December 2017

Here comes December, the last month in an extraordinary year! December is always very powerful. The number '12' is in itself a very significant vibration in 5D... it is the number of universal consciousness, and it delivers us to the Christed Self. The ‘12’ combines the energies of ‘1’, new beginnings, creating our own reality; and ‘2’, coming together, seeking balance, and expressing Love. It represents a new cycle of experience and regeneration leading towards higher consciousness and wisdom. We are called to keep the faith, keep our thoughts positive, and welcome, not fear, new experiences.  The combination of ‘1’ and ‘2’ creates the ‘3’ vibration of manifestation. We need the creative force (Spirit), combined with the balance of polarities (expressed in Love) to bring something new into physicality.

In Cosmic Consciousness, the 12 o'clock Capricorn hour is where we connect with Source energies. Our task is to accept and align with the new beginnings that result from past actions as delivered by Source. From here we allow Source to direct us. We learn to tap into our higher authority through stillness, meditation and an open heart, working to strengthen the quality of our Source connection. This hour is disposed by Saturn, who is currently transiting the Galactic Center and headed for his home sign for the next 3 years. Our social identities are changing, as we find the courage to look within and redefine our Selves.
In the Motherpeace Tarot, the 12 Major Arcana is known as the “Hanged One,” which, according to Vicki Noble, represents an initiation of sorts, “a submission to a renunciation of the personality and a deliberate turning toward the soul or higher Self.” The image of hanging by the feet bound to a tree symbolizes our connection to Earth and being grounded, as we open our crown chakras and link them to our hearts. The Hanged One implies a loss of control and surrender to Love, trusting in the Divine. We cannot connect with Source without utter trust and surrender.

Overall Planetary Energies

December is always a transitional month, but this December brings many changes, endings and beginnings, some of them spanning years. There are 13 conjunctions this month; 9 of them are new cycles, 5 occurring on or near the Galactic Center and World Axis point of 0 Capricorn. The Sun, Mercury and Venus connect with the Great Attractor and Galactic Center every year, but this year spirit, mind and heart are all in Sagittarius together, affording us the opportunity to attune ourSelves to the highest cosmic energies as we triumph over our lower Selves… and this month Mercury retrogrades over both points 3 times! Although the Sun always travels across the Portal of Truth into Capricorn around 12/21, this is the first time in nearly 30 years that Saturn is entering the sign of Spiritual Power with the Sun-- and also with Quaoar! We weren’t even aware of Quaoar until 2002. Here and now we are poised to reconfigure how we view each other from the outside in, ready to create new forms of social structures and ways of being designed to reflect our growing 5D consciousness. Our newly defined perception of reality is just beginning.

Galactic Consciousness

As humanity moves through the Sagittarian field of consciousness we all have the opportunity to clear away old habits, beliefs, attitudes, reactions, and thought forms and start again. We reset our compass, create our intentions and promise to be our best Selves, and consciously or not, reconnect with our conception of Source. It is no coincidence that the Galactic Center and Great Attractor are both located in Sagittarius.
Located at 14 Sagittarius 02, the Great Attractor is defined as a massive galactic anomaly that warps time and space, whose gravity is so massive that it bends Light. It is even larger than the Galactic Center.  It is extremely magnetic and pulls in everything around it. Whatever falls on this degree, by birth or by transit, is drawn inexorably towards some of the highest Source consciousness possible for us to achieve.  It represents a hologram of Truth, each facet a part of something so huge as to be incomprehensible to our human minds. The only way to work with its energies is to keep our frequencies elevated and feel beyond the senses, with unwavering attention on and surrender to Source.
This month, the Sun lights up and energizes this point on 12/5, and our emotional awareness at the heart level become infused with these high energies when Venus (12/12) transits. Mercury moved over the GA on 11/15, and he will retrograde over it on 12/19, completing a new cycle on 12/26. Our mental operating systems are recalibrating to receive as much of the highest frequencies of cosmic intelligence as we are ready for. These aspects make expanded consciousness and alignment of masculine/ feminine energies possible at the highest levels.
The Galactic Center, at 27 Sagittarius 02, is the Black Hole that sits at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Every galaxy has a black hole at its center that is its Source, and this is ours. Everything we experience has manifested out of this place; it is the Creator force, the multidimensional center of transformation. Since we carry the cosmos within us, we all have this point in our birth chart somewhere, allowing us to access Source at any time. When a planet moves over that point, it’s as though we have a direct line to this higher consciousness available to us, expressed through the unique energies of the transiting planet.  We just have to allow it in.
According to Cosmic Consciousness, the Portal of Truth between Sagittarius and Capricorn is the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. It is the place where death and rebirth occur, the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. Since the Galactic Center IS Source, the area between 27 Sag and the World Axis solstice point (0 Capricorn) constitutes this Portal of Truth. Our crown chakra resides here, and through it we receive downloads of cosmic information. The crown chakra connects us with the higher Self and Source, and all new consciousness comes into us through that part of our Being.
Quaoar, the multidimensional archetype that represents that awakened place within each of us where all thoughts originate, has been hanging out at or near the Galactic Center since 2014.  With Quaoar here we have the capacity to think new thoughts, and thus create a new world, imbued with frequencies from Source Itself. Source IS the energy of Love. As we become aware of the power of our thoughts, we can create the world in a whole new way, by persistently infusing our thoughts with Love.
In order to allow new thought into our consciousness, we must be willing to let go of all old thoughts and the paradigms, ideas, beliefs and attitudes they’ve spawned. We must open our minds, and even more importantly, our hearts, and surrender to what we don’t know or can’t understand.  This allows us to experience something new, uncolored by old thought-forms, leading to the manifestation of new realizations.
As we are witnessing, Quaoar on the Galactic Center is mirroring the changes to old belief systems that are just now beginning to manifest. These changes are irrevocable and inevitable. Quaoar is the highest octave of Mercury, and as our mental operating systems recalibrate with new frequencies, Quaoar expresses that higher consciousness in new thoughts and concepts. At the higher dimensions Love is Everything, the Thought behind thought.

