Written by Stephanie Azaria with Shelly Leal


Before we began to awaken, the 3D opposition was our main perception of duality. It reflected our experience of being separate entities. An opposition, even within our own birth chart, felt like a chasm that existed in our world (or our personality) that was impossible to cross--like a huge river flowing between two shores, with one part of Self on one shore and the opposite part on the other. It seemed unimaginable and outside the realm of reality to be on both sides at the same time.
With meditation and focus, we began to sense the profound connection between two points that are directly opposed to each other. This connection evokes the experience of looking at our own image in the mirror. When we begin to realize that everything in the world is our own perception being projected, the "oppositions" become a series of inner polarities. They are always connected. Every reflection exists as the 'other side' of the person standing before the mirror.
In 5D consciousness, there is no such thing as opposition. Oppositions separate, and the awakened consciousness perceives only unity. Two points that are exactly opposite each other on a circle are polar to each other. A polarity is more of a connection than almost anything... When we lift our consciousness above the duality that sees the two points as separate, and recognize their true connection, we can call this polarity a bridge. In Cosmic Consciousness every 'opposition' is a bridge.
The bridge is a conduit that connects the two sides of one reality.The planets that reside at either end produce a solid frequency that we can walk across with our consciousness. That frequency is defined by the connection made by these archetypal energies.
The more we ascend in our consciousness, the easier it is to See the polarities, and the broader the connections become. They become bridges. When there is an opposition in our birth chart, if we have developed our Self-awareness, those two planets are forever and inexorably connected to each other and there is a bridge that is available to us for our use at all times. To make use of it, we simply need to become conscious of it.
The bridge unifies two points AND affords us an observer's deck, a higher perch, if you will, from which a more enlightened perspective becomes possible. We can stand on a bridge in our mind's eye and observe our life (the water or the road below) from a detached and more peripheral perspective. In this way the bridge affords us a more transcended awareness, whenever we choose to stand upon it. And we can experience the connectedness of the two points from anywhere on the bridge.
When one of the points of a polarity (or both) is a 5D planet, or an archetype of the new consciousness, we call it a LIGHT Bridge, because the observer's deck is lit up with the higher frequencies of the 5D planet. In that case the Light Bridge transmutes our very being, simply by taking a conscious stand on it. Transmutation happens when a force, such as Light or Love, touches the existing energies and elevates them into a more conscious or higher frequency. Light bridges require our higher consciousness to build them and to cross them.
When one of the planets involved is a 5D planet, that planet represents the realm of your own higher Consciousness, and is 'lit up' with multidimensional awareness at all times. A Light Bridge in your own birth chart has been in place since your birth, but must be 'awakened to' whenever you're ready. Once you become aware of it, you activate it, and it remains a High Way that is available to you always. From the unification of extremes, we experience wholeness.
A transiting Light Bridge (planets forming a Light Bridge in the current cosmos) offers the same option, but it has more of a collective application, since it is there for everyone. It can last for a long time, if the planets involved are both 5D planets, because they will be traveling very slowly. Such is the situation of the current Eris Haumea Light Bridge that has been in effect since 2012 and will continue to be active until 2020.