November 2017

Welcome to November, the midpoint of the fall season as we head towards the end of the year. There is a balancing now between the realization that everything ‘out there’ is a reflection or projection of what we hold inside our Selves, and using that realization to fuel and manifest our highest vision through the vehicle of Love. We have the power to attract what we envision through focused mindful attention (and intention) merged with the heart’s emotional clarity; we can feel the rightness of this path when it resonates with our Soul’s purpose. This is the magic of alchemical creation at its best. When we create without input from the heart our manifestations are arid, unbalanced, forced and joyless. Bringing Love into the process automatically softens, expands, and deepens us; what we bring forth from the heart is peaceful, resonant and far-reaching.

As we work to master our manifestation processes, we come to the point where old habits, karmic imbalances and outworn belief systems hinder the expression of our higher Self. Maybe we are mired in doubt, or feel as though we’ve hit a wall and can no longer progress; our hearts are no longer connected to the process, and opposition seems to be everywhere.
This is the time to surrender to the wisdom of our inner Teacher and divine Mother within. We must be fearless and scrupulously honest with our Selves, facing those obstacles presented by our lower selves in preparation for the new cycle to come. Whenever we reach a pinnacle in our evolution we are tested with the debris of old responses to the consciousness we left behind. Here we do battle with our lower selves to end the ego games and align our Selves with the Truth of who we really are. (At the collective level we can see this occurring as well, reflecting the slow but widespread awakening and elevation of consciousness.) We bring this wisdom to the physical plane when we express our highest Truth through the integrity of our thoughts, words and deeds, an expression that must include the voice of the heart.
November is the 11th month, and 11 is a karmic master number representing the higher octave of 2. As a higher vibrating energy it raises consciousness by taking polarities and revealing the connection between them, building bridges.  It signifies mastery over the Self, intuition, enlightenment, visionary consciousness and higher manifestation. The 11 symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening, higher energy, idealism, inspiration, illumination, enthusiasm, creativity, self-expression and sensitivity; it relates to those who are here to be inspirational guiding Lights, whose mission is to bring illumination to others and to help raise spiritual awareness.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius represents the 11th hour on the Cosmic Clock. Beginning at the Portal of Knowledge, it is where we take all we have learned since the beginning of the year and apply it to areas where we are still out of integrity with our highest Truth. Each time we speak the Truth that lives in our hearts we become more aligned with our higher Source-connected Self. As we overcome the lower tendencies that derail us, we allow our Higher Self to emerge in its undeniable expression.
Jupiter disposes the Sagittarius hour; we bring wisdom and expanded consciousness to clearing obstacles to our connection with our Higher Self. Jupiter is currently in Scorpio for the next 12 months, reflecting the alchemical nature of these clearings. Once we identify an obstacle, accept it nonjudgmentally, and work to clear it dispassionately and with unconditional Love, the barrier magically alchemizes into a rebirthing of our soul.
In the Motherpeace Tarot the XI card is “Strength,” representing matriarchal consciousness, which is grounded and centered in wisdom, Knowing, and connection: with nature, Source, the underworld and worlds beyond. It takes Strength and courage to face our demons and end the game of illusion. While the veils between worlds are at their thinnest we have the guidance of the nature and heavenly spirits at our disposal, should we choose to use them. It is really our own Higher Self speaking in the silence.

