June 21 to July 22

Symbol: The Mother

Mantra: I AM

Affirmation: I AM Sacred Space

Quality: Inner Harmony

Etheric Body: Emotional Power

Main Archetype: The Moon

Heart Flame: Blue (Power)

Chakra: Root 

Element: Water (The River)


6 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you allow your Self to feel your feelings as energy in motion, let them flow freely, and let them go. 


Cancer is known as the Moon child, and the Moon presides over your emotional being. For this reason, Cancer has long been considered a deeply emotional sign, with feelings that run deep and motivate everything you do. For centuries Cancer has been known as ‘The Crab’, which has emotional connotations as well as physical ones. The crab is a soft-shelled creature who depends on the ocean for its sustenance. It moves slowly and sideways, and Cancer has typically been considered a cautious sign that seeks security above all else.

You begin to awaken when the exhaustion of doing for everyone else while overlooking your Self sets in. The Moon may preside over all of your feelings, but she is also the main symbol of the Divine Feminine Self. In Cosmic Consciousness, your sign is known as “The Mother.” You are always adept at taking care of your loved ones, but the awakened Cancer knows that the number one Loved One is the Self. You can begin to put your Self first by deciding to let everything be just as it is. Turn your Self over to your higher Self, and remember that everything is perfect, whether you think so or not. Everything that you worry about has a way of working itself out, and the less you feel you have to “do” something, the more swiftly the truth unfolds.

Cancer is the sign of Emotional Power in Cosmic Consciousness, and the emotions are possibly the most misunderstood of our subtle energy bodies. If we compare our emotions to the water on Earth, we discover the true relationship of our emotional and physical bodies. Water comprises 70% of the planet and 70% of our bodies. Water flows freely everywhere on Earth. This is what your emotions are meant to do. The rivers on the planet carry the water back to the ocean just as your emotions are meant to carry your feelings back to your heart center. In this way the ocean becomes the greatest metaphor for universal consciousness. When you allow yourself the full experience of your emotions, without judgment, resistance, or holding on, they take you back to your heart center.  Cancer is called Inner Harmony in this new system. Allowing your Self to feel all your emotions fully is the ultimate expression of this aspect of consciousness. The Crab becomes the (Earth) Mother, the source of all nurturing and heartfelt experience.
With a 5D consciousness, you are a natural Mother, providing everyone around you with emotional sustenance and kind and gentle nurturing that comes from being centered in your heart. Once you learn to feel your feelings and let them flow fully, you free your Self to be present for everyone and everything. As the sign of Inner Harmony, there is a very deep and abiding connection to the core of your being, which is sacred space. To an awakened being, the core is the heart. Cancer is the only sign connected to the root chakra, and with Self-realization the root chakra becomes the tri-fold flame of the heart. 

Cancer is the sign of Inner Serenity, and it is the part of every energy field where the core of our Being exists. The 3D consciousness experiences the core as the Root chakra. In 5D the heart is the new root chakra, and that is where all the energy that drives us (E-motion) originates. When we have learned to come from the heart (aka choose Love) in all we do, it is WAY easier to process our emotions. Many are waking to that Truth at this time.

Cancer is the 6 o’clock hour, corresponding to the 3rd house of the birth chart.  The 3rd house is where you communicate your knowledge and speak your Truth. This is not possible without mind/heart integration. In this portion of your energy field you learn to allow your emotions free reign by letting them be whatever  they are. They are a most primal source of energy, arising from the very core of your being and delivering you to the crown chakra where you commune with Source. Life is like a heartbeat. It constantly goes up and down. Getting used to allowing the ups and downs of your feelings will help you to move past any fear-based reactions you have developed, releasing your emotional power.

The one thing you need to learn is to nurture your Self first. You must learn to feel your feelings fully and take care of your own needs before you seek to be there for anyone else. When you decide to take care of you, you’ll find your insecurities disappear. When you depend on others for your own comfort, you won’t find real satisfaction because no one nurtures and cares for loved ones the way you do. Stepping into the Truth of you means becoming your own Mother first and foremost.

 Even when you are going through a really tough time, being centered in the heart means you can remember that it's all happening for a good reason, and you can remain faithful, heartened if you will, to the realization that all is well and you will gain from whatever you are experiencing. We all know that a tough moment yields an amazing breakthrough, always and without exception. When you are centered in the heart, you don't forget that, even in the middle of an upheaval. This is inner serenity, and it is available to each and every one of us.  

Wherever Cancer is in your birth chart you are meant to feel your feelings to the fullest. Typically there are inhibitions and constraints around doing so, but that is the very purpose of this placement… to move yourself past the fears that obstruct your emotions like a dam in the river, and avoid the dis-ease that can result. If your Sun sign is Cancer you are here to learn to put your feelings first, to nurture your Self fully and realize your capacity to do the same for others. Letting your Self just BE is where your truest mastery lies.