There enters in every human’s life a time when a life-altering decision must be made. You as a world are in this place at this moment. You must decide indisputably who you are. Are you simply the entity you currently embody in this lifetime or are you a divine being with the ability to co-create your own reality? Humans have lived their lives with a watch-wait-and-see attitude for far too long due to passiveness and an unwillingness to accept responsibility for each role played in creating the conundrum within which you currently find yourselves embroiled. While time is a human construct, it has nonetheless been incorporated into your reality, so I say to you: The time is now. You must each and everyone be part of the solution, but in your heart, you must act and believe as if the decision to do so relies solely on your participation to be successful. Because it does. You must believe that time, as you count it, is of the essence. Because it is.
A new round of changes is on the horizon, amidst the current changes all humans are attempting to incorporate. Embrace the uncertainty with the knowledge that you are loved beyond imagining by all who watch, guide and teach you.
Today take a moment and look outside your windows. In spite of the chaos that currently defines our personal lives, life on earth continues to move forward. Flowers bloom as spring progresses in the northern hemisphere and winter brings hints of her bite in the southern. Outside my house, the birds sing with absolute abandon and joy this spring, untouched by the disease that has profoundly impacted human life.
We here in the southern US are opening back up, despite recommendations for caution and care. One cannot help but see the spector of a second wave of cases coming as people begin to pour out of their houses to shop, eat out, go to movies and so on. We know so very little about this disease that continues to exhibit more and more symptoms as it cries out to be heard.
We really thought life on earth would go on as it always had and we would be ok. We forgot that life on earth can go on without us. Without us, Mother Earth might slowly reclaim her paradise and become the Garden of Eden once more.
What can you do, you ask? Where you see greed in corporations and politicians out there, seek for greed within your own heart. What do you covet, cling to? Let it go.
Where you see acts of anger and violence, seek for the seeds of those acts within you. Where do you feel fear and helplessness? Most anger and violence stem from there, buried deeply within. Seek to love the unlovable hidden within your heart. Where you hate, down deep inside, where you judge others, where you turn your back on need, find them all, each and everyone and bring them into the light.
If you wish to see change for the better out there, then it must start within your own heart. Face the unlovable, accept that it is part of you and own it. Own it with all your heart. In doing so, you create room for forgiveness, both for yourself and others, which in turn creates profound Wholing.
As we own up to our complete responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions, we remember the divine beings that we are and begin to co-create this beautiful New World that is coming whether we are present or not.
There is so much beauty in the world around us, just as there is an incredible amount of beauty within our own hearts. Let’s make a concerted effort to allow that to dominate our lives, indeed to become the entirety of our lives. We are so much more than we have ever thought we are. Let today be the day we step fully into that.

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.