March 21 to April 19

Symbol: The Divine Spark of Creation

Key Phrase: I AM LIGHT

Affirmation: I AM Awake

Quality: Conscious Discipline

Etheric Body: Mental Power

Main Archetype: Mars

Element: Fire (Creative Spark)


3 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you allow Love in to activate and fuel the higher mind. 

A 3D focused Aries has a very child-like spirit. Novelty is important to you. You are regularly driven to find a new situation, whether it’s a friend, a partner, a job or a place to live. You’re the first one to dive in, and you’re totally in it until the shine wears off, and then boredom sets in. When your ego is in charge, you can be self-absorbed, filled with unchecked energy that dominates, even when there is no creative focus for it. Like your 3D namesake, the ‘ram’, you move around your life interacting with a close circle, or whoever’s nearby, unabashedly butting heads with anyone whose approach is different than yours. When you’re an unawakened Aries, it’s “me first” and you tend to fight for whatever you want in the moment.


In the Cosmic Consciousness system, Aries is the sign of Conscious Discipline, where you diligently choose to make all your thoughts loving. This is the first of three signs that together encompass the Mental Body. According to Cosmic Consciousness, the mental body refers to the higher consciousness that every human, through diligent focus and discipline, is equipped with the capacity to access. Aries is the quality of consciousness that speaks to Mental Power, the power of the higher Mind, which is where we awaken to the Light of the Spirit and move into the next dimension of awareness.  


The Aries solar hierarchy (sign) is expressed in the 3 o’clock hour, which corresponds to the 6th house of the birth chart. Here you work with great focus to bring your Self into alignment--spirit, mind, heart, and body. In 5D it is essential to make the connection between spirit and mind first:  “In the beginning was the Word….” In 3D astrology, Aries started it all, kicking off the zodiac. But in Cosmic Consciousness it is Capricorn, and the spiritual connection to Source, that begins your journey. Aries is the Divine Spark of Creation in 5D astrology, a quantum leap from the Ram’s reality. Like so much in the 3D world, Aries has been so misunderstood as to disempower its function. No wonder it became known as the warrior!


This Aries quality of consciousness can now be seen as the place where you bring the higher Self into the human experience, by disciplining your mental process and choosing only loving thoughts and words. As you begin to experience the world you create out of this disciplined mentality, your mind heart balance begins to activate.  


You begin to awaken when you realize that you’re not getting anywhere meaningful when you spend your constantly resurgent energy without any focused purpose. The moment you begin to realize that you need somewhere to go and you want a peaceful journey, you’re on your way. You were born to be the ‘divine spark of creation'. That means that whenever anything starts up, wherever anything begins, your Aries energy is the essential ingredient. Nothing gets started without Aries, and it’s important to know that you bring that spark to every situation. Knowing who you are is the key. 

With an expanded 5D consciousness, you awaken to your Self. Your higher Mind, your Love-based Mind, ignites with the Light of Creativity and it wakes you and everyone around you. You don’t ever have to try… it’s just what you do. It’s your very presence that is the catalyst for countless new ideas and projects, and with your capacity to lead, you often become the boss of a pioneering enterprise. Even when you are fully awakened, it’s still all about you. But in the 5D realm, there is nothing more precious. Everything begins with you, because you are the Creator.
For you, it’s about being all that you are. You have no agenda, no major long term plan. Plans are for egos, and yours is the awakened Higher Mind, that Knows itself to BE, and is content with that. You know that the words you speak to your Self, and all that you believe in becomes your world. You become very familiar with that Truth, and in fact you are here to master the art of manifestation out of consciously disciplined thoughts, words and deeds. Aries the sign of awakening and the RIGHT ACTION that comes of it. 


For Aries, Self-Realization and awakening are the ultimate destination.  Self- Realization is a process that involves relentless stresses and tensions, which invariably lead to breakthroughs. Like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis or the chicken hatching from the egg, the process of moving past the self-absorption of ancient limiting beliefs and preconceived notions is an essential component of the Aries transformation process. Aries is the place where everything on the planet becomes new. New life…fresh breath fills everything and everyone.

The one thing you need to learn is that you’re okay on your own. The unawakened need for someone nearby to be there for you gives way to a kind of Self-reliance that is unparalleled in the world. Life will teach you to become ready and willing to give up the need to depend on anyone or anything, and refuse to allow others to depend on you. You are the Light, and there will be those who always look up to you. But keep your focus on your Self and you will never lose your status as the leader.  


Wherever Aries is in your birth chart you are empowered to bring your higher consciousness on line, and to activate the Creator function within you as a result. Here it becomes essential to move the Self past the experience of separation and aloneness, in order to become the leader who is unafraid to create out of a more unified consciousness. If your Sun Sign is Aries, you are here to metabolize the Light of the Sun (Son) into Love so that you may shine brightly as the great pioneer you are.