In each life, there are many rebirths, varying in intensity and duration, but all important and life altering. As Libra flows into Scorpio, a period of global rebirth begins. As with all gestation and birth, it does not occur immediately or necessarily easily.  This Rebirth must be approached with diligence, with commitment and with a sense of excitement.  This period of time/space is different from those in your past as it requires one to remain awake and conscious, with deliberate thought and reflection.  The Crystalline Self must take its place as co-creator, and as such, must take responsibility for words spoken, thoughts generated and actions taken.  Most of human life has been experienced as impulse driven, impulse leading to action leading to impulse.  In this time/space, you will observe clearly that words, thoughts and actions directly manifest the world around you.  The skill to create deliberately with Heart/Mind working in unison will require practice, awareness and patience, as do all new skills.  We have through these many past messages attempted to impress upon you the importance of Right Action in the New World.  Be patient with yourselves as you move forward.  You are birthing the embodiment of the Christed Consciousness into yourselves and into the New World.  Strive for equilibrium and allow yourselves to flow, as if down a rapidly moving river. You may fight the currents and rapids or you may choose to flow with them. The choice is always yours but either way, you must never forget that you chose to incarnate in this particular space/time, to facilitate this Sacred Birth.  Seek to discover the secrets of your Divine Plan, for here all may be made clear.  Rejoice, for your Rebirth is at hand.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.