Taking her place in the sky, She prepares to restore balance and light on Earth. Man in his egoic hubris sought to create as She does, hoping to displace Her. She stepped aside, in an effort to show him the error of his ways but stubbornly, he refused to accept the Truth of his place at Her side. He judged her loving heart as weak and denies the truth that true Creation is a gift of Love. His creation is the antithesis of all that She represents and his pride in it has further perverted his vision, leaving him spellbound and stuck in a prison of his own making.
Take no part in the outward expression of his experiment. Your attention must be focused on the beat of your heart, in eternal rhythm with Her. Within your heart, all truth is laid bare, all Love is not only available but limitless.
She is quiet in her approach, avoiding spotlight and hyperbole. That is not her way.   She approaches with open hands and heart, radiating love even as determination fuels her movement. Do not underestimate her process, do not lay expectation at her feet. Her plan is held within her own heart and she will see it through. She asks for your trust but does not require or need it. She asks for open hearts to free the way forward but has worked with less. Her love is boundless and knows no limit.
While she may be surrounded by chaos, she moves quietly, one step in front of the other, with determination and focus. She has work today, work ordained since the earth was young and new. She is here to complete that. Long she lay in abeyance, unnoticed and forgotten. In peace, she waited until the Voice within announced that the moment was here. She need not make a fuss for her path is laid out clearly and her sacred mission has begun. She need not announce or proclaim or defend. She is untouchable and cannot be defeated. She knows this, has always known this and her steps are taken with profound assurance.
We say to you that the trepidation you may be experiencing is reflective of your own circumstances at this time, as you negotiate a path that reflects her own. Search within yourselves and you will see that this is so.
You have always known she was coming. Ask your heart if this is so and you will find this truth. As she Herself has waited, so has she waited within your deepest heart. Open yourself to her and allow her to wash away all that is shadowed within you.
Step back and breathe, allowing yourself a moment to balance and open your heart. Let your heart fill with her Love. You will see that all is well and proceeding accordingly.
She is the bottom line, the fundamental truth, the secret at the Heart of All.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for TheCosmicPath.com. It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.