Recently, I have found myself examining and releasing old storylines from my life, those beliefs I have held on to unconsciously but with great conviction. Something happened this week that caused a twinge-like feeling that I interpreted originally as hurt feelings. As a result, I found myself falling down a rabbit hole of old beliefs about myself. I felt as if I were watching a movie, oddly enough. That sense of separation from the “story” unfolding is what clued me into the process. I was being shown old beliefs that have underscored my life that no longer serve a purpose. That last part is critical. Recently we entered the Via Combusta and Mercury’s retrograde journey began, so we must utilize this time/space to continue the process of clearing the old familiar sense that we are each limited by our stories.   For instance, I can’t do “x” because “y” happened to me or so and so told me I couldn’t.
In order for our Crystalline Selves to flourish, we must allow the transformation within us not only to continue unimpeded but to assist the process in any way we can. This requires us to be as conscious and deliberate as we possibly can, thereby allowing the process to lead us into the hidden Shadow aspects of ourselves that we so assiduously ignore deliberately or unconsciously.
Some of the storylines I have discovered about myself appeared very mundane but as I examined them, I discovered they had serious consequences on how I viewed my place in this world. They created limits that no longer serve me, and upon conscious examination, don’t even make sense.
Our minds flood us with these circular patterns of thought that dis-able us in one form or another. And again, some of them are so mundane that they slip by our conscious mind and continue daily. I urge you to question everything you believe about yourself. Hold it up to the Light and ask yourSelf if it serves you with love. If it does not, flood it with love and let it go. You don’t personally have to love it. Just ask that Love flood it and you will feel the transformation begin.
We are being asked to look ourselves in the eye, with open heart and direct gaze. Releasing that which no longer serves us releases us to our Crystalline Selves, so that we may better serve ourselves, each other and this beautiful world around us.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.