May 2019 Cosmic Consciousness

Welcome to the 5th month of 2019! As the 5th month, May holds the energies of the ‘5’, the number of life, creation, and growth.  It is related to humanity and it speaks of bringing forth life and living things into human reality. The number 5 offers the gift of Life Force. It is the inexhaustible flow of vitality and abundance that is available to us any time we need it.
The energy of the 5 is very powerful and creative; it has everything to do with the Golden Ratio and the spiral of life that produces our DNA. It represents human consciousness. The pentangle is the primary symbol of Life and the living spirit. The geometry of the 5 reveals how we can be an individual and yet part of the greater Whole. Throughout nature one can find the ‘5’ signature everywhere: in 5-petaled flowers, apple and pear seeds, even the human body. In astrology, 360° divided by 5 equals 72°, which in Cosmic Consciousness is considered a spiritual and karmic aspect, indicating an inborn gift or talent that manifests as a result of work done on the spiral of past lives.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents the 5 o’clock hour of wisdom of the higher Mind. The Gemini energy field is the part of us that makes connections, communicates, collects information and integrates it all so we can expand our consciousness. It lifts us up beyond duality, transcending it. Gemini consciousness never rests; like a crystal ball it’s always turning, reflecting all facets of light, while the center remains still. Here is where we integrate mind and heart, resulting in right heart-based action. We will need Gemini consciousness as we create and expand every area of our lives this month. In May, Mars will leave this energy field and the Sun and Mercury will enter it.
Energies of May
This is a very active month for Mercury and Venus, as both planets form stepping stones with the Moon’s nodes, Saturn and Pluto; manifest with Jupiter; and bridge Haumea. They move through Aries and into Taurus, connecting with Eris and Uranus, and Mercury catches up to the Sun in Gemini. With Mars in Gemini for half the month, all the personal planets light up what in Cosmic Consciousness is referred to as the mental quadrant. It is in this quadrant of 3 energy fields where we discipline our thoughts to create a new world and bring Love into it, tapping our intuition to think with the heart, and then act from the wisdom we have gained. Mind and heart undergo a real awakening this month as well as a maturing and transformation of social consciousness. This is a pivotal point that we will not even begin to grasp until we are past it; all that remains is for us to keep mind and heart open and know beyond a shadow of doubt that it is ALL perfect. We are being transformed from the inside out. The planets reflect that.
Another way to look at this is through the lens of the Grand Crossroad between Eris, Haumea, and the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras (aka the north and south nodes) that span 20-25° of the power (formerly cardinal) signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The crossroad includes Saturn and Pluto, hanging by the Earth Star, dismantling eons of karmic debris that we are collectively dealing with. Any planet that enters this crossroad will form stepping stones with the nodes, Saturn AND Pluto; conjunct Eris; and bridge Haumea. This month Mercury and Venus in Aries make all these connections, with Vesta following; Juno enters the crossroad at the end of May, when she enters Cancer. At any time we have access to our inner Teacher; to the transformation or elimination of things no longer viable that hold us back; to new insights; and to the urge to move forward towards the future.
There is a 5D intersection (formerly T-square) between Chiron and Salacia, Quaoar, and MakeMake (where we realize the unity of dark and light from new thought, in accordance with Divine Law), in the same signs as the above crossroad, but at 2-5°. Any sign entering Cancer will make this configuration into a crossroad; Juno joins for a few days until 5/2 and Mars joins it 5/20-5/25. Briefly we have the opportunity to take this alignment into our relationships, and express it through action.
In April there were 13 new cycles, and there was so much non-stop activity that we are still processing them. Last month we actually got to see Powehi, the Super Galactic Center itself—talk about a new beginning of expanded consciousness! This month there are 13 new cycles as well, most involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Vesta, interacting with Uranus, Eris, Albion and Sedna.