Changes in Consciousness

Venus enters Sagittarius on 12/1, reflecting our hearts’ readiness to clear what doesn’t resonate with our highest Truth. In addition to other transits, Venus manifests with Varuna, Soul Star Chakra, Ceres, and the High Way to Unity Consciousness (Eris, Uranus, and Pallas, resourcing Haumea), all before going out of bounds on 12/21 and ending up in Capricorn on 12/25. All month our hearts are purifying, raising their vibrations, preparing us for a higher, Source-based quality of Love, the only Reality.
On 12/7 Quaoar crosses the World Axis point and enters Capricorn for the next 23 years, beginning a new cycle of Source connection!  For a while Quaoar was the last archetype contacted before a planet moved into another sign, now he is the first. As such, Mars becomes the first personal planet to connect with Quaoar in this sign, in a resource on 12/9. Our physicality becomes more attuned to the frequencies of the higher spiritual Self as we access our Source connection. The Sun (12/21), Saturn (12/23) and Venus (12/25) all form new cycles with the highest octave of the mental body, at the purest degree of Divine Power. We are ready and able to access, purify and connect in a new way with the pure vibration of Source energies, bringing awareness, open-heartedness and integrity to the process of creating a new reality.
Mars begins a period of alchemical transformation when he enters Scorpio on 12/9. We’ve long known about the mind/body connection, and that what we focus on manifests into the physical. Our bodies are tuning forks, vibrating in resonance with positive thoughts, healthy food, a calm mind and a loving heart. Our environment reflects our state of mind. This month presents the opportunity to envision better health and peaceful, supportive surroundings to sustain us as we begin the journey into the new world we are creating. Juno, the divine feminine aspect that upgrades our connection with the physical body, moves into Aquarius on 12/16, injecting Self-love into how we show up for ourSelves in our interactions.
Saturn enters Capricorn on 12/19 in the sign where he has dignity. The last time Saturn entered the consciousness of Divine Power, in 1988, Uranus was nearby, and the new cycle these 2 planets created mirrored the awakening of our understanding of Saturn’s true essence: that we are responsible for what occurs around us; we are not the recipients of random events. Everything outside us reflects what is within; by accepting personal responsibility and acting authentically and with integrity we exude a power and authority that magnetically attracts what we need.
Last month Saturn completed the last of 3 transits to the Galactic Center to get to this World Axis point. We are beginning to manifest a new kind of personal empowerment and integrity, which promises to bring great shifts in perspectives, a new social identity and a new way of Being. The future is here now, and we are creating it as we go.
The Great Teacher will remain in Capricorn until 2020, when he connects with Pluto and Jupiter. Even now our social consciousness is undergoing transformation, which will continue unabated for years to come. Saturn in Capricorn represents our capacity to access our inner authority through our connection with Source. We surrender to the Teacher/Guru within, where all the answers are, and allow that Source-based inner guidance to direct us. Capricorn is related to the crown chakra, where physical and spiritual connect, and these energies travel down to our core where mind and heart meet, bringing Source energy into the core of our Being.
The Winter Solstice is the time when the Sun passes over the Galactic Center and the World Axis point, affecting everyone on the planet, conscious or not, moving us into a new part of the journey around the Sun.
It marks the true beginning of the New Year. On 12/21, when the Sun enters Capricorn’s quality of consciousness, our awareness naturally turns inward, towards Source and our connection to our Highest Self. Our new year’s resolutions are intentions/agreements we make with our Higher Self, achievable only when we remember to turn them over to the Universe/God/Source without condition or attachment, with joy and Love.
This year’s Winter Solstice promises to be a game changer on many levels. Just hours after entering the sign of Spiritual Power, the Sun becomes the first personal planet to begin a new cycle with Saturn in the latter’s home sign. It is incredibly fitting that our consciousness begins a new relationship with our inner authority/Teacher within, infused with Source energies from the Galactic Center. We now have the capacity tap into to the Divine Authority within us that is accessed when we are totally in congruence with our inner guidance. Then we can act from the space of integrity and authenticity, giving just what is required. The last time Saturn entered Capricorn was in 11/1988, before we were aware of black holes and the 5D planets.
Right after the Sun/Saturn new cycle, the Sun joins Quaoar for a new beginning in our capacity to access original thought regarding the nature of our reality. The mind itself is incapable of new thought; that comes from the depths of the connected higher mind/heart when we allow the quiet space for it to arise. These new thoughts are actually what we Knew before we became lost in the misqualified, unbalanced energies of the Divine Masculine. As we traded bodies over the ages we forgot our Source connection. The return of the Divine Feminine enables us to restore the missing link, awakening the remembrance of these original thought-energies, making them available to us.
Also on this day Venus accesses the 5D Light Bridges when she manifests with Pallas’ divine feminine wisdom, and resources Haumea’s unity consciousness right before the Sun shifts consciousness.  Venus then begins a new cycle with Ixion, bringing Love to our collective purpose to correct misqualified energies; she goes beyond the ecliptic (out of bounds) before she makes a great eliminator (inconjunct) with her higher octave, Sedna. With all the new consciousness being downloaded, our hearts go beyond any perceived limits to bring wisdom and unity to the Divine Feminine within each of us.