November’s Energies: Planetary Movement through the Signs

When the month opens, there are 5 planets in Libra, including Mars and Venus, co-rulers of the divine feminine, and Vesta, the part of the divine feminine that holds the inner flame of devotion and purity of purpose, which in this case is to become more aware of the interconnectedness of each soul on the planet. Venus begins a new cycle with Vesta on 11/1, uniting the heart with the passion to serve as a beacon of Love, seeing every relationship as another aspect of Self and loving each part equally.  The co-rulers of the divine masculine, the Sun and Mercury, resonate with Jupiter in the Scorpio energy field; our consciousness and mental operating systems are shifting to adapt to the new social consciousness that is making itself felt. Meanwhile, with Ixion, Saturn and Quaoar in Sagittarius, we continue to work to triumph over obstacles preventing us from accessing our authenticity, integrity and true purpose, aided by our growing capacity to generate new ideas and higher perspectives.
By the end of the month Mars is the only lower-body planet in Libra, interacting with the Light Bridge High Way at the physical level, awakening possibilities of divine action designed to contribute towards unity consciousness. With Vesta and Venus in Scorpio, our awakened hearts and fiery passion shift to the energy of transmutation. The Sun and Mercury, energized, purified and transformed from their sojourn through Scorpio, are ready to see their part in the game as they move into Sagittarius. They are ready to step up to change old habitual responses, clearing the way for a new balance in masculine and feminine energies. It is time to end the old power games, speak up and speak truth to power, and bring awareness, compassion and support to bear in correcting the imbalances and abuses caused by patriarchal misuse of masculine energies.
Mercury:  On 11/5 the Great Messenger ingresses Sagittarius, the first of the lower-body planets to enter that quality of consciousness. Our mental operating systems have awakened to a higher vision of what is possible when old beliefs, perspectives and assumptions come crashing down and a new world comes into view. We see Truth of it, the pain caused, and are ready to take responsibility to create a paradigm from our new, awakened, Love-based perspective.  We have our work cut out for us, but this month we begin.
Mercury is not particularly happy in this sign, feeling out of place there. Sagittarius is where we apply wisdom to what we say or do, clearing karma; we seek Truth and express it into the world. Mercury represents the thoughts we think, and how we communicate; we all know there are times when we tell our Selves things that are simply not true based on outdated beliefs, and we Know when we’re being lied to. Mercury in Sagittarius requires us to be true to our word without wavering, impeccable in our speech, something not easily done in our current climate of “relative” truth.
The Great Messenger is slowing down for his retrograde cycle beginning 12/3. He enters his shadow zone on 11/14 at 13 Sag. From then on, every connection he makes will be revisited. Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Sag, on the Galactic Center, just minutes before an exact conjunction with Quaoar, the highest octave of our mental operating and communication systems, and the seat of our capacity for new (original) thought. This backward movement towards Source lasts until 12/22, and it takes Mercury until 1/11/18 to enter Capricorn; he spends 9 ½ weeks in Sagittarius, going over the Great Attractor (14° Sag) and the Galactic Center (28-29°) 3 times! More about that in December.
As if that wasn’t enough, the co-ruler of the divine masculine will be out of bounds (beyond the ecliptic) 4 days after entering Sagittarius, from 11/9 to 12/7. Our higher minds travel out to uncharted territory, returning to recalibrate their new knowledge with Source. Our thinking and communication processes are due for much clearing and upgrading in the next 2 months.
Venus: Armed with the deep Knowing that there is no separation between “you” and “me”, our hearts are ready for transmutation to a higher, broader vision of Love as Venus enters Scorpio on 11/7, resonating with Jupiter and the Sun. As with Mercury, Venus is in a sign that feels foreign and uncomfortable. We are meant to access our heart centers from a space of calm, a challenge when scorpionic waters bring deep hidden emotions to the surface. This is the month to remember to send loving thoughts and blessings to our Selves, carving out time/space for Self-nurturing. In Cosmic Consciousness the Scorpio hour has affinity with (is related to) the Aquarius hour of loving the Self totally and unconditionally, remembering that we are expressions of Source. Once we can fill our own hearts, we can then manifest that Love into the world.
Venus moves so quickly this month that she connects with the Uranus/Eris/Haumea Light Bridge twice this month, forming a bridge from Libra, and a great eliminator (inconjunct) from Scorpio. Our emotional bodies move from being aware of our unity at the heart level to allowing that awareness to lift and expand our emotions to a higher octave of Love; the ensuing manifestation will open and transmute hearts everywhere. By the end of the month we will be ready to speak Truth from the heart as Venus enters Sagittarius on 12/1.
Vesta, representing the inner fire of devotion, makes her own connections with the Libra/Aries Light Bridge after beginning the month in a new cycle with Venus. Our inner fire awakens as our devotion to unity consciousness grows. Vesta follows Venus into Scorpio on 11/15, moving closer to her own new cycle with Jupiter next month.
The Sun, co-ruler of the divine masculine, makes his way into Sagittarius on 11/21, bringing our consciousness into that area of our collective energy field. Sagittarius represents the divine Light of the higher Self; with the Sun here for the next 30 days we can’t help but raise our consciousness to new heights, as we work to bring lower energies into alignment.

