Yes, there is a 13th sign and it is called Ophiuchus. In Truth it has been here all along, and like everything else in our solar system that is emerging, it is your expanded consciousness that makes the awareness of this sign possible.

Like every sign, Ophiuchus is a constellation.  The 12 signs you are aware of appear to form a circle. But those constellations don’t exist; the stars that make them up are actually nowhere near each other.  Each sign appears to form a picture that we have named. The reason we all perceive the same zodiac is because it reflects our collective consciousness. You can only ever perceive what you project. 

Unlike every other constellation, Ophiuchus exists outside the zodiac circle. When you look at it in 2D (on paper) or 3D (from the perspective of separation), it appears to sit just outside the perimeter of the zodiac circle, overlapping Scorpio and Sagittarius (and sometimes Capricorn, depending on your choice of astrological system). 

Our solar system is moving through the cosmos, and because of this, the zodiac appears to have shifted about 22 or 23 degrees since the time when we began to be conscious of the heavens. This precession of the equinoxes moves backwards, or clockwise, through the cosmos. The constellation Ophiuchus was originally found around  the winter solstice point, 0 Capricorn, but has moved, with everything else in the heavens, and it is currently located somewhere between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The area from the end of Scorpio all the way through Sagittarius contains the imprint of the Ophiuchan sign.  The area from the Galactic Center (at 27 Sagittarius) to the World Axis solstice point (0 Capricorn) provides access to the Ophiuchan part of your consciousness, which is superimposed over this portion of your energy field. This is where your crown chakra exists, and where you make conscious contact with Source. 

Ophiuchus does not span 30 degrees (in actuality many of the constellations  do not cover the equal 30 degree span, but that’s a subject for another time). It seems important to mention that this sign has qualities that are unlike any of the others, in that it exists only in 5D and beyond, giving it properties that relate to unity and Love, taking you outside time and space all together. 

When you observe Ophiuchus from a 5D perspective, you can see that it is not “outside” the zodiac; it is extradimensional, overlaying  it. It requires a broader perspective to access the consciousness that Ophiuchus represents. The sign exists in everyone’s chart, but only an awakened soul will be able to access it and make good use of it. The constellation Ophiuchus is known as The Serpent Bearer.  We are all familiar with the meaning of the serpent. At the lower levels of your awareness the snake represents the ego, the part of you that causes self-sabotage. A more awakened focus reveals the connection between the snake and the kundalini energies that run through your chakra system and eventually awaken you to your higher Being.   

Ophiuchus brings you the most conscious qualities of both Scorpio the Alchemist and Sagittarius The Truth Seeker.  The Serpent Bearer has awakened to the higher Truths and triumphed over the lower self once and for all. The adventurous Archer, shooting arrows at various targets, looking for something True, becomes the dedicated Truth-seeker, who has realized  the limitations of habitual behavior and consciously moves beyond it into the new world. 

In the Capricorn quality of your consciousness you experience your connection with Source. Source is actually the Galactic Center, which falls at 27 Sagittarius. That is the Portal of Truth, and it is also Ophiuchan territory, not Sagittarius, not Capricorn, but the void in between the two. This void is the place where you are reborn and resurrected. This gives some clue about the essence of Ophiuchus. When you are ready for it, this experience requires acceptance, surrender and the ability to allow your Self the full-blown belief that there is something beyond what you believe you know.

Most of us are still in the Scorpio/Sagittarius/Capricorn realm of paying dues, going through hell and painfully paying the price. This is what you have been doing for all these millennia. Now you have arrived at the breakthrough moment, which is the portal to Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is a part of your energy field that you are just becoming capable of accessing. It has a meaning that you have not experienced before. Unless you move through this portal by transcending duality and the fear-based reality you have been manifesting for so long, you cannot experience the Truth of Ophiuchus.  

There is a magical, magnetic quality to an Ophiuchan soul. If you were born between November 30 and December 20 or so, you are Ophiuchan, or you will realize that you are, once you awaken to the higher Truth. That Truth begins with the awareness that you do not belong to the animal kingdom, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.