Including the New Moon, there are 7 new cycles in Taurus alone. The Taurean energy field is majorly energized, and we have the chance to tune into our inner guidance and trust it. We learn to practice non-attachment in all its forms, letting go of anger, grief, possessions and relationships that no longer serve, grounding our Selves in the present moment, the only one there is.
The Black Moon continues her dance between Aquarius and Pisces, spending most of the month in the sign of Spiritual Wisdom and unlimited possibility. On 5/4 she goes direct at 21 Aquarius, in a subtle aspect with Saturn, and later, Pluto. On 5/8 she enters Pisces for the 5th time, setting her sights on Neptune, Pisces’ dispositor, and conjoining with him on 5/14. Whenever she is in Pisces, Black Moon resources planets in Capricorn on one side and Taurus on the other, and that includes the Earth Star, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus.  She turns retrograde on 5/17 at 20 Pisces, and goes back to meet Neptune again on 5/19 (#6). Finally, on 5/28 she reenters Aquarius, where she will remain until 6/13.
When Black Moon Lilith is in Pisces her dance is softer, lighter, deeper and more flowing. Although she makes many aspects to the other archetypes, she conjuncts only Neptune, and each time she does she goes down deep and brings up places where confusion (and ultimately, enlightenment) reigns. It might feel uncomfortable but these are opportunities for us to clear illusions and misqualified beliefs and see the Light of Truth.
May Highlights
5/1     We enter the month with the energies of the Saturn Earth Star conjunction and the Chiron Salacia conjunction. Mars forms a great eliminator with Saturn Earth Star; we can choose to eliminate old habits that obstruct our wellbeing, while getting comfortable with the changes in our cellular structure brought about by the higher frequencies we are getting accustomed to.
In addition, Mercury is very active today with a resource (sextile) to Mars and an intersection with the Earth and Soul Star Chakras). With an enhanced mind-body connection our thinking-communication systems can be utilized to clear old ideas, or formulate new ones, or both. And the Venus Vesta new cycle of devoting our Selves to Self-realization from the heart is the precursor to their interactions with the great awakeners Uranus and Eris, as the heart (Venus) leads the way. This new cycle manifests with Ceres, the midwife, certain to bring in new insights.
5/3     The Mercury Eris new cycle occurs at 24 Aries this morning. There could be disorganization in our thinking, or the disruptive expression of the gradual realization that an imbalance or situation that has lingered for too long can no longer be tolerated. Eris’s revelations occur in the heart, and go deep to the core. The Aries discipline of the higher mind is called for, to lead us to positive results.                                 
5/4     Bracketed by Uranus and Sedna, the New Moon at 14 Taurus focuses our consciousness in the energy field where we practice accessing and obeying our intuition as a guiding force. There is a subtle devotion to this practice, with higher 7D divine inspiration available from Sirius. This New Moon is conjunct Albion, and makes a great eliminator with the Great Attractor black hole, providing access, if we choose it, to the highest Source energies. It also marks the start of the gradual shift of energies into Taurus, with Mercury entering on 5/6.
The Black Moon goes direct at 21 Aquarius, in an intimate (semisextile) aspect to Saturn, reflecting our growing capacity to claim our inner authority and get comfortable with it.
5/6     Black Moon Lilith has a busy day: intimate with Pluto, resourcing Jupiter, manifesting (trining) with Mars and resourcing Eris. The Mars Eris resource reminds us to be aware of our bodies. Finally, Mercury enters Taurus and connects with Varuna in a stepping stone (5/7) that promises to raise the vantage point of our higher Mind. This is a fitting beginning of Mercury’s journey through the sign of Mental Love; we have 2 weeks to practice conscious obedience to our inner guidance system, which never fails, and to Love with the mind.
5/8     The Black Moon enters Pisces for the 5th time today, diving deep and bringing up fears and doubts that bar our access to unlimited possibilities. Mercury conjoins Uranus in a new cycle of sudden insights and revelations. And all before lunch. Black Moon connects to this new cycle with a resource to Uranus and then to Mercury (5/9). She will bring the Truth of these insights up to be seen and shared.
