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October 2019 Cosmic Consciousness

October, the 10th month of the year, is one of alchemy and transformation. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 10 o’clock hour is represented by Scorpio, the sign of Physical Love, where we bring our focus to our higher consciousness and visualize our world from there. In order to manifest what we want to create it is important to take responsibility for what we envision from our deepest heart’s desire and allow it its full expression, knowing full well that we have no idea how it will manifest. It is time to accept the fact that we are co-creators of the world we live in.
The number 10 is the vibration of Divinity. The 1 is creator energy. We are each the seed of the Divine’s longing to know It Self. Our task is to call on Source as a resource to keep our hearts open and pure. This inner Light transforms us, en-Lightens and frees us to become conduits for Source to act through us. We become aware of our interdependence and connection to one another. Through the mechanism of Love we raise our frequencies, and alchemy begins. Thus we are able to co-create from a pure mind/heart space for the highest benefit for all, reclaiming our power as physical expressions of Source, which is pure Love.

Last month there were 16 new cycles, each marking an ending as well as a beginning, a resurrection of sorts. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all moved through Virgo, manifesting with Saturn and Pluto. These earthy trines delivered us all to a new experience of life in physical form. New empowerment through transformation and restructuring seemed to be everywhere.
I know of at least 3 websites that have or are undergoing changes, including this Cosmic Consciousness website. In my own life, my apartment was painted, and the once bright colors on different walls were resurrected to a more soothing grey-green throughout. To facilitate this, closets and book-cases were emptied; we had no idea how much stuff we had accumulated. In true Pluto fashion we gave away or threw out what was no longer useful or wanted, creating new space and new arrangements. For weeks we lived in chaos and dust. Taking everything off the walls was far easier than putting them back. Rebirth (re-creation) takes longer than the destruction of the old. Restructuring and transmutation can take many forms: in the body, the environment, in the collective psyche, relationships; I would love to hear how it’s affecting you.

Energies of October

The signs (or solar hierarchies) represent the different aspects of consciousness that each of us contains within our energy field. When a planet moves through a sign, it activates that part of our consciousness with its energies. This month, Mercury (10/3), Venus (10/8), Sun (10/23) and Moon (10/27) each travel through the Portal of Strength from Libra into Scorpio, and the New Moon occurs there.
Scorpio is a metaphysical sign. It sees deeply and has the capacity to take us deeply within. Scorpio is represented by a crater lake, which looks smooth on the surface; it takes stillness of heart and mind to reveal the depths below (or within). Scorpio energies provide the vision necessary to see beyond the physical, to get inside one’s soul and see what’s there, bringing up any shadows to be cleared in the light of Love. Many are uncomfortable with Scorpio’s intensity; it is relentless in its quest to effect transformation.
Where Libra seeks balance between polarities (dark/Light, masculine/ feminine, inner/outer, self/other, etc.) Scorpio seeks to purify and transmute them, generating something new. When something has finished its purpose, it dissolves, falls apart, or gets removed in preparation for resurrection at a higher frequency. There is no death, only transformation. Scorpio demands honesty and clarity of vision, revealing our Light and our shadow through what we manifest. Shadows must be embraced and loved into Light; Scorpio energies provide the opportunity to bring Love’s alchemical power to bear through the mechanism of physical love (where it is stepped down to 3D). Then we are empowered to consciously envision the world we want to create, and surrender to that vision.
The via combusta, called the “fiery road,” is a portion of our consciousness that runs from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio. It is considered to be an intense and challenging passage, yet it can help shape us into our greatest Self. According to Kim Falconer, it makes for more awareness and adds spice to our life’s journey. And it also contains two of the most benevolent fixed stars, Spica and Arcturus, at 23-24 Libra, which diffuse some of its effects. This month there is much activity in the via combusta with Mercury and Venus making their way through this passage, to be joined later by the Sun (10/8-10/23) and Mars (10/27-12/12). Haumea (where we bring all parts of our Selves together in wholeness) is there too. Venus, and the Sun’s, new cycles with Spica, Arcturus and Haumea (10/3-5 and 10/17-19 respectively) bring courage, open-heartedness, awareness and relief to the surprises, revelations and intensity of the period.
Pluto, the gatekeeper to the higher dimensions, is the dispositor of Scorpio. Pluto is the great rebirther, delivering us to the moment of transition where we change from one state to another. When we choose not to fear this transformation, we gain empowerment and wisdom. Whenever Pluto is involved, the effects are felt globally. Right before our eyes the old is dying.
Pluto’s energies reveal where our power is, how we use or misuse it or where we give it away. We know that relationships mirror what is within us. When we are in a relationship that makes us feel small or mistreated it is essential to realize that we are being shown the parts of ourselves that express in this way. Once we uncover that part it can be healed and integrated into our consciousness. Then we can change the dynamic.
Pluto goes direct on 10/3 at 21 Capricorn, after 5 months of retrograde motion, during which time we grappled with the issue of our will vs. Divine Will. Pluto’s direct motion gives us the opportunity to apply our realizations regarding our relationship to power: within ourselves, in relation to others, and to our connection to Source.
On the same day Mercury enters Scorpio, where we lift the focus of the mind to our higher Self. Mercury in Scorpio is where we create the world we envision with every thought, word and deed. Because the Great Communicator goes retrograde on 10/31, he will remain in Scorpio for 2 months, giving us time to align our thinking with the world we truly want to manifest.

