I speak to you today from my heart with so many words struggling to make their way to you. We live in troubling and life-changing times right now. My message to you is brief and direct, and quite honestly, a bit repetitious but this is what I am directed to tell you.
Personal integrity and the willingness to dive deeply into your Shadow are critical right now. So many of us are dealing with core issues that are manifesting for clearing in a million different ways. Some have physical issues, like our beloved Stephanie, while others face different scenarios on different levels of being. We must each of us be willing, even eager, to take this next step in our journey. Our every step, every word must come from our hearts, no matter how difficult, how uncomfortable, how foreign it might feel.
I am told:
Not only do the words you speak matter more than you can possibly imagine, the actions taken as a result of these words must support and reflect the spoken word with absolute congruency. To achieve this level of congruency, one must be willing to face the mirrored self with open heart and willing mind. In knowing ones self, embracing it fully and without judgment, one leaves behind the constraints of the dual world and enters the New World.
In this moment of time/space, you are less alone than ever before, but each step must be undertaken by your personal individuality. Each Soul must choose this New World, and in doing so, must embrace the truth and purity that entails. We ask that you consider this deeply in the coming days.  
Be willing to embrace open communication, fully expressing the truth of your Higher Self. Be willing to meet difficult times with open hands and hearts. Be especially willing to ask for help when it is needed, for that creates unity and unity is your future, as you reckon time.
Truths that you have held dear must be brought into the light of this new day and re-examined with careful eyes and open heart. Much will be left behind and that begins now. Have no fear for what you will find, as your search will lead you to the true miracle that is you. We cannot stress this enough. You will enter the New World born anew, but the choice and effort to enter are yours and yours alone.
As struggle envelops you, remember that you are a Divine Spark of the One’s Light. Hold that truth close to your heart and allow the light of it to fill you with gratitude. A “secret” for you: gratitude opens the heart and leads the way.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for TheCosmicPath.com. It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.