Thursday, June 16, 2016

We are going through so many changes now, both inner and outer. The moon’s nodes, connecting us to our higher Selves, moving clockwise towards Source, are part of the Wisdom Cross. They are also forming aspects with Pluto, underscoring the transformative nature of our collective consciousness. Pluto forms a resourceful connection with the Earth Star (S. Node) as our higher Selves rewrite the script, shaking loose and bringing to the surface old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve and must be revised or eliminated. It forms a manifestation (trine) with the Soul Star (N. Node); aren’t we in fact manifesting right now a new world out of the ashes of the old?

On the bridge between Love and fear, where most of the news is so negative, it took another major shocking event (Uranus/Eris) to reveal how much Love there really is in the world. It’s always been there, but you never see it in what passes for news. Ixion in Sagittarius makes a manifestation with Uranus/Eris in Aries: it is our collective Soul purpose to speed up our evolution through disruption acted out by a few, reflecting where we are out of alignment/integrity. This brings fear (anger, hate) starkly to the forefront, awakening many to the realization that this cannot go on any longer, giving us all the choice to choose a more loving perspective and act upon it. You can see this stark polarity of the Love/fear bridge, the resistance of elected leaders to remove obstacles, verses the free and open outpouring of Love through raising money, giving blood, speaking out, standing together. If we find we’re on the fear side of the bridge, all we need to do is recenter through our hearts and we will find ourselves on the Love side.  The Venus/Quaoar bridge brings multidimensionality in new ways of thinking and experiencing Love. In Cosmic Consciousness, Love is everywhere.

Haumea (unity, respecting all the parts) in Libra (you are me) forms a bridge with Ceres (midwifing, nurturing) in Aries (creative spark), underscoring that we really are One and that this volatility and disruption is necessary for birthing the new world. At the highest levels, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it, all is well. And how about the new cycle of Black Moon Lilith and Juno in Libra? We are mastering the deep lessons of reuniting the Divine Feminine into our unity consciousness.  It is all perfect.