Challenge. This is a word you will come to know well in the coming days as the layers of illusion continue to peel away.   Each of you must examine your own beliefs, assumptions and ethics. You will see yourself in every face you gaze upon and must acknowledge your own responsibility for every word you speak and action you take.
Does fear constrict your throat and make you breathe faster? I say to you have no fear. There is no time/space for fear as you shed the illusions behind which you have hidden yourselves. Rejoice, for your light refracts from the crystalline Self and you begin to consciously create the New World.
Be joyous as your new/original Self emerges. You are re-membering and embodying your Divine Blueprint at your Higher Self’s directive. We are with you and you are loved beyond imagining.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.