Sept. 23 to October 23

Symbol: The Mirrored Self

Mantra: I AM That

Affirmation: I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME

Quality: Highest Realization

Etheric Body: Physical Power

Main Archetype: Sedna 

Heart Flame: Blue (Power)

Chakra: Heart

Element: Air (Wind)


9 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you experience the true relationship you have with your Self through the mirrored reflection of your relationships. 


Once known as ‘The Scale,’ Libra has long been represented by the only inanimate symbol of the zodiac. Libra has been called ‘the relationship sign’, with an other-oriented consciousness that places more significance on the ‘other’ than on the Self. When we don’t see our Selves clearly, the capacity for Self-realization becomes harder to achieve.  As a scale, Libra is relegated to object status. A scale sits around waiting for another to come and weigh their stuff on it. That’s what scales are for, aren’t they? Once the balancing process is done, the ‘other’ typically takes their stuff and goes, newly balanced. But Libra becomes attached, and with the ‘other’ gone, you feel unbalanced and tend to wait for another ‘other’ to come along to balance you out again. One of the greatest awakenings a Libra can have is that the calibration button on every scale is within.

Venus has long been considered Libra’s dispositing planet. But Venus is a very personal archetype, and Libra is not at all personal. Libra has been objectified for centuries, as the ‘other half,’ the lover, the quintessential partner. But the Truth is, Libra has been gifted with the most objective consciousness of the zodiac, by far. Libra is not an object, it is objective, and it could be said that the observer's perch is first accessed here. Libra is constantly observing any situation, and eventually learns to See  with ultimate detachment and lack of judgment, because it comes to realize that it's all a projection.  

Objectivity is a form of conscious awareness that we are all capable of.  Libra, however, is born with it, and in fact has to learn to bring some of its focus back to the Self. It is with this very broad level of consciousness that Libra can now perceive the connection between it and its new 5D planetary archetype, Sedna. Currently the outermost planet of our solar system, Sedna represents the higher capacity to remember and restore the Divine Feminine Creatrix to our consciousness. This embrace of the feminine Self brings about a true reunion of the Self, and separation is no longer the human experience. This process of the masculine/feminine reunion is just getting underway. It is the 5D meaning of relationship.

In the Cosmic Consciousness system Libra is the sign of Highest Realization. It is the first of the three signs that embraces the physical body, activating the blue power flame of the tri-fold heart chakra.  If it were not for the physical body there would be no such thing as separation and duality. Separation engenders the idea that there is a world ‘out there.’ The Highest Realization a soul can achieve is the awareness that there is nothing ‘out there,’ it is all your own reflection. The whole world, including the universe, is your own individual projection, the reflection of your own consciousness. Every relationship you ever form is your higher Self’s decision to know itself better. In Libra we move from the Scale, which measures the self with everything else, to the Mirror, which provides us with no choice but to realize the Self in everything.
As the sign of the “Mirrored Self,” Libra brings a sense of value and purpose to your presence. You are no longer an object there for other people’s use, but a valuable being who is capable of reflecting back the Truth to anyone who looks. Libra is the sign of Physical Power, which means that the consciousness of Libra is capable of realizing that physicality is what separates us from each other. That is the power of the physical. And with a little focused Self-realization combined with your objective awareness, you easily remember that we are all one, and no one is separate from anyone else.  With this consciousness the attachments of the ego begin to fall away, and your capacity for objective awareness becomes a very precious commodity to the awakening world.

Libra is the 9 o’clock hour on the cosmic clock, which corresponds to the 12th house of the birth chart. Since the 12th house speaks to the ways in which you sabotage yourself, and also contains your entire past within it, it is easy to see the affinity here.  This is the experience of Physical Power on the cosmic clock, where if you are not yet conscious, you experience the influence others have over you until you realize you are giving them that power. And if you are more Self-aware, you understand the gift of the physical world to offer you the experience of duality. Duality is required to experience Love. This is why you are here in physical form.

The one thing you need to learn is that you do exist and you matter as much as anyone else. When you begin to recognize your Self as the Creator of all you perceive, the “need” for the ‘other’ is replaced with a sense of fullness and completion that shines brightly for all. After all, there’s nothing like a well-lit mirror, wouldn’t you agree?

Wherever Libra is in your birth chart you have the opportunity to connect with and understand your own reflection through the relationships you attract. Here you can rediscover your Self through the mirrored reflection that allows you to look more closely at the parts of your Self you still refuse to acknowledge. The more fully you take responsibility for your own experience, the more comfortable you will be in your own skin. If your Sun sign is Libra, you are here to master the concept of the mirrored Self, allowing your authentic Self to shine through and transmute duality, and the effects of valuing others more than your Self. Every Libra is here to learn that there is nothing ‘out there’ at all.