Written by Stephanie Azaria with Shelly Leal


The Great Attractor is a vast black hole that is larger than the Galactic Center, also known as the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.  If we consider the Milky Way as our ‘home town’, then Laniakea, the supercluster that our Milky Way is a part of, can be seen as our ‘home country’. To extend the metaphor, Laniakea is one of four superclusters that are situated together like a continent, and the Great Attractor is the black hole that is the Source of that ‘continent’.
The Great Attractor, located at 14 Sagittarius 02, has long been thought to be a huge anomaly that could not be properly defined. But as we became aware of Laniakea and her neighboring superclusters, the truth emerged that the Great Attractor is actually the Source of this entire section of the universe, which measures roughly two billion light years across.  The Great Attractor has so much pull it draws thousands of  the surrounding galaxies toward it, including our own Milky Way.
Astronomers have learned that every black hole in the universe is the Source of its local environment. The Great Attractor is the Source of our home group of superclusters. The Source of anything is a Creator as well as a destroyer. All black holes have these qualities. While the Great Attractor draws everything nearby toward it, it also sends out some of the most multidimensional consciousness there is, in the form of streams of Light that can be downloaded through the crown chakra into any soul that is awake enough to receive it.  
This giant black hole serves as a hologram of Truth, each fractal reflecting something so vast that our human minds must constantly allow themselves to be stretched toward it. The only way to work with the Great Attractor is to keep our frequencies elevated by focusing on Source, and surrendering to It with an open heart.
Whenever we have a planet or point in the birth chart, or by transit, that falls at this degree, we will find that people, places and things are drawn to these energies consistently and often inexplicably. The soul has taken on the task of learning to work with this magnetic energy appropriately during the course of his or her lifetime.