December 21 to January 19

Symbol:  The Executive Director

Mantra:  I AM THAT I AM

Affirmation:  I AM in Command

Quality:  Spiritual Power

Main Archetype:  Saturn

Element:  Earth (Mountains)


12 o'clock hour

 Main Purpose: To perfect the quality of your connection to Source and to access the highest authority within.


To the soul living in 3D consciousness, being a “goat” is all about climbing the mountain and reaching the goal. The ego-oriented Capricorn believes that the attainment of the goal is the key to success.  You will stop at nothing to reach the goal you’re after, sometimes appearing insensitive, even ruthless, to those you move past on your way to the top.
At the highest level of your being you are one with Source. Capricorn represents Divine Power, the part of your spiritual body where this connection exists.  This aspect of your higher consciousness can be recognized as the Great Divine Director, the ascended master who presides over the sign of Capricorn for all eternity.  At the 12 o’clock hour, which corresponds to the Midheaven or the top of the birth chart, your crown chakra activates, and you establish this connection to Source.
To an awakened Capricorn, the 5D Mind recognizes its skills as an Executive Director. It’s almost never about the reaching of the goal, but much more about getting each and every task done to its fullest, and in the most efficient way possible. Capricorns know that undiluted attention to the moment is what produces the greatest impact. If you were born under this sign, you are always the one running the show but you are rarely “the boss.”  As the Executive Director, you prefer NOT to be responsible for it all, but you invariably become indispensable to the one who is responsible. You Capricorns are always standing right next to a successful “boss,” who will be the first to say it could not have been done without you.

Wherever Capricorn is in your birth chart, you have the greatest capacity to connect with the highest level of authority that you contain. This is the area of your consciousness that knows itself to have the command to create its experience; it is where you are highly empowered. The one thing you need to learn is to step fully into your authority.  Everyone else can see how adept you are, but if you don’t, you’ll never be able to own it. A part of every Capricorn journey is the path to Self-esteem. If you have chosen the Capricorn identity for this incarnation, it is your evolutionary purpose to explore the principle of your own authority and empowerment for the entire course of your lifetime, and to activate it and take responsibility for it.