Planetary Movements:

On 12/3 Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Sag14, just before the Gemini Full Moon. What makes this event extraordinary is that the dispositor of our mental operating system stops moving just minutes away from an exact conjunction with Quaoar, the 5D octave of Mercury. Both planets sit on the master degree of 29 Sagittarius, the Portal of Truth between the physical and spiritual realms, which is also on the World Axis point and  the Galactic Center! That means that our higher minds are getting downloaded and upgraded with multidimensional Source energies that will be processed for a long time to come. And that’s just the beginning!
The Great Messenger has already connected with the Great Attractor, Ceres, Mars, Pluto, the Moon’s nodes, Eris, Chiron, Ixion, Haumea, Uranus, Sedna, the Galactic Center point and finally Saturn, before he changed direction. He is also out of bounds, taking our mental operating system into uncharted territory. (On 12/7 he returns to the ecliptic.) Now moving towards Source, Mercury will make the same connections to all those planets and points but in reverse order. When the retrograde ends, on 12/22, Mercury will once again make the same aspects well into January. A triple transit is more than just an event, it’s a phase: with the first transit we experience the purity of the energies in our consciousness; the 2nd transit enables us to take these energies within and integrate them. The 3rd transit will allow some kind of manifestation to occur. Each time Mercury aspects a planet, our higher minds get infused with its energies. With all these triple aspects, a huge amount of new awareness becomes available to each and every one of us on a personal and universal scale. We are being delivered to a new way of thinking, relating, and of Being.
Retrograde since July, Chiron goes direct at 24+° Pisces on 12/5. One by one throughout December, Mercury, the Sun and Venus all make stepping stones to the Master Teacher/Healer; mind, heart and spirit step up beyond perceived limitations to heal misqualified fear-based energies and expand into mastery and wholeness. Chiron has been in the sign of Spiritual Wisdom since 2011, and enters Aries next spring.
Orcus, the 5D planet that reflects our burgeoning understanding of our immortality, begins his 5-month retrograde cycle on 12/9 at 10 Virgo. It’s the part of our Self that knows there is one Soul beyond all our different incarnations. In addition, on 12/16 Ceres goes retrograde at 18 Leo. We are ready to go within towards Source, to integrate, nurture and joyfully rebirth ourSelves anew as the old slowly falls away. To aid us we have the feminine wisdom of Pallas Athena, who has become a part of the High Way to unity consciousness. Pallas forms bridges with Mars and Haumea this month, and stations direct on 12/17, refraining from an exact conjunction with Uranus.

