Christine Clemmer is a uniquely gifted intuitive healer, energy medicine practitioner, and transformational life coach who specializes in holistic integration to clear karmic residue and awaken potential.  Blending her eclectic background of somatic bodywork, trauma release, meditation, integrative nutrition, transformational coaching and leadership development, along with 5D Cosmic Consciousness (Teacher Stephanie Azaria), spirituality and quantum physics, Christine channels a cutting edge modality called 5D Calibration that attunes each of the lower 4 body systems to the highest vibrational frequency of unconditional love.

As an artist, musician, and lover of nature, Christine has an uncanny ability to connect with her clients at subtle rhythmic levels while intuitively navigating and guiding their journey to wholeness.  Her commitment to global transformation and seeing the divine in all of humanity makes her highly regarded as a safe harbor and trusted healer throughout her community.

She offers individual distance sessions by phone and in-person bodywork sessions in Dallas, NYC, and Ocean Grove, NJ.  Distance sessions are $180 for 60 minutes, bodywork sessions are $225 for 90 minutes.

For more information, contact www.ChristineClemmer.com or email ccaquarius@yahoo.com.