May 21 to June 20

Symbol: The Diamond


Affirmation: I AM Centered

Quality: Conscious Wisdom

Etheric Body: Mental Wisdom

Main Archetype: Mercury

Heart Flame: Yellow (Wisdom)

Chakra: Throat

Element: Air (Breeze)


5 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you allow Love and only Love to motivate everything you do, thereby achieving transcendence of duality. 


If you’re a Gemini you excel at making connections and reaching out to just about anyone wherever you go. Interacting with others is your thing. You’re the sort of person that instantly feels very familiar, even to strangers. You are frequently the center of any network, because you know everyone. You are super creative too. You can be excellent at anything you put your mind to. It’s your mind, though, that can get in the way. Because Mercury is your planet and Mercury presides over the mind, you think a lot, often too much for your own good. In 3D, the mind is where all duality lives, and when you automatically move into your thought process, which is your habit, you frequently get lost in the process.

Because of this tendency to look to your dualistic mind for understanding, you can appear to have two distinct sides to your personality, which is why you’ve been known as ‘The Twins’ for centuries. But it isn’t accurate to say you have only two sides. Your agile mind readily perceives whatever you observe, together with its polarity, and you adeptly and colorfully express everything you see. In Truth your perception is multifaceted. When you connect with anyone, the energy between you brings forth a particular aspect of your consciousness and no one, not even you, knows which side of you will emerge until it does.  You are always fascinating, even dazzling, which is why, according to Cosmic Consciousness, you are known as ‘The Diamond.’ 

With a 5D consciousness, your persistent need to know develops into a powerful capacity to stretch your awareness in any direction. You are magical and alluring when you do so. When you allow your Self the freedom to expand into the experience of anything that interests you, the difference between understanding and Knowing emerges. True understanding is not a purely mental thing. Your heart has to be in it, which it is when you allow your Self the freedom to Be your Self. When the mind and heart combine, Right Action results. 
The “duality” of Gemini is the balanced mind and heart. Gemini represents the transcendence of duality and the observer's perspective that results.  For this reason, the 5D Gemini is uniquely qualified to lead all of humanity out of the 3D experience of duality.

The one thing you need to learn is centeredness. Gemini is a quality of consciousness that is marked by its practically incessant motion. Movement is a precious commodity to you. The more attuned to your heart you are, the more you can think with your heart and realize that the inner stillness that results is exactly what makes the motion of Gemini so meaningful and appropriate. You are very much like a wheel that must keep spinning. If a wheel is going to spin efficiently and freely, it needs an axle to anchor it. When you turn your consciousness inward and connect with your center, your freedom of movement expands exponentially. If you’re going to tune into your heart (which is your axle), you must learn to diminish your tendency to rely too much on your thought processes, and to ultimately let your lower mind die. This is yet another meaning of the Diamond (DIE-mind) symbol.
Gemini is the sign of Conscious Wisdom, where the experience of loving with the mind becomes reality, and the integrated mind/heart can be realized. This is the part of your energy field that completes the experience of the mental body, the higher consciousness. Each year the journey through this 5 o’clock hour delivers you to your core,  the nadir of the birth chart, the 6 o’clock hour, where you first experience the mechanism of your emotional body. The awareness of the mind and the heart are ever present here at your core. Here it is essential to become conscious of what motivates your thoughts, and actively work to express your higher consciousness instead of your lower mind. When you consciously detach from habitual fear-based reactions you discover the power of expressing your true Self. In Cosmic Consciousness the Twins become the Diamond. That is, the perception that was based on duality in the lower mind becomes the multifaceted brilliance of the diamond (die-mind) in 5D.
Gemini is the sign that transcends duality, and duality is the mind/heart, also known as the male/female Self. When we begin to understand this, we begin to realize the true nature of gender: To the 5D consciousness, gender has no real substance. As long as we are in physical form, it will be an important reference point, but as awakened souls, we already know that gender is the first and most original product of descending into duality.
The symbol for Gemini represents the two pillars of human experience... the mind and the heart. Bringing conscious awareness to this part of our being allows for transcendence. It is here, in this part of our conscious awareness that we learn to love with the mind and think with the heart.
 The 5 o’clock Gemini hour of the cosmic clock corresponds to the 4th house of the birth chart. The 4th house represents your root system, the motivational forces that move you toward all that you become in the world. The core of any motive is belief, and what is belief but a thought backed up by an emotion? This Gemini hour is where you truly can experience the power of the mind/heart balance in a realized way. Wisdom is always the result of coming from a consciously integrated mind and heart.
 Wherever you find Gemini in your birth chart you must work to resolve any imbalances in the mind, heart, body and spirit as they arise by consciously bringing in more heart based energy. When this balance is achieved, the throat chakra activates and becomes the focus for speaking your Truth. The discovery of expressing your authentic Self follows.
 If your Sun sign is Gemini you have chosen this lifetime to transcend the duality of thought and emotion, first by experiencing each in all their intensity, and then by utilizing your great capacity for understanding duality in order to transcend it. In your lifetime you have the opportunity to communicate your Truth and help lead others out of duality consciousness.