Written by Stephanie Azaria with Shelly Leal
Jupiter disposes the sign Sagittarius, which the new 5D system defines as the quality of consciousness where the higher Self learns to master the ego. It is where we clear any obstacle that has prevented us from connecting with our Higher Selves in order to prepare for a new cycle of experience.
Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System, which should make it clear that its archetype is a major focus of our purpose here. Jupiter represents the expansive part of our social identity,  which seeks the Truth from the inside out. (Saturn represents the other half of our social Self, the part that comprehends the Truth from the outside in).
Jupiter’s function is to apply our conscious awareness and expand it. Every time we perceive what is ‘out there’ we have an opportunity to learn who we are. The ultimate Truth that Jupiter makes possible is that everything we perceive is the Self projected, and all the interaction we ever have with the outside world is the expression of that Self... it becomes our social identity.
Jupiter has been called the Great Benefic or The Wise One. He represents the courage to go beyond our limits, which we experience as the impetus to engage and create in collaboration with others. This archetype is the part of us that seeks Truth and gains wisdom through all our worldly pursuits. Jupiter has always been known as the most benefic archetype we have within us, where abundance, growth and wisdom are always accessible. His optimistic, abundant and positive energies encourage growth with every outward expression. Jupiter’s effects always make themselves known. Our consciousness will expand wherever he is placed in our energy field.
It takes Jupiter about a year to move through one sign, and 12 years to travel around the zodiac. We live our lives according to Jupiter’s cycle, experiencing very significant social change at each 12-year mark. The wisdom generated through understanding these cycles, experienced as rites of passage, is a major key to grasping the consciousness required to move to a more awakened state of awareness.