5/10   Mercury, holder of divine masculine energies, made his new cycles with the great awakeners; now it’s Venus’ turn. She meets Eris at 24 Aries, initiating a new beginning of clearing the heart of stagnant energies,  clarifying its expression. The heart will not be denied. This wake up call will clear the cobwebs and open hearts. The Mercury Albion new cycle (8 Taurus) brings a kind of balance to the divine feminine energies occurring today. Listen to any music that presents itself, there is a message here.
5/14   Venus and Mars, co-rulers of the divine feminine, connect in a resource, which marks the last aspect each planet makes before they both change signs. The Black Moon makes her 5th conjunction with Neptune as well. A clear, unfettered heart makes for right action.
5/15   Today is unusual in that 2 personal planets change signs on the same day. Venus ingresses her home sign of Taurus and Mars enters Cancer, leaving the mental quadrant and crossing the Portal of Truth into the emotional domain. Venus is at home and dignified in Taurus, where she is most comfortable with the mechanism of Mental Love, the intuitive function that comes from the heart. Mars is on the Master Path in Cancer, where his need for action collides with the need to slow down and deal with emotions. For the next 6 weeks we will have the opportunity to gain mastery over our emotions by learning to come from the heart in everything we do. When we are heart-centered we can more easily process and release e-motions in productive ways.
5/17 Black Moon resumes her monthly retrograde movement at 20 Pisces, where she formed resources with both Mercury and Saturn yesterday. She travels more slowly when retrograde, and will repeat all the connections she made since 5/8 when she entered Pisces. Each repeated aspect makes a groove in our consciousness, like a tape loop, that goes deeper and brings up something new.
5/18   Today should be marked on a calendar as an all-important day. It’s another day that features 2 new cycles, but also the Full Moon—all in Taurus! The Sun Sedna new cycle always occurs around the 3rd week in May, but not usually the same day as another new cycle in the same sign! The Taurus energy field is lit up with 3 personal planets, 2 5D planets and one Great Awakener.
Sedna’s very high frequency holds the collective remembrance of the Divine Feminine and all the Wisdom that has been attained throughout the ages, and we are now able to access that Wisdom more readily. When the Sun conjoins her (at 27 Taurus) it marks the beginning of a new way to connect with Sedna’s etheric Wisdom in a personal way.
Literally 7 1/2 hours later, at 4 Taurus, the Venus Uranus new cycle occurs, which can bring a sudden change of heart. Old belief systems fall by the wayside as we put our faith into the inner guidance that comes from the heart, which always delivers us to our greatest Truth. 
Finally, the Full Moon in Scorpio occurs at 28 Taurus, and it is powerful, bridging the Sun Sedna new cycle. It contains the energies of Venus Uranus and Chiron Salacia new cycles as well. Although last month’s Full Moon in Libra could be considered a Blue Moon, today’s lunation is also known as a Blue Moon, according to Wikipedia and, which define a Blue Moon as the 3rd full moon in a season that has 4 full moons. This happens every 2.5 years.  Venus and Pluto, who have resurrected the Persephone story into one of divine feminine empowerment, dispose this Full Moon. Pluto forms the 3rd arm of the Haumea Eris Lightbridge, giving us another path from which to view how disruption of the old resurrects into unity consciousness. Meanwhile, our hearts awaken. We are witnessing the transmutation of the Divine Feminine into a powerful force as it unifies before our eyes. This is unprecedented, and will lead to major change.
5/19   This is another cosmically busy day with 3 conjunctions, 2 of them new cycles. Retrograde Black Moon conjoins Neptune for meeting #6 at 18 Pisces, taking us down into deep waters of Divine Wisdom to bring up the Truth of our limitless being. Juno, representing the oneness that is inherent in all relationships, conjoins the 7D fixed star Sirius in a new cycle at 14 Cancer. Who are we in relation to the cosmos? We ARE that, and it is in us; there is no separation. And the Mercury Sedna new cycle connects the higher Mind with the Divine Feminine and allows us to communicate her Truth.
