For October 15, 2018


I woke up this morning with a very deep awareness of community,
particularly of the company of those of us who have offered up our light
with a dedicated commitment to the Wholing of the world. I have been a
student of Stephanie’s for many years now but my experience has largely
been a personal one that I have shared with her. And yet so many of us
have chosen a life founded on light and personal Wholing and mastery. I
am finding that my perspective has changed and I am deeply aware of her
other students and participants, and so many others globally, in a way I
wasn’t able to before.

I see our energy, our pinpoints of Light, connecting, merging and creating
a vast Wholeness that surrounds our earth. There is such a sense of
rightness and easy comfort in that. What we do matters and matters in an
enormous way. We are making our Light manifest, and in the process,
eliminating any illusion of separation. In doing so, we create Unity and
eliminate separation.
What is remarkable to me, when I look at the wholeness of this from the
observer’s perspective, is that what we are doing appears very effortless.
When I think how we, as a human race, have struggled, resisted, fought,
and denied our most fundamental truth that we are one, I am astounded
by the ease I observe as I watch our Lights merging.
We always were in our own way, weren’t we? It always was a matter of
perspective, of love, of commitment, of allowing, of letting our own Lights
to shine brilliantly, without judgment or opinion. In the past two years, we
have become more willing to dive deeply, to examine and face our
shadows, our resistance and our fear. It hasn’t been easy for any of us. It
has been overwhelming at times and downright frightening. But we have
persevered and we are becoming something more than we used to be.
There are still hard days to come; I don’t think there can be any question of
that. But what I see happening is already underway. It is a reality. Our
lights are merging and creating a vast and glorious One Light. It is a light
that encompasses our earth and all of us, and it grows brighter and
stronger every single day.
No, the patriarchy will not give up easily. No question about that. But I say
to you, do not let these momentary flare ups affect your equilibrium in any
way. You keep doing you, just as we all have been doing. The patriarchy
will run for the dark corners, hoping to regroup and reform. But we all
know what happens when the light is shined into darkness, right?
In time, it will all melt away as the promise of Oneness becomes more than
any of the most resistant can resist.
We are not longer separate. We are still our own individual lights, but we
are more now. We are visibly and tangibly all One Light. I may not know
your names or recognize your faces, but I know you. I recognize your light,
because I see where it merges with mine.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.