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June 2019 Cosmic Consciousness

We arrive at June, the 6th month and midpoint of 2019, delivering us to the fullness of the year’s promise. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 6 o’clock hour represents emotional power. It is the place where the masculine mental quadrant comes together with the feminine emotional quadrant at the core of our being along the vertical axis (at the 5 and 6 o'clock hours), reflecting the physical and spiritual realms (11 and 12 o’clock hours). Balancing mind and heart at the Cancer Portal of Truth allows us to ascend to a new level of unified Source consciousness. It is here that we add depth of emotion arising from the heart center to our mental operating system; when we allow these emotional energies the freedom to rise up and mingle with our higher Mind, we create space for an authentic, conscious response. We think with the heart and love with the mind, making the unconscious conscious and bringing it into awareness. We See with Love’s eyes.

The key words for ‘6’ energies are reflection, balance, harmony and integration. It is a very feminine number. The geometrical form generated by the 6 vibration is the hexagon, and its internal form is the Star of David: two perfectly balanced, interlocking equilateral triangles. The 6-pointed Star of David represents the uniting of heaven and earth, spirit and matter: the stars in the sky reflect the molecules that comprise physicality, symbolizing the axiom As Above, So Below.
A 12-petal lotus holding the Star of David within represents the center of the heart chakra, located at the center of the chakra system. It is the balance point of unconditional Love which springs forth from the very fabric of the universe, across all dimensions, time and space; it is the fulcrum upon which all Reality rests. In Sanskrit it is called Anahata, the unstruck soundless sound of the balanced heart. An open, balanced heart at rest is cleared of all past hurts and future anxieties. Here we find unconditional Love, harmony, compassion, forgiveness and peace.
Astrologically, the Star of David is comprised of 2 Grand Manifestations (trines) that form a ring of 6 sextiles, resourcing all the energies in a balanced way, with a mystic rectangle in the center. Such a planetary picture represents various energies working together in balanced, harmonious ways, manifesting something powerful into the world. When Venus and Astraea, 2 very feminine archetypes, enter Gemini this month, a mystic rectangle is created with Salacia/Chiron in Aries, Ceres in Sagittarius and MakeMake in Libra, birthing a new alignment of the Divine Feminine in accordance with Divine Law.
Overall June Energies
Last month many truths came to Light, and June will be no different. We are bringing the higher Self into embodiment and aligning it with our dharma, our evolutionary path. Black Moon Lilith continues her dance between 15 Aquarius (a world axis point) and 15 Pisces, uncovering yet more shadows. This month brings the opening of a new wormhole with the Gemini New Moon, preparing us for the sideways elevators that will shift everything. The Moon’s nodes are stable, moving 1/2 a degree all month.
With 10 new cycles, a new season, 5 other planets changing signs and 3 planets changing direction there is so much to talk about!
The Grand Crossroad that spans 20-25° of the power (formerly cardinal) signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn remains in effect this month. The Eris and Haumea Lightbridge to Unity Consciousness (with Arcturus) continues to anchor it, and if we use that Lightbridge to get a wider perspective we can see where the discord and disruption is part of the process of unifying and wholing our consciousness. These 5D planets move slowly; the process unfolds in its own time/space.
The Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras (Moon’s nodes) have moved out of the crossroad, but Saturn, Pluto and Chariklo are retrograde and will move back over the Capricorn road. That leaves Cancer planets to complete the configuration. Juno (6/5-6/12), Mars and Mercury (6/18-6/25) travel through the sign of inner harmony this month, with Mercury and Mars forming a conjunction at 22 Cancer. A new mind/body connection is introduced as we nurture our Selves and allow the transmutation of energies to move through us unimpeded.
