We are living in a new world. When viewed with unity consciousness, everything has a new meaning.


For centuries we have viewed our solar system and the entire cosmos with a 3D (separation) consciousness. We have looked to the zodiac to guide us on our journey, just as we do with everything that we perceive to be outside of us. Our separation consciousness has caused us to view the cosmos as something apart from us, and as a result we have disempowered our Selves and allowed the stars to define us, and even to believe that they influence us.


The Cosmic Consciousness (CC) system was originally given in skeletal form to Elizabeth Clare Prophet by Mother Mary. It is THE ancient system - the correction - that when viewed with 5D unity consciousness, reveals that the cosmos is actually within us eternally and it is here to guide us home. It is the reflection of the higher Self, and it displays not just what we can see, but all that is beyond our ‘physical’ sight.


The zodiac reflects our higher consciousness, which is our Christed Self.  This Christ Consciousness is a higher dimension of awareness that is accessible to all of us, and it makes possible a more intimate connection with Source.


In the CC system, the signs are called ‘solar hierarchies’, and they represent the various aspects of Christ Consciousness.  The zodiac can be understood to express the twelve frequencies of  the Sun’s (Son’s) consciousness. Each solar hierarchy is a part of Source that is stepped down so that we can experience it personally.


In classical astrology the zodiac refers to a ‘ring of animals’, and we have identified our Selves with those symbols for thousands of years. But we have come to realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Therefore, in this new CC system, the signs are given new and expanded symbols that relate more fully to the higher aspects of our Selves.


The constellations that make up the zodiac are not really there. If we were to take a rocket out to any of the stars that make up a constellation, we would find that those stars are nowhere near each other. The entire zodiac appears the way it does only when we observe it from Earth.  Our collective consciousness perceives this ‘ring’ around our existence, when in actuality it is the reflection of our unified Higher Self.


Those stars ARE us, and they have been here for as long as we have, waiting for us to recognize the way back home.


The CC system offers  a new upgraded definition for each Sun sign from the 5D perspective. We each contain all of the signs within us. When we decide on a new incarnation, we choose a Sun Sign to have our own unique experience of that particular quality of consciousness. Ultimately we learn to fully embody the essence of that sign during the course of our lifetime.  


Humanity is currently expanding into a higher dimension of consciousness, and the shift from 3D to 5D is essentially a shift inward. We have evolved exponentially in the past few decades, and the zodiac reflects that. When we finally realize that the cosmos mirrors our limitless higher Self, we can begin to understand astrology for what it actually is... one of the greatest tools available for facilitating Self-realization.


Self-awareness awakens us to our true purpose for being on Earth at this time!