Many of us have hit dark spots in recent months. We have doubted, we questioned, we have grieved, and we have felt hopeless.
When a shattering in our life occurs, it affords us the opportunity to dive deeply into our own heart and soul. It allows us to divest ourselves of our masks, our preconceptions, our made-up stuff about our lives as a whole. A shattering in its very essence strips away everything familiar and customary. The experience can feel like dying because it truly is the death of an outworn part of us. In the process, we are swept along, caught in the riptide and we can do nothing but surrender.
For many of us, surrender does not come easily. Baring our souls to ourselves can be frightening, but letting go of that “control” we think we have over our lives is terrifying and humbling.
I speak to you from that deep place of let go. There is freedom here and a welcoming remembrance that this is who we truly are. Hearts soften and open, hands reach out, with judgment left behind knowing that connection to the Oneness is all that matters. It is here that we discover that our Lights are eternal and unquenchable.
For weeks now I have heard these three words over and over in my mind: Faith. Trust. Responsibility. I have meditated on them repeatedly and found my ego wanting to be dismissive of these familiar words and concepts.
But the deeper I fell, the more clearly I heard these three simple words that carry so much weight. We are all traversing unfamiliar territory these days, leaving our lives and our very futures uncertain. I have had moments of hopelessness and helplessness. At times, I have been able to observe the morass of emotion from the observer’s perch. At other times, I have simply wallowed.
Finally, in that deep place, I let go of the illusion of safety and control and who I thought I was and what I thought my life was. I simply sat in the deep dark silence deep within myself. I had no words, and even now, I am struggling to articulate that experience, and I am seldom at a loss for words.
As I dwelt in that dark place and allowed my self the fullness of this experience, I lost my anger, my fear, my need to know and control. Every part of the story I had told myself simply faded away. The darkness became gentle and comforting and very womb-like.
In that deep silence, a door opened within me. I have no idea what the door is or where it leads but I know that I am well and whole, that I am not alone even when it feels like I am, and that there is so much more to me than I ever imagined. I don’t know where - if anywhere - any of this leads.
What I do know is that faith, trust and responsibility are guideposts. This not our first rodeo. We know how to do this, even if we are being asked to give more, break more and be more this time. We are being asked to remember and more importantly, embody the purpose, the covenant of our experience here on earth at this time.
The time for play is over. We are Earth children no longer. We are divine beings with a divine heritage and purpose. I ask you to feel the truth of that within your heart and soul. Let go now, shed the outworn and remember. This is our responsibility and commitment. I have no idea what we will find or create but I am absolutely certain, with faith and trust filling my heart to overflowing, that it will be something amazing.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.