The 5D intersection (formerly T-square) between Chiron and Salacia, Quaoar, and MakeMake will be in effect for quite awhile. As we bring our lower 4-body system into alignment according to divine and natural Laws, we access our capacity to manifest a new world out of a new kind of perception based in mind/heart balance. Again, any sign entering Cancer will create a crossroad, making any and all roads available to us. Mercury briefly becomes a part of it (6/4-6/7) as well as the Sun (6/21-6/27), raising our consciousness and communication systems to new heights. These are opportunities to be aware of our thoughts and where we put our attention, and allow our emotions to inform us.
Chiron/Salacia, Ceres and Varuna form a Grand Manifestation (trine) all in Fire signs this month. Juno joins Varuna with a new cycle (6/24) and Mercury follows (6/29). This is another manifestation (pardon the pun) of the God’s eye view we are afforded as we work to align and whole our Selves and everything we are in relationship with. This configuration will last until the end of August.
June Highlights
6/1 This very divine feminine month opens with a Venus Juno resource, both archetypes making Great Eliminators pointing to Jupiter in a Finger of God (yod) aspect. Black Moon Lilith resources Jupiter also. Today we can access the higher Truth and wisdom of each of our relationships by remembering to Love it all, even the difficult ones.
6/3 We spent most of May moving energies that were previously thought to be unmovable. The New Moon in Gemini (12 Gem 33) kicks off the opening of a new wormhole, the sideways elevators ready to deliver us to those places that seem impossible to get to right now. It represents a larger new chapter in our lives, an opportunity to reach heights and get to places within our Selves we didn’t know were there. This wormhole is disposed by an out of bounds Mercury, dignified and strong in his own sign; he connects with Vesta, Astraea and Sedna, and Ixion while the Sun and Moon form an intimate aspect with Mars and the Soul Star Chakra. The Divine Feminine energies infusing our higher Mind promise to loosen the grip of the patriarchy and shift everything.
6/4 Mercury enters Cancer, the sign of inner serenity, today. With all the incessant and intense energies many are going through a tough time. It is easy to get overwhelmed. We have 3 weeks to practice coming from the heart and choosing love in all we do, making it so much easier to process our emotions. Black Moon goes direct at 15 Aquarius, a world axis degree, ready to bring more Truth to the world.
6/5 Venus, Astraea and Sedna are traveling together in Taurus, Venus’s sign. Astraea is associated with Virgo and Libra, and Sedna disposes Libra.
The Astraea Sedna new cycle reflects the elevation of our consciousness resulting from the reunification of the Divine Feminine.
6/6 The 3D and 5D dispositors of Libra, Venus and Sedna, meet in a new cycle today at 27 Taurus, giving each of us access to a personal expression of the universal Divine Feminine.
6/7 The Black Moon kicks off the day’s highlights manifesting with the Sun, bringing new information or Truth to light. Our bodies get a multidimensional download of cosmic energies with the Mars Sirius new cycle. And Venus’ last aspect in her own sign is a new cycle with Astraea, opening our hearts and preparing us for the heart-based action needed for this month.
6/8 According to Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is the sign of Conscious Wisdom, where Love motivates all action. When we find our Selves overwhelmed, it indicates that we are too much in our heads. The way out is to consciously align with our hearts, literally giving it space to breathe. Venus enters Gemini today to help with this alignment, growing our capacity to speak our Truth and express our wisdom with Love.
6/9 Taurus is the sign of the mechanism of Mental Love, which is the intuitive function that comes from the heart. Today Vesta enters Taurus, bringing devotion to the process of allowing our intuition to guide us. And the Black Moon’s great eliminator with the Soul Star Chakra provides the choice to face the Truth about our stewardship of Gaia and what we must do to heal her.
6/10 The Black Moon has a busy day, making intimate (semisextile) connections to Neptune and Saturn, resourcing Jupiter and manifesting with the Sun, and the Sun Jupiter bridge provides an expansive perch from
which to observe the Truth emerging from the social arena. Astraea enters Gemini, bringing purity, alignment and objectivity to the mental sphere.

6/11 Black Moon Lilith, still in Aquarius, continues her wild dance, making intimate connections with Pluto and Chariklo, resourcing Eris and manifesting with Arcturus and Haumea.

