April 20 to May 20

Symbol: The Tree of Life

Key Phrase: I AM PRESENT

Affirmation: I AM Guided from Within

Quality: Conscious Obedience

Etheric Body: Mental Love

Main Archetype: Venus

Element: Earth (Terra Firma)


4 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you work to tune into your inner guidance and learn to trust it, planting new seeds, and growing strong.


Taurus people are typically thought to be immovable and not particularly given to change. You move through life slowly and carefully, and make changes only when you are supercharged and driven. Some would say you are downright stubborn. Taurus has a way of saying ‘no’ first, before thinking or considering what you really want to do. Sometimes that tendency to resist change (otherwise known as ‘attachment’)  gets you stuck in places you don’t really want to be. Like your 3D symbol, the ‘Bull,’ you charge forward only when a red flag is waved before you. Anger is one of your greatest motivators. But you are Venusian, and that means you are heart-centered. Love matters to you, and so does beauty and all things sensual.  

As you awaken, your love for beauty often turns into a deeply felt Love for the Earth. Few people are as deeply rooted in the physical world as you are.  The awakened Taurus is so grounded and present that it’s comforting to others. In fact, in 5D, you are symbolized by the ‘Tree of Life’. Your feet are firmly planted  in the ground, while lofty thought that is consciously infused with Love and Kindness delivers you to a higher perspective. 

In the Cosmic Consciousness system, Taurus is the sign of Conscious Obedience, which means it's your purpose to learn how to stay tuned to your inner guidance.  When you are willing to trust that guidance implicitly, you become the one everyone turns to for sustenance. Your status as a tree of life makes you a beloved fixture in the lives of those around you. Taurus is a quality of consciousness (or sign) that belongs to the higher Mental Body. When your thoughts are infused with Love, you radiate an uncommon Wisdom.


On the Cosmic Clock, Taurus corresponds to the 4 o’clock hour, also known as the 5th house.  This aspect of consciousness is connected to the higher mind, but it is also very much related to the emotional Self for the first time. The 5th house has always had its creative potential, but in the Taurus energetic the heart becomes the place where all creativity emanates from.  


This Love energy requires steadfast devotion. Here, in the Mental Body, you become more and more aware of the need to balance thought with emotion, mind with heart. As you travel through this part of your energy field you are moved to develop an unwavering focus on your inner guidance mechanism, and to learn to obey it so well that it ultimately dictates your every action. The more you tune into your inner voice, the more you understand it to be emanating from your heart. 


Taurus is the sign of Mental Love, where the mechanism of the Higher Mind functions at its best. That means that in Taurus, the mind combines with the heart and the capacity for Right Action is born out of the realization of the presence of the inner guidance mechanism. In Taurus we must learn to leave the old belief systems behind and put our faith and trust into the inner guidance that always delivers us to our greatest Truth. 


Attachment to anything, be it a person, relationship, place, memory, possession, or outcome,  keeps you stuck and out of alignment with your intuitive energy. The heart cannot speak clearly through the web of attachment. Accordingly, practicing non-attachment is essential to being able to tune into your higher guidance and finding the courage to follow it, unfettered by the lower mind. 


Taurus is the sign of the Buddha. The Buddha serves as one of the highest expressions of this particular quality of consciousness. For this reason, non-attachment becomes one of the highest practices any Taurus, or anyone with strong Taurus emphasis in the chart, can undertake. Like that great Being the Buddha, your true nature is centered and still, and filled with uncommon Light.

One thing you would benefit from realizing is that you’ll be far more resilient and satisfied when you remain focused inwardly. Like the giant tree, you are fully present and ever growing very very slowly. When you look out at the world, it rarely seems to change. But when you become aware of your Self, you can perceive your magnificence and you learn very quickly to believe in your Self.  You are steadfast and loyal, and when you are focused inward, your unfoldment may be slow and steady, but it is undeniable to all.


 Wherever Taurus is in your birth chart you must learn to overcome inner resistance, which comes from past actions, and trust in your own inner voice. Trusting your instincts, your intuitive faculties, is the main objective here. If you have chosen  Taurus as your Sun sign, it is your evolutionary purpose during this lifetime to overcome core stuckness and attachment, allowing your soul to grow into its greatest potential.