January 20 to Feb. 18

Symbol:  The Great Awakener

Mantra:  I AM LOVE

Affirmation: I Open Unconditionally

Quality:  Spiritual Love

Main Archetype:  Uranus

Element:  Air (Atmosphere)


1 o'clock hour

 Main Purpose: Where you work with your awareness of Oneness and learn to love your Self as unconditionally as Source does.


To the 3D unawakened consciousness, being a “water bearer” is all about the deep seeded need to give something back to humanity. If you’re a more ego-oriented Aquarius, you believe that being unique and liberated is the key to being able to provide something new to the world. But you have to get past the constant perception that others think you’re “weird” or too different to take seriously… When you start to believe you’re not like everyone else, life becomes all about your own perception of just how much you want to (or don’t want to) fit in.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is a part of the spiritual body. It is expressed in the 1 o’clock hour, which corresponds to the 8th house of the birth chart, where sharing one’s Self as freely and fully as possible is the higher purpose. In the 8th house we all experience the depth of sharing, but when the cosmic purpose comes into play, all experience is about the Self. Great transformation occurs in this aspect of consciousness, which is overseen by St. Germaine and his Violet Flame. Alchemy is a natural occurrence here.

If you’re an awakened Aquarian, your 5D Mind is constantly delivering you to your own Self-Awareness, making you The Great Awakener for all, whether you mean to or not, whether you want to or not. You live just a little bit ahead of the curve, and so wherever you are, you represent the future. It isn’t always obvious. It’s more about your frequency than anything else.
You represent the change that is essential if anything is actually going to shift.  You are the very embodiment of change. It isn’t about what you can do, really… it’s about who you are, and somewhere along the line you have to realize that you’re the only one who can know the Truth about your Self. No matter what you do in life, you bring the future to the world through the present moment, and that is your purpose. You don’t ever have to concern your Self with how to do that, it’s just what you do.


The one thing you need to learn is how to open up and allow your Self to be seen. You’ve learned to be guarded, and that will not serve you in the 5D realm. Wherever Aquarius is in your birth chart you have the potential to allow your heart its fullest expression. This is the area of your consciousness that knows how vital it is to love and be loved; it is where it becomes important to share your truth openly.
If you have chosen the Aquarius identity for your lifetime,  it is your evolutionary purpose to learn to Love yourself completely by working to take down the defenses that have caused you to hide your authentic Self from the world. You are here to learn to have an experience of true intimacy by allowing all that you are to be seen and shared. Yours is the sign that personifies the Truth of unconditional Love. Suspend Self judgment and you’ll begin to experience the power of your presence. Eventually you’ll come to know that wherever you are, you are the Great Awakener.