Order of Cosmic Calibrations

When a planet enters a new quality of consciousness (sign), it makes connections and calibrations with various 5D and other planetary bodies as it travels through the sign. Many of these slower moving planets are clustered within several degrees around the zodiac, adding their energies to each planet that crosses their paths. Because these planetary bodies are further away from the Sun, their orbits are longer and their energies are much more pervasive and longer lasting; the 5D planets are evolutionary and multidimensional, requiring a higher consciousness to access their elevated frequencies. Some bodies are part of our solar system, like Jupiter and Uranus; others, like Eris, reside in the Kuiper Belt and beyond, inhabiting a sign for many years.
The way the planets are organized in our collective energy fields (as reflected in the daily transits) holds clues to how quick moving and intense the energies are this month. Planets located between 0-11° include Jupiter, Neptune, and three 5D planets, while Pluto sits in mid-sign, around 17°. Eight planets--Eris, Ixion, Haumea, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Sedna and Quaoar--are clustered between 22-29°. Amazingly, at the beginning of November all those latter archetypes, except Quaoar, are located between 23-26° of their signs, interacting with each other (see below) and the Light Bridge to Unity Consciousness. With 4 planets at 24° (Haumea, Ixion, Saturn and Chiron), we are making choices leading to Self-Mastery in order to whole our Selves, stepping up to our divine purpose by using our inner authority to be more authentic and loving.
Although the order will soon change, right now when a planet enters a new sign, it immediately connects with Varuna.  In Leo, Varuna reflects our capacity to see with new eyes from the highest perspective, and find the blessing inherent in what we See. Varuna goes retrograde on 11/1 for 5 ½ months, dancing between Leo and Cancer on the Portal of Strength (until 2019), as we learn to See our emotions from the highest viewpoint, accepting the blessings and wisdom they reveal and integrate them fully into our consciousness.
Makemake is the next archetype a planet connects with, reflecting the cosmic order of Love, unity consciousness, balance in all things (including masculine and feminine, mind and heart), and nature, which cannot be changed. From there, the planet makes aspects to Jupiter (expansion in consciousness, wisdom, Truth) and Orcus (connection to our immortal, multidimensional cosmic Self).
This month, all the personal planets (the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus, in that order) aspect Neptune, who represents the capacity to lift the veils of illusion. If we don’t know the veil is there, if we come from fear, everything feels very confusing. It’s best to allow the experience, let it be what it is, having faith that clarity will return. When we flow with it, veils dissolve, the fog lifts, and we are delivered to the en-Light-enment we seek. Neptune has been retrograde since 6/16, calibrating with Source, and stations direct on 11/22. He will remain very powerfully at the same degree for the rest of the month.
As the planets make their way to the 17th degree of their signs they aspect Pluto, resurrecting old themes of disempowerment for clearing, awaking us to how powerful we really are spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. On 11/11 Pluto begins a new cycle with Juno that was delayed when both went retrograde 6 months before. Now we are ready for a rebirth in the way we show up for our Selves and the empowerment that brings. We have a greater capacity to commit to a healthy, loving relationship with our Selves and with others for the good of all.
Among the cluster of archetypes from 22° and onward, there are five 5D planets, two more from within our solar system, and one centaur planet. During November the order changes a bit, but Eris is the first body aspected in this group, and Quaoar is the last. For example, Venus in Libra begins the month in a bridge with Eris (11/1), then resources Ixion (11/2), followed by a new cycle with Haumea, a great eliminator with Chiron, AND a resource (sextile) with Saturn, all on 11/3. That’s a lot of interaction at the heart level!
The following day (11/4) Venus completes a bridge with Uranus and a great eliminator with Sedna, and on 11/6 she resources Quaoar. Eight aspects in 6 days! The awakened heart is wide open and empowered. In the wake of the abuse of divine feminine energies, our hearts resolve to make unity consciousness its purpose, choosing to step into the authority of Love itself and heal the wounds caused by the imbalance of masculine and feminine energies. We have the capacity to awaken to higher frequencies at the heart level, choosing Love above all else, bringing in new possibilities to create a more balanced, heart-centered world. And this is all before Venus enters Scorpio!
The Sun in Scorpio aspects theses planets once, but Mercury and Venus aspect them twice: Mercury from Scorpio and Sag, Venus from Libra and Scorpio. Later this month Venus goes over the same aspects as Mercury, bringing balance to the divine masculine/feminine energies. As they shift consciousness, our minds and hearts connect with these higher cosmic energies in new configurations, working together to fulfill our evolutionary purpose. Even the asteroids, holding our divine feminine wisdom (Pallas Athena), devotion (Vesta), and unity consciousness (Juno), connect with these multidimensional energies. Vesta is especially active, making the same aspects as Venus, devotedly following the heart as it transmutes to meet the energies of higher consciousness.
It should be noted that all these shifts take place in Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, the 3 signs (qualities) of the Physical quadrant, thus manifesting these energies on the physical level in some way. Pay attention to the energies within, and direct them to their highest, most loving expression. What we generate within will eventually find its expression “out there,” in the world, which is really our own reflection.