6/12 Mars has been out of bounds, in uncharted territory since 4/20, and many of us have been feeling the effects of the higher frequencies on our bodies. Today Mars returns to the ecliptic, just in time for the Mars Soul Star new cycle at 17 Cancer, a new beginning of evolving at the physical level. The Venus MakeMake manifestation marks the beginning of the aforementioned mystic rectangle, and the Black Moon connects with Juno, Sedna and Ixion. In so many ways we are growing into the new world as we create it.
6/13 Today Black Moon makes many aspects, all of them 5D, entering Pisces for the 6th time, squaring Astraea and Ceres and making great eliminators with Varuna and MakeMake. The Mercury Sirius new cycle infuses our thinking and communications systems with multidimensional energies.
6/15 The Mercury Soul Star new cycle suggests a new connection between the higher mind and Source, and an opportunity to clear old karmic ideas. Black Moon bridges Orcus, bringing us closer to the Truth about our immortality. She will make this aspect again on 6/22.
6/16 Mercury is very active today, connecting with Neptune (in a manifestation), Jupiter (great eliminator) and Saturn (bridge). There might be confusion around social interactions, or they can become more clarified. Jupiter and Neptune signify the consciousness of enlightenment, and the Jupiter Neptune square provides an opportunity to work with the expansive energies that lead to the clarity we seek. Patience and faith are called for.

6/17 Today’s Sagittarius Full Moon occurs at 26° of the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity, where Mental Wisdom meets Physical Wisdom. In Cosmic Consciousness, Wisdom signs (formerly mutable) require action to utilize their energies. Gemini gathers information, makes connections, and communicates; it is constantly moving. Sagittarius seeks Truth in every experience, and knows that old karmic habits must be cleared to access that Truth. Through this polarity we move from the personal self to the conscious Self. Mercury and Jupiter dispose this lunar event, and both are connected with a great eliminator, and Mercury is in the Moon’s sign. This suggests an opportunity to choose a new path to victory over the lower self by using the wisdom and intuitive powers of the higher mind.

Today Black Moon goes retrograde once again at 14 Pisces, refraining from conjoining with Neptune. Out of bounds since 5/26, Mercury returns to the ecliptic today as well. The out-of-the-box energies will surely find expression in the coming weeks.
6/18 MakeMake has been traveling backwards towards Source since 1/3. Today he goes direct, manifesting with Astraea, reminding us that access to the divine feminine is by design a universal Law and our birthright. In addition, Mercury and Mars come together for the 1st of 3 conjunctions right before Mercury enters his shadow, setting us up for the eventual new mind/body alignment. The ongoing Saturn Neptune resource (2nd of 3) reflects our capacity to use our inner authority and integrity in service to our own, and everyone else’s, enlightenment.

6/20 Mercury enters his retrograde shadow at 24 Cancer conjunct Mars and in a perfect bridge to Pluto and Chariklo. After Mercury goes retrograde on 7/7 he comes back to this point on 7/31, the day the wormhole closes, making it quite significant. The involvement of Pluto and Chariklo brings stability to the mind/body recalibration just beginning. This is also the day that Juno enters Leo. For the next 2 months we have the opportunity to practice gratitude for every relationship that shows up in our lives and bless the unity of it all.

6/21 Neptune has been squaring Jupiter and resourcing Saturn all month. It is fitting that Neptune enters his retrograde station with the Sun on the world axis point, ready to enter Cancer. Collectively we are experiencing confusion and we have no idea how things will play out in these unprecedented times. Lack of clarity always precedes enlightenment and it is time to go within, connect with Source, and trust that things will become clear when we are ready. We are each a drop in the Ocean of unlimited potential, faith and courage will take us where we want to go.

Sun enters Cancer –SUMMER SOLSTICE
Every month that contains a solstice or equinox is more powerful, as those months are derivative of the ‘3’ manifestation energies. June has the feminine power of 2, or 2 x 3, a double manifestation. Today the Sun enters Cancer at 11:54 am NY time, kicking off the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This signifies the midpoint of the year, the fruition of the intentions made around the Winter Solstice. It also marks the place on the Cosmic Clock where we reach the core of our being, at the World Axis, and where our consciousness attunes to the frequency of emotional power. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the One who nurtures and loves unconditionally. We all have the Mother within. Cancer is a water sign symbolized by the River, which moves ceaselessly onward, flooding only when it is blocked. To be in flow is to achieve inner harmony. For the next 30 days this is our focus.

