Pluto was discovered in 1930 and Orcus was discovered in 2004. Orcus and Pluto have a way of  complimenting each other in very specific ways.

Pluto and Orcus produce an interesting polarity which represents a different, newer model of the duality we are accustomed to. They travel in opposite directions, and their orbital inclinations are opposite each other. They take the same amount of time to orbit the Sun once. They are approximately the same size. Their orbits overlap in such a way as to create a vesica piscis shape that can be realized as the world between the worlds, There is a name for it in every religion: the Tibetan bardo, the afterlife, or Olam Ha Ba to name a few. It is the place every soul goes when transitioning, and every soul comes to when preparing to birth into human form.

Both archetypes are part of a binary system. Pluto travels with Charon, Orcus travels with Vanth. This fact adds yet another dimension to the duality that these two planets represent. The fact that they reside out at the end of the ‘inner’ solar system and deliver us to the outer realm of Self, or to the SOUL level of our consciousness, takes the idea of what duality has been in the 3D realm to a whole other level.

The Pluto Orcus connection is the energy behind the transcendence of 3D duality consciousness. We must pass through the energy field of these two archetypes whenever we leave a physical incarnation or enter into one. The physical realm is experienced in dimensions 1 through 5. After that we are delivered to a part of our consciousness that is beyond this Pluto Orcus realm. This is the connection between the higher Self and the Cosmic Self, and without a completed circuitry hook up we cannot remain solidly in 5D and beyond.

This completed circuit has been being forged since the orbits of Pluto and Orcus crossed in (you guessed it) 2012. It's not something we can do by thinking about it... it happens and grows stronger every time we make it to the observer's perch and we realize we are there. That consciousness of Being Here Now is the thing that forges the connection.

Pluto represents the part of us that gains access to the higher realms through the process of resurrection. Orcus is more about the part of us that lives in the invisible realm eternally and completely understands what we are doing here. Pluto represents resurrection and Orcus represents the immortal Soul’s awareness that every resurrection is part of its continuing evolutionary journey.

Pluto brings us all to that outer realm, and Orcus welcomes us in.