Written by Stephanie Azaria and Shelly Leal

Haumea is a dwarf planet that has an orbit of 285.31 years.  She is made from rock and ice (earth and water) and so is divinely feminine. She is named for the Hawaiian Goddess of fertility, childbirth, and rebirth. Haumea exists in accordance with the higher laws of nature. She is creative life-force, and her energies reveal the connection between the cosmos and the natural world, providing a bridge to wholeness.
Haumea is thought to be created by the collision of 2 planets. As the combination of two bodies, she is the wholistic expression of them, just as her two moons are also expressions of her. Every aspect of her being represents unity springing out of duality.
Through Haumea we can perceive how individuality and the collective energies engage each other. For example, she is one of the many Trans Neptunian Objects, yet she is uniquely different. Haumea is an unusual Kuiper belt object due to her oblong shape, which causes her to spin rapidly end over end once every 3.9 hours. This allows Haumea to maintain her state of equilibrium, giving rise to the idea that amid constant movement, equilibrium at the (heart) center is essential.  
Haumea is accompanied by six smaller ice chunks that may have come from the body she once collided with. Her form is said to represent the islands of Hawaii. Like Hawaii, she manifests the physical into being with the help of Spirit (fire) and emotion/heart (water). She creates and regenerates out of the old. Her fiery aspect, Pele, can destroy or clear old energies, preparing us for regeneration. In this sense she represents the many cycles of life: birth, growth, destruction, rebirth.  
Haumea is another mother-like energy. She is a 5D version of a mother duckling with all her little ducklings in tow. Haumea’s moons, Hi’iaka and Namaka, are part of her. They are her children. They come from her, and her spirit is in each of them. And like the six chunks of ice that travel with her, her moons are other representations of her, part of the whole. She is the only resident of the Kuiper Belt that has a “family” of celestial bodies that travel together en masse. Haumea is the higher consciousness of wholeness, and the integrity that comes with respect for each part that makes up the unity.
According to myth, Haumea is said to have been married to a god, and her children sprang from different parts of her body. Haumea relates to the fluidity of manifestation when thought is unhampered by the interference of the lower mind.
Haumea made it possible for women to have children naturally with herbs. She is a nurturer. She works with Earth energies and plants. She provides abundance. If Ceres is the midwife, attending the birthing of new consciousness, Haumea is the actual new consciousness being birthed…We are returning to  wholeness.   
When we awaken to Haumea’s true essence, we feel all the parts that we’ve  been working on coming together. The wholeness and unity consciousness are palpable. There is also an element of happiness, a contentment, that washes over each of us. It's a lot like how it feels when someone we love comes home after being away for a long while. It feels happy, safe and secure. We are reunited and whole, and we feel very much like that long bout with separation is behind us.
Haumea, then, is the archetype of wholeness and unity. The Divine Feminine, in her purest form, is essential to the experience of Oneness. Haumea demonstrates the importance of unconditional respect for all the parts that make up the whole, AND all the spaces in between.
Haumea’s energies brings all parts of our Selves together in oneness.
When the wholeness of our being is perceived from the 5D perspective, it turns out we look considerably different than we thought we did.