Higher Order Calibrations

As stated before, there are also calibrations within the eight planets at 22+° and beyond. Saturn and Ixion have already begun a new life-changing cycle that will shift our social identity and how we relate to each other for years to come. Saturn makes a stepping stone (square) with Chiron on 11/2, the last of 3, rendering it even more potent. It’s time to claim our inner authority and face our fears, clearing the way for Self-mastery at the highest levels. Chiron represents mastering and healing the lower self, bridging it with our higher Self, resulting in wholeness. He makes a great eliminator with Haumea on 11/6, as part of a long-term planetary pattern (Finger of God) with Sedna. Unity consciousness is attainable, but we must make choices to whole our Selves in order to grow our capacity to access it. Chiron’s stepping stone with Ixion (11/8) speaks to this wholing as part of our purpose. We cannot heal the world before we heal our Selves.
Saturn manifests with Uranus on 11/11, also the last of 3 trines. As we heal, we are clearing out old karma, ending old games, awakening to the realization that we are more than we think we are. A new social identity is awakening, one that is more integrated and authentic. The Inner Teacher also connects with Sedna on 11/17; we must choose to stand in our integrity and empowerment as we allow the Divine Feminine to restructure our lives.
The 5D Light Bridge High Way is strengthened and energized when Uranus and Haumea come into exact polar alignment on 11/26. Our unity consciousness gets another divine spark of awakening as more of us come on board with the realization that we are all in this together; that we are not just ‘we’, but One. Uranus’ manifestation with Ixion (11/27) reflects this momentous time, how we are meant to be here as part of this awakening.

New Cycles

New cycles are new beginnings created when 2 planetary bodies come together at the same degree. They are very important since they mark the new relationship between the planets and what each represents. The length of the cycle depends on the orbits of the two planets involved. November opens with the 11/1 Venus/Vesta new cycle in a bridge (opposition) with Eris. Venus in Libra refers to the highest realization of our connectedness at the heart level, that when you hurt, I hurt too. This new cycle brings a new devotion to this realization. Anyone or anything we don’t like ‘out there’ is a reflection of that part of our Self that needs our extra Love and care. Both Venus and Vesta conjoin Haumea in new cycles (11/3 and 11/5 respectively) underscoring this awareness of the unity between us all, with no separation. We are devoted to keeping our hearts open and clear, a safe haven from which to hold the space of Love.
On 11/11 we are downloaded with the keys to Self-mastery and spiritual awakening through our crown chakras. As mentioned before, a new cycle between Juno and Pluto in Capricorn occurs on that day, and with Pluto involved there is bound to be rebirth or transmutation, raising the level of the relationship experience to that of unity consciousness. More and more we are being asked to see beyond our surface differences to discover the Source that connects and unites us all. This is what the New Earth is all about.
The capacity to go beyond differences is underscored by the Venus/Jupiter new cycle in Scorpio on 11/13, creating expansion at the social/emotional level. There is more flexibility, more inclusiveness, more wisdom, more Love available. We are social creatures at heart, looking to collaborate more than to collide. This new cycle promises the courage to bring more trust and openness into our social interactions.  
November closes with an 11/28 conjunction between Mercury and Saturn on the Galactic Center, right before the Great Communicator goes retrograde on 12/3. Because the 2 planets will meet twice more, this is not a new cycle, which won’t occur until both get to Capricorn in January next year. Our mental operating systems, already out of bounds, get cleared, restructured, and redefined as Mercury prepares to recalibrate with Source for most of next month. We are getting ready for a massive shift in the way we think, perceive, and communicate.

