August 23 to Sept. 22

Symbol: The Virgin Mother

Mantra: I AM WHOLE

Affirmation: I Honor My Self

Quality: Inner Alignment

Etheric Body: Emotional Wisdom

Main Archetype: Chiron

Heart Flame: Yellow (Wisdom)

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Element: Earth (Sand)


8 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you work to unify your Self and bring about conscious well-being and wholeness. 


Virgo has always been one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. It is most often attributed to the adept capacity for analysis and detail, but that is a belief that likely stems from the attempt to fit the sign’s consciousness into Mercury’s domain. Mercury was assigned ‘rulership’ over Virgo back in the beginning, when there were only 7 planets to cover 12 signs. Virgo is an earth sign, and Mercury presides over the mind. Those two qualities don’t have much in common, not much more than ‘analysis and detail.’ When Chiron was “discovered” in 1977, it quickly emerged as the real dispositor of Virgo.

Virgo has been known as ‘The Virgin’, evoking the idea of innocence and naivete. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Virgo has one of the most holistic perspectives of all the signs. It comes equipped with a ‘zoom lens’… that is, it has the capacity to focus on the big picture of any organized field and perceive the one misaligned part instantly. Virgo also knows how to get that misalignment straightened out in short order, so that the whole field, (a group, an organization, a bunch of cells, anything) is fully functional. There isn’t a Virgo alive that hasn’t spent lifetimes as a healer, and every Virgo is born with a medicine bag filled with tools that it knows very well how to use.


The symbol for Virgo is the sand dune, which is both granular and solid in structure. The sand dune can shape-shift rapidly whenever a change comes, whether in the form of wind, water, or even an earthquake or volcano. Using the Virgo lens, you have the opportunity to see yourself as a fully whole being at all times, because you can adapt so readily no matter what you are experiencing in any moment. From this perspective, then, every experience is for your benefit, no matter what it feels like at the time. 


In 5D, Virgo is known as ‘The Divine Mother’, the Divine Feminine Creator of all. As such, Virgo is a progenitor sign, it represents Mother Mary. The purpose of every Virgo is to purify the heart so fully that it can birth the Christed (Self-Realized) Self. Chiron, the Master Healer/Teacher, serves Virgo well in this purifying capacity. It is service to others that becomes the issue for Virgo. In 5D, The alignment of your own spirit, mind, heart and body is where your focus needs to be. When you make use of your healing wisdom to remember that you are whole, you become the natural “wholer” of all. A soul who is whole serves as the example for all to realize their own state of wholeness.


In Cosmic Consciousness Virgo is the sign of Inner Alignment. It is the last of the three signs that encompass the emotional body, representing the Wisdom flame of the tri-fold heart. Conscious well-being is achieved when spirit, mind, heart, and body are in balance. This is not possible without the practiced discipline of emotional wisdom, which is the heartfelt response that produces Right Action. This leads to the birthing of true integrity.  


Virgo is the 8 o’clock hour on the cosmic clock, which corresponds to the 1st house of the birth chart. The connection here is easy to understand. The 5D human is fundamentally involved with the Self as a four-body system. Carefully tending to your own wellness is a great service to humanity. Well-being generates full functionality, which in turn helps you to know your true capacity. In Virgo, you learn to look inside for excellence instead of ‘out there,’ ultimately giving rise to the true Master Healer/Teacher within. This eventually facilitates the awareness that every answer you need is contained within your own heart. This is the natural result of a well-balanced fully-aligned individual. The ‘Virgin’ gives way to the ‘Master Healer’, just as the Virgin Mother gave birth to the Christ.

The one thing you need to learn is that no one matters more than you do. The unawakened need to heal everyone around you reflects your higher need to remember that you your Self are whole. When you shift your focus from helping others to being there for your Self, you free your Self to lay claim to your great gifts of wisdom and mastery. It is the process of remembering you are whole that delivers you to the Truth of your most empowered Self. Once you learn to put your own needs ahead of everyone else in your life, you’ll access the treasure trove of emotional wisdom that you were born with. 


Wherever you find Virgo in your birth chart you are working to bring about reunification to facilitate the fullest expression of who you are and what you do.  Here you learn to value every part of yourself, particularly the parts you have trouble embracing. If Virgo is your Sun sign, you have chosen to devote your life to personal mastery by carefully tending to your own wellness. Any imbalance, spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical can be a vehicle for learning to heal your Self. This in turn becomes the Truth you can teach by example.