Written by Stephanie Azaria with Shelly Leal


The Galactic Center IS Source. Located at 27 Sagittarius 02,  it is the Black Hole that is the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. Every galaxy has a black hole at its center that is its Source, and this is ours. It is the cosmic womb, which birthed our universe and will reclaim it in the far distant future.


According to Cosmic Consciousness, the generic Portal of Truth between Sagittarius and Capricorn falls at the midheaven at the top of the chart. It is the connection between the physical and spiritual realms, the place where death and rebirth occurs, where one cycle ends and another begins. The area between 27 Sagittarius and the World Axis/Winter Solstice point (0 Capricorn) constitutes this Portal of Truth. Our crown chakra resides here, and through it we receive downloads of cosmic information. The crown chakra connects us with the higher Self and Source, and all new consciousness comes into us through that vortex.


Everything we experience has manifested out of the energy field that is the Galactic Center. It is the Creator force, the multidimensional point of transformation. On a more personal level, we all carry the cosmos within us, and we all have 27 Sagittarius in our birth chart somewhere. Whenever a planet moves over that degree, a direct line to higher consciousness becomes available to us, expressed through the unique energies of the transiting planet.  We just have to be aware of it and allow it in.