New Beginnings and Conjoinings

This month there are an inordinate amount of conjunctions, and 7 new cycles over 9 days! On 12/1 the Mars/Haumea new cycle signals the last of the lower-body planets to integrate with the unity consciousness Light Bridge. Ceres conjuncts the Soul Star Chakra on 12/2, but since she is going retrograde, the new cycle that reboots our evolutionary path won’t occur until April 2018. And newly retrograde Mercury conjoins Saturn for the 2nd time on 12/6, mirroring the integration needed to speak the Truth with authority. Mind and body are being infused with the higher energies that are stepping down to us.
The Vesta/Jupiter new cycle kicks off the 12/12 star gate, bringing passion and devotion to our Truth seeking. Watch for more Truth to be discovered in the social arena. On the same day, the Sun/Mercury inferior conjunction at 21 Sag signals the midpoint of this unusual retrograde of the archetype of the higher mind. Mind and heart rebalance when Mercury conjoins Venus on 12/15. Now the heart goes ahead, until March 2018, when the dispositors of the divine masculine and divine feminine make a new cycle on 3/4/18 with Chiron in tow. Major wholing is on tap next year.
The Sun, co-ruler of the spiritual body, shines his Light on Ixion with a new cycle on 12/17, representing a massive shift in our collective soul’s purpose.
Right after the solstice the Sun creates new cycles with Saturn and Quaoar,
Initiating the process of redefining our Self-concept. The Saturn/Quaoar new cycle on 12/23 will change the way we think about ourSelves, redefining our ideas about power, authority, and social conscience. And Venus has her own new cycles with Ixion, Quaoar and Saturn as we bring Love to our emerging new sense of Self and soul purpose.

12:12 Stargate

As we gain higher consciousness, we become more attuned to the energies of the star gates. As mentioned, the 12 carries the vibration of universal consciousness, and the numbers comprising it add up to 3, the number of manifestation. Therefore, each of us is a unique manifestation of universal (Christed) consciousness. Numbers are the fabric of the universe. When a number repeats a star gate opens, sending information related to that number as keys and codes of Light directly from the Galactic Center down to us through our crown chakras. It is like a combination lock clicking into place; it opens the door to higher frequencies, allowing us to receive these downloads of Light, which transmute our DNA and every cell of our Being with new consciousness. On 12/12, in the middle of a month that is positively swimming with Galactic Center energies, it is possible to experience headaches, pressure on our heads, dizziness or fatigue. We might even feel fuzzyheaded or out of it. If so, we need to take it slow, be kind to ourSelves, stay hydrated and listen to what our bodies need. We are accomplishing the amazing feat of manifesting new consciousness into the world, bringing it down from Source through our bodies. Also on this day, Venus transits the Great Attractor. It is certainly a day to contemplate and integrate all the higher energies we feel within, bringing Love to it all.

Lunar Matters

The Full Moon in Gemini, disposed by Mercury, occurs right after he goes retrograde, making the Great Communicator a key player. This flowering of the 11/18 Scorpio New Moon is a real culmination: with 6 planets in Sagittarius we are clearing the karmic debris left from last month’s intense transmutation. The Neptune/Orcus Light Bridge forms a Wisdom (Mutable) Crossroad with the Sun and Moon, bringing the realization of our immortality to the conscious awareness of those who are ready for it. When we allow Love to rule our minds we can handle any Truth that presents itself.
The 12/18 New Moon in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center (26 Sag 31) is the last Sun/Moon new cycle of the year. It reflects the seeds planted in Source energy to clear out the old emotional reactions and to open ourSelves to the new cycles to come. Following this seeding, the Moon is the last planet to conjoin Saturn before moving into Capricorn.  We get a chance to align our emotions with our changing social identities.
The practice for the month is to surrender to Source, the Ocean of Love. Big shifts are in store; there is no way we will understand or direct them Now is the time to give all worries and fears over to Source, Love Itself, trusting and what is to come, allowing ourSelves to have the experience.


Wishing you all a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with peace, abundance, and blessings. Much love to you all.  


"Without Love in the dream it will never come true." ~~Robert Hunter, “Help on the Way.”



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