Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Dearest ones, in this great time of shift and transformational overhauls, you would be wisest to capitalize on the extraordinary emotions that have been moving through your beings for quite some time now. E-motions = energy in motion - nothing more, nothing less. Buying into your emotions vs capitalizing on your emotions are two completely different things and we would like to talk to you about discerning the difference between them.

During these great times of change, it is no surprise that emotions on the greatest scales are rising within light-bearing souls. To know the gift of the emotions that are there is to look at the root that is triggering the emotion in the first place. Interestingly enough, finding the root of these emotions is the quickest route to liberation from them. Here, roots lead to routes.

The elements of the societal shift, both the physical ones as well as the elements within the ethers that are manifesting the physical, are stemming from both individual and collective consciousness. The consciousness of "I can't" or "I won't" is creating resistance to the very change that is needed to springboard society forward. Instead, the consciousness of "I will ride this wave of emotion to allow it to free me" is what is required to both accept what is and to surrender to the great horizons it is bringing you toward.

While the world out there may look scary, these are actually quite exciting times. If you can begin on any level to see the world as perfect as it is, even in all of its brokenness, you will begin to understand that to create a whole new world, the old world must collapse in on itself. This is precisely what is happening right now. And oh what a gift it is!

To remain steadfast in this endeavor of uncovering and shedding the old, you must be willing to ride the wave of emotion that moves through you to carry you to safety. Nothing is here to hurt you. Everything is here to awaken you. When you can see the outside world, which appears not to resonate with your being, as a mirror and the reflection of what it is you still need to work through, you are then using emotional wisdom to root out the darkness within you, bringing light, or enlightenment, into you at a higher rate.

However, this requires the mind to cease its stories, and for you to allow the emotions to be there without the stories. My friends, it is time to feel again. It is time to awaken to the energy that has been speaking to your soul for eons, that you have allowed your mind to get in the way of. The time for this is over. No more "thinking your way past" your emotions. They are there as a gift. Ask them what they are truly telling you about yourself, and ride the wave to freedom.

New horizons are upon you, and to capitalize upon then you need to understand the value of the emotions. To do so you must also stop creating negative stories about what it looks like when you move through your emotions. You are not still stuck, or less than, or a fraud, or inferior. You are human for a time, yet you haven't fully accepted that either - have you?

Well, the paradox in all of this is that you must completely accept your humanness in order to fully transcend it. Read this again. Feel it deep within your being. You cannot escape this plane without FULLY experiencing it.

Breathe this into you. For it is the HIGHEST truth. Your resistances to the human conditions are creating blocks to your highest God-self. This highest form of you will fully reside within your human vessel once you drop your resistances.

You set up this game. Now you can end it, by becoming a peaceful player in your own game. First you must accept it as you have written it. We can help you heal your resistance around this. But first you must surrender this resistance to the greater power. Then we can take your humbled humility, and restore faith fully within your hearts.

We ask you now... please do your job by allowing us to do ours. We cannot help you if you do not allow it. And to allow it, you must only heed our words. Keep them close to your heart. Print them so you can see them somewhere every day. This transmission contains the keys to unlocking your emotional bodies. Receive us and our words fully here, and you will experience a whole new world.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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