Lunar Matters

Taurus Full Moon: On 11/4, the Sun and Moon, co-rulers of the spiritual body, reflect each other in a Full Moon bridge at 12° Taurus/Scorpio, the flowering of the 10/19 New Moon in Libra. Neptune resources the Moon and manifests with the Sun; our emotions are heightened and grounded; our intuition is strong and clear. Clarity is available to us now, and we can see deeply past our emotions to what lies underneath, recognizing the illusions that get in the way of who we are and what we really want to create. Once we see this, we can turn it over to Source, which directs us through our inner guidance to hear the voice of Love. Ceres makes stepping stones with the Sun and Moon, forming an intersection, another path to balance mind and body, emotion and spirit. Her great eliminator with Neptune points the way to a rebirth of clarity and lightness out of the confusion of drama and fear.
Venus, dispositor of the Taurus Full Moon, bridges Uranus and has already begun a new cycle with Haumea. Vesta and Eris are involved, energizing the Light Bridge High Way. The Chiron/Sedna resource points a Finger of God at Venus, with Uranus as the boomerang. The awakened heart wants to be heard, to be whole, to express itself with no restrictions.  Love is the Way, the healing balm, the unifier, the answer to all questions. Nothing exists without it. Mercury forms a bridge with Sedna; he gives voice to the Divine Feminine, and he is the boomerang in the Finger of God involving great eliminators from Venus/Vesta/Haumea resourcing Saturn/Ixion.  Mind and heart work from different fields of consciousness to access the Truth held by the Divine Feminine. Jupiter and Pallas are nearby, adding expansiveness and wisdom to our changing social identity. To say that this lunation is powerful is an understatement.
Scorpio New Moon: The planetary arrangement at the 11/18 New Moon at 26 Scorpio makes a bucket pattern, with the Sun and Moon at the center of 11 planets ranging from Libra to Sagittarius (in Cosmic Consciousness, the entire physical quadrant). At the other end, in Taurus, sits Sedna, the handle to the bucket, holding the energies together from the higher realms. New seeds from the Divine Cosmic Feminine are being planted, downloading into our spiritual body, purifying and transforming us down to the physical level.  The Sun/Moon new cycle forms the midpoint between the Haumea/Saturn/Ixion resource that points to Sedna’s Finger of God. We are evolving a new wholistic unity consciousness as the Divine Feminine becomes more accessible to us.  Saturn’s great eliminator to Sedna reflects our capacity to choose the high road and allow this restructuring, greeting whatever shows up with integrity and an open heart. We have envisioned this long ago, and now it is here.  Pluto, dispositor of this lunation, has recently begun a new cycle with Juno, raising our relationships to higher frequencies. Prior to the Sun/Moon new cycle, Venus manifested with Neptune, bringing higher Love into the process. Another huge new beginning is in store.
As Lightworkers, alchemists, and shape shifters, we are manifesting change in rapid fashion. It is easy to feel caught up in the energies, wanting to slow it down or resist it in some way. This month we are required to be flexible and flowing, to trust in the rightness of it all, remain centered in our hearts, and be present in the Now. The energies can feel like a whirlpool; we can be pulled downwards and feel stuck, or brought upwards to a broader, more empowered point of view. We are being called to embrace new perspectives and move into them, and avoid negative thinking. When anything comes from a negative place, or feels difficult, we can acknowledge it and find ways  to make it positive. Love and peace are not just watchwords from the 60’s; we are here to hold the space for both, in our Selves and for the world, as ancient belief systems and attitudes unravel or come up for clearing. The games are over. The old is dissolving and the ground must be purified before we can start anew. We cannot tap into the Love that permeates everything and everywhere unless we our Selves are connected to the peaceful core residing in our heart center. When we access that vibration of Love, we find peace.
Journaling and reflection will be very useful this month. Another good practice is to start each day with a short breathing exercise: inhale 4 beats, hold 4 beats, exhale 4 beats, pause 4 beats, continue for 5 minutes. Think of one thing you are grateful for and hold it in your heart. Then set one intention for the day. When things feel harried, we must check in with our Selves and take a few moments to breathe through our hearts; that alone will bring us to the present moment, where time will slow down enough for us to catch our breath. When we swim with the tide we can go so much further with less effort.  Happy swimming!
Giving thanks for you all….


"Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction." ~~~ Rumi


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