The Gates of Wisdom are opening. Your construct of time/space is wisdom, for in heartfelt wisdom, all things are created and manifested.  The poles are indeed shifting, but you must know by now that the magnetic poles are the projection,  the physical representation, of the polarity that lives within each and every person on earth.  The extreme levels of polarity can go no further and are extreme so that all can See how strong the desire is to be One or the Other.  For those with eyes to See, and hearts to hear,  there is a still place at the point of extreme polarization where all motion/activity stops.  In your tradition, polarity has acted as a pendulum - first this one, then that one, then back again.  This tradition is at an end.  This polarity will not retract. It stops and becomes No-thing in that still place. 
Into this moment of stillness, the Divine Mother, the Progenitor and Healer of All There Is, steps forward.  Her love is absolute and she will act with complete devotion and unswerving focus.  Humanity has forgotten its own divinity, and as Her children, we will be reminded once again and forevermore.   The time/space for willful ignorance is at an end and will no longer be tolerated or accepted.  Unity must and will be served, for that is all there is. 
Question yourself: why do you act in a certain way or speak certain words?  If your words and actions are not in integrity, then ask yourself why they are not.  Support yourself: rest and self-care are necessary to support the four bodies.  Love yourself:  only in acceptance and forgiveness can you release outworn ways and missteps.
Breathe deeply, for the Light is upon you and must be welcomed with an open heart.  In learning to allow change and transformation, you make room for the Light within you to expand and connect to the Oneness of All.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.