The solstice chart delivers a preview of the new season to come. Mercury and Mars form a bridge with Pluto/Charon Chariklo, and an intersection with the Eris Haumea Lightbridge to unity consciousness. Mercury is in his retrograde shadow and will come back to this point on 7/31, at the Leo New Moon, recalibrating the higher mind to the frequency of unity. Neptune is stationing retrograde, resonating with Jupiter and Saturn, all at 18° of their respective signs—all 3 planets are dignified in their home signs, making them especially powerful. We are taking charge of our enlightenment process, working through the illusions and fears that keep us separate socially and spiritually.
Black Moon Lilith and Orcus provide a Lightbridge upon which we can observe the hidden Truth of the part of each of us that is beyond physical form. With Venus in a bridge with Jupiter we are called on to expand our capacity to hold the space for Love in everything we do this season.
6/23 Love and devotion come into focus today. The Vesta Uranus new cycle speaks to the energy we put into waking up to the power of our intuition and letting it speak. Venus connects with the Earth Star Chakra, bridges Jupiter and manifests with Saturn, clearing the way to Self-Love and empowerment.

6/24 The Venus Neptune stepping stone lifts us up to the frequency of higher Love. Juno and Varuna meet in a new cycle that gives us a new perspective on the wholeness that is inherent in all relationships. This new cycle is part of the Grand Manifestation with Ceres and Chiron/Salacia, bringing in new alignment and wholing at higher vibrational levels.

6/26 Get ready for some new revelatory Truths today as Black Moon resources Uranus and manifests with the Sun. Mercury enters Leo, shifting our thoughts to those of gratitude and blessing, something we will need in the coming weeks.
6/27-6/28 The Black Moon makes quite a few aspects for the rest of the month. Over the next 2 days she makes great eliminators with the Juno MakeMake resource, creating a Finger of God pointing to Lilith. The Truth that the inherent oneness of everything is a cosmic Law is one that many are learning to deal with now. Black Moon also resources Quaoar, then forms great eliminators with Mercury and Varuna before retrograding back into Aquarius. The Truths revealed to the higher mind are sure to expand our collective viewpoints. Look for more revelations to come to our attention with the Sun Uranus resource.

6/29 At 2 Leo Mercury meets Varuna for the first of 3 times, marking the beginning of the expansion of the parameters of the higher mind. This higher viewpoint will go far in helping us see the whole picture.

6/29-30 The Black Moon continues dancing wildly, in a great eliminator with Mars, a stepping stone with Sedna and a resource with Ixion. On the following day Black Moon resonates with Venus, Haumea, and Arcturus in a Grand Manifestation in Air signs; she resources Eris and makes a subtle aspect with Chariklo. Black Moon is sweeping out the corners, clearing the air, so to speak, and preparing us for the eclipses and vibrations of July.
In May we worked hard, stretching and growing every part of our lives, every cell in our bodies, shining Light into a 3D world that appears so dark.
With so many Black Moon aspects, much Truth is being uncovered. It may be hard to look at, but facing the Truth without judgment or recrimination allows us to embrace it, let it be, and make positive changes. We need to be able to embrace things that we might have resisted or denied before. Accordingly, it will be very important to listen carefully to discern when Truth is spoken, checking facts and being alert for deception. We must make sure that everything we say and do resonates with what is genuinely true for us. It’s a good time to look within and see what is no longer true, what no longer resonates, and to let it go.
Cancer is disposed by the Moon, which accesses our deep emotional core. As more archetypes move into this quality of consciousness the energies will feel more emotional. Cancer’s profoundly nurturing vibrations call on us to take care of our Selves, feel the messages inherent in emotions that arise, learn from them, and let them go. Part of our ongoing Self-care this month is to be selective about what messages we let into our minds and hearts. The deep truths that are revealed will need to be addressed and healed, even while we hold the space of Love in the world. This month we are balancing between 3D and 5D; being engaged with the world as Lightworkers, yet holding a gentle, calm and nurturing space within. Mastering this inward/outward dance is the gift of June’s energies. We get into the inner flow and ride the frequencies, knowing that no matter how high they rise or how low they crest, we can move with them, steady and safe.
“Inner peace is never born of outside conditions. It comes only when we have harmonized our thoughts, feelings, and actions with the inmost core of our being.” ~~Carleton Whitehead

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