I know to be true is that all of this is available to everyone and that continued communication with them is changing who I am.)
And then I am told:
Your desire to define concepts limits the reality/nature awakening before you. Use your breath as a tool with which to return to the state of openness desirable. You do not have to think anything about what you are experiencing. To think is a conceptual portion of all that Be-ing encompasses. It is limiting and narrows the experience. And so it is with the many words you find trivialized and this is why they have become trivial. They must be felt/experienced, not thought. As you open to the Awakening, let go of the concept of outcome. There is no goal to be achieved; there is no bigger or better or more. Awakening simply is. Open and Be. Breathe.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for TheCosmicPath.com. It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.