The four “lower” body systems were designed to work together in harmony, never separately. As humankind evolved, and ego developed, the systems became separate, humans holding mind in higher esteem than the others. The adulteration of the mind has cost human much in the way of growth and experience. It was never intended to be separate and superior to the rest.
The reunification of the systems requires dedication and permission. The egoic mind must be willing to step to one side, in order that the others might return to their space. Much discipline must be exercised, as well as willingness to allow your Higher Self to aid in the process.
Each system must be exercised and allowed expression. The physical system is currently suffering from a number of misconceptions and misinformation. When the four bodies are aligned, the physical body is in harmony and knows instinctively what is right for it (food, exercise, sleep and so on). The physical body communicates through discomfort, pain and dis-ease, but also through pleasure and ease. Listening to the messages it sends alerts you to imbalances within the other three bodies. Focusing all attention on the symptoms only, without self-examination of the other bodies, prolongs the discomfort and causes the translation of the message to be missed entirely.
The spirit body has become a human conundrum in the efforts to define, label and “own” belief systems. There is only the One of which we are all a part. No individual is better than another regardless of the multitude of differences possible. And yet, all are of supreme importance as a light bearer of the One. Yes, you thought the Light Bearers were something unusual and special, when in fact, all are light bearers, all bearing the Light of the One. Some are more aware of their light and how to use it, at this moment of time/space, but it does not make them any more special than those who are not yet aware. Those that are aware must model the way so that others may awaken.
The planet is a living breathing light bearer as well and as such must be accorded all respect, as should all Be-ings. The concept of war, whether it is against another human or group of beings, against the planet or against yourself is destructive in ways many do not yet fully understand, as they are crimes against the One.
The heart is the internal Alpha and Omega. All begins and ends with the heart, but it cannot function without the others. The heart will never misdirect or mislead. As you seek to develop the Seed of the Christed Self in your own heart, seek also for that Seed in others. Only through Unity can the individual and the many evolve. This is the Truth that must lead the way. The Portal of Truth you are entering has greater meaning than you are aware of at this time/space. For those who are willing, this will be a much anticipated Awakening and Re-membering. Continue to examine all the old/new aspects of self/Self and allow the unity of the four bodies to blossom within you.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.