5/21   The energy shift is palpable as the Sun enters Gemini, followed by Mercury just 3 hours later. The co-dispositors of the divine masculine join in a new cycle in Mercury’s home sign. At this point there are 5 planets in their home signs: Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.  This gives those archetypes a dignity and strength that allows their energies to flow harmoniously and easily. Mercury races through Gemini in just 2 weeks, but the Sun, traveling more slowly, adds new life to the sign of Conscious Wisdom, where Love motivates all action. We would do well to take a breath before speaking, and use our quickness of mind to come up with new solutions for conflict resolution. Now is the time to attune to and think with our hearts.
5/22   Today Neptune manifests with the Soul Star Chakra, bringing us closer to clarity about our evolutionary purpose. And the Venus Albion new cycle at 8 Taurus 21 occurs as well, lifting our hearts to higher, more harmonious frequencies.
5/26   Every time a planet aspects Eris, disruption is to be expected. Mind and heart (Mercury and Venus) have been impacted and now the Vesta Eris new cycle (24 Aries) adds new fire of devotion to this energy. What appears as disorder or turmoil is really a discontinuation of the same old story that needs to be rewritten. We are committed to writing a new narrative. When Mercury goes out of bounds today, we get an opportunity to think ‘outside the box’ and find new solutions, new perspectives and new stories to share.
5/28   The Juno Soul Star Chakra new cycle at 18 Cancer signifies a new beginning in the evolution of our unity consciousness: how we relate to our feelings, thoughts and bodies, each other, our possessions, environment, the cosmos, and our Spirit. When we come from the heart, we can feel the Oneness in everything. Juno Soul Star creates a bridge (polarity) with the Earth Star and Saturn, giving us a platform from which to clear old karma around relationships. Black Moon, moving backwards towards Source, reenters Aquarius, reminding us that there is no other than the Self, and it must be loved unconditionally.
5/30   Pallas Athena, representing the divine feminine wisdom found within each of us, goes direct today at 10 Libra. She spent the last 3 1/2 months traveling backwards through the sign of Highest Realization, teaching us the wisdom of the mirrored Self: that what we see in the world is our own reflection. It is time to take that wisdom and apply it to our interactions with the world. We are not we, but One.
Last month we laid foundations, this month we build upon them, creating new spaces to grow into. This is a month of creativity, of growth and expansion. There will be sudden revelations, insights, realizations and awakenings and this can be quite disruptive. There might be glimpses of how the world places limits on us, or how we limit our Selves with old beliefs that are not in tune with who we are becoming.  There might be pushback from others, or even within our Selves against those revelations, creating conflict. But we are creators, each a part of the same Source, and this month we are creating new space around us to expand into. We are shaping a new reality, shifting things that were once immovable. It will take effort, but it can be as pleasurable as building a house or creating a sculpture. 
The way to expand and shape a new world is not by resisting or fighting limitations, or breaking the old mold. We need to see limitation as opportunities to grow and stretch. We can explore where there is room to navigate and work with that for a bit, and then find other areas where we can apply some effort to move the situation. We will need to be balanced and work on every area of our lives: personal and business, worldly and spiritual and so on. It’s like making a sculpture; if we only work on one side it will be unbalanced and topple over.
The world is unbalanced, and interactions in the public sphere might get downright nasty. We know how to access the observer’s perch, and this is the time to stand back and watch without judgment or attachment. This is not the time to jump in and take sides; we are called upon to use restraint and hold the space for Love. By integrating mind and heart and keeping a positive attitude, we attend to every aspect of our lives, moving and expanding each part in a balanced way as we carve a new reality. This is what we came here to do. There is room for change now that simply did not exist before.  What an amazing time to be alive!
“Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.” ~~~ Deepak Chopra

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