Black Moon Activity

The month opens with retrograding Black Moon conjoining Neptune for the 10th time. She goes direct on 10/6 at 9 Pisces and meets Neptune again (#11) on 10/12. Whenever Black Moon conjuncts Neptune things that were hidden come to light, parts of the story are revealed and we get to see where we are being deceived. Black Moon enters Aries on 10/16, conjuncts Chiron and Salacia, goes retrograde at 17 Aries on 10/21, and, moving backward, meets Chiron and Salacia again on 10/29 (#4) before heading back into Pisces. Whenever the Black Moon journeys through Aries she works to uncover the hidden parts of our Selves that need to be mastered or wholed (Chiron) and balanced (Salacia) in order to access Self-realization.

Lunar Cycles

September’s Libra New Moon put us solidly in the quality of consciousness of the highest realization that I AM You and You Are Me. The 10/13 Full Moon in Aries brings the relationship energies back to the Self. Aries speaks to Mental Power, the power of the higher Mind, where we awaken to the light of Spirit and move into the next dimension of consciousness. When we realize that with every relationship we are only meeting our Selves, we begin to awaken to our higher consciousness.
A Power Crossroad is formed between the Sun Arcturus conjunction, Pluto Chariklo, the Moon Eris conjunction, and Astraea. All roads are open, and transformation, advanced healing, access to our inner divine feminine, and the disruption that brings new realizations and responses are all accessible as needed. With the Sun Jupiter resource our consciousness is expanded. Venus bridges Uranus, providing revelations at the heart level, a change of heart.
Occurring near the end of the month, on 10/27, the Scorpio New Moon serves to bring focus to the energies of purity, transmutation and highest vision. It is a via combusta New Moon, with 4 personal planets in Scorpio, and the air crackles with excitement and simmers with intensity. If we keep our consciousness on our 3rd eye, and our hearts open, there is nothing to fear. Mars enters the via combusta for the next 6 weeks so it is important to monitor our bodies, environment, and our actions; mindfulness will go a long way.
The Sun and Moon form a bridge with Uranus with Varuna intercepting; we are awakening to a broader perspective of our place in the cosmos. Jupiter and Ceres manifest with Eris; something expansive on the social level is birthing, and it is disruptive to the status quo. The Black Moon bridges MakeMake and we will see natural consequences play out in the world and in our own lives. The new world is being created here and now.

Important Aspects

On 10/1 Ceres comes together with the Great Attractor for the 3rd time in a new cycle, bringing forth a major dose of Source consciousness. We are ready to receive it now. Ceres travels through Sagittarius and makes a new cycle with Jupiter on 10/25, birthing a new social consciousness.
When Mars enters Libra on 10/4, he completes the aspects made by the Sun, Mercury and Venus last month, which include a bridge with Chiron (10/8) and a great eliminator with Uranus on 10/12. On that day the Mars MakeMake new cycle occurs, signifying a new beginning in the ways in which the laws of nature and karma manifest on the physical plane.
While considered a subtle aspect, the intimate (semisextile) connection between Jupiter and Pluto on 10/17 marks the closing of the cycle between the two as they prepare for their major new beginning on 4/4/20. It’s a taste of the expansive transformation to come. We are already feeling it.
The 10/19 Sun Haumea new cycle brings to our awareness the knowledge that every facet of our individual Self, dark or light, and every single one of us, awake or not, is valued and necessary to the functioning of the whole. It is good to be reminded of this simple fact. Afterwards, on 10/23, our consciousness shifts as the Sun enters Scorpio.
Mercury is slowing down, and enters his shadow on 10/11 at 12 Scorpio. From here on in every aspect he makes will be repeated, including resources to Orcus, Saturn and Pluto, manifesting with the Soul Star chakra and Neptune, and a conjunction with Pallas Athena, adding wisdom to what we think and communicate.
The Mercury Venus new cycle on 10/30 will NOT be repeated as Mercury is stationing to go retrograde on 10/31. Mind and heart are purified and transmutated together and the heart (Venus) takes the lead again.
Beginning in October, the energies shift to those of 2020 as the themes of transmutation and clearing the decks continue. The frequencies are accelerating, and more than ever it is important to slow down and do less, even though we might feel we need to do more at a faster pace. Self-care is a top priority, or we run the risk of burn-out or dis-ease. According to Celia Fenn, “in this higher frequency the physical body has to become the grounding energy for the high frequencies of Spirit and the energies of creative manifestation.  The more time you can spend simply "being" in a place of peace and calm, the more effective will be your manifestation processes and your life in general.  We are really in a new space as we enter the New Earth.”
Whenever we encounter a new thought, realization or event, it is the result of something that was previously envisioned. Every new thought, realization or event brings a transformation: an ending, and at the same time, a new beginning as we transition from one state of being to another. The “death” we fear is attachment to what no longer exists. Non-attachment frees us to welcome the next moment, which provides the potential for anything to manifest depending on where we put our focus.
When we put Love into our vision, the results can’t help but be magical.
Transformation literally means going beyond your form. ~Wayne Dyer
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