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Welcome to the 9th month of the year, the last quarter of the Sun’s cycle, where we take stock of where we are, how far we’ve come, and what we can manifest between now and the end of the year. September is the month where we rebalance ourselves; it is a time of endings, reflection, of letting go of what no longer works or has completed its usefulness. We are getting ready for the harvest, reaping what we’ve sown all year and preparing our Selves for the next spiral up the evolutionary ladder, clearing our energy fields and planting seeds for the future.
In Cosmic Consciousness we arrive at the 9 o’clock hour of Libra, at the most divine feminine Portal of Truth, where Emotional Wisdom meets Physical Power. This is the hour of  the ascendant, where we come into Be-ing as separate entities on the physical plane, making our way back to the Highest Realization that we are actually not separate at all, and never were.  Here we learn that everything “out there” is our reflection; another facet of the cosmic jewel of which we are all a part, each of us shining in our own way.

September’s Energies

Last month it felt at times like we were moving a lot but not getting anywhere, or putting in much effort for little return. Meanwhile, the world seemed to grow darker here in the physical realm even as cascades of higher frequency Light codes and keys were being downloaded, courtesy of the Lion’s Gate portal and Jupiter’s station on the Great Attractor. Now the world feels new.
This sense of newness will continue in September, a 9 month of endings and beginnings. For one thing, there will be 16—yes, 16!—brand new cycles. The cluster of personal planets in Virgo produces 5 new cycles in one day! There is so much healing Divine Mother energy, so much realigning and recalibrating to master this month.
As the 4 lower body archetypes (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) move through the sign of Inner Alignment, they create new cycles with Orcus, manifestations (trines) with Saturn, stepping stones (squares) with Jupiter,
bridges (polarities) with Neptune and manifestations with Pluto. One by one each planet moves into Libra and makes bridges with Chiron (and Salacia), new cycles with MakeMake, and great eliminators (inconjuncts) with Uranus. Each aspect is so important and will be dealt with in turn.
Of course, every September brings a perfect balance between night and day, the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the southern. The two 5D planets Ixion and Quaoar, as well as Saturn, go direct, while Vesta goes retrograde. And the Black Moon enters Aries, the sign of Self-realization, for the 1st time! There is so much to process this month.  Significant days to be aware of are: 9/3, 9/14, 9/17, 9/18, 9/23, and 9/28.


New Beginnings

The first of the new cycles occurs on 9/2 between the Sun and Mars, manifesting with Albion (the music of the spheres). Our consciousness attunes (pun intended) with our bodies and environments; we move with the rhythm of the frequencies and our actions must be in sync with them.
Talk about being in sync!  On 9/3 the Sun, Mars and Mercury all line up with Orcus at 10 Virgo, creating 5 new cycles throughout the day! It all begins with the Sun Orcus new cycle, which marks a new beginning in our awareness of and capacity to access the invisible realm.  We know we are more than our physical Selves, and that we can travel multi-dimensionally in our consciousness whenever we choose while still in our bodies.
As if to underscore this, the long awaited Mercury Mars new cycle occurs today, producing a new mind/body alignment that is part of a large stellium (grouping) of planets in Virgo including the Sun, Orcus, Juno and Venus. This stellium lasts right up to the Pisces Full Moon on 9/14. The mind/body connection is upgraded and transmuted, delivering us to a new way of being. We know that what we tell our Selves is so important; our body will respond.  We feel it in our body when someone tells us a lie. We can grasp the message when a person says something and their body says the opposite. We are aware of when we get a ‘feeling’ in the body and our mind agrees….or tries to dissuade us. Our new mind/body alignment will lead us to the embodiment of our Truth.
Venus was the first personal planet to conjoin with Orcus, on 8/29, signifying that Love is the part of the soul that is eternal. Mercury, and then Mars, make their own new beginnings with Orcus too on 9/3. Now all the personal planets are realigned with the invisible realm, reaffirming the connection of all the parts of our human experience with our immortality. Finally, the Sun Mercury superior conjunction marks a new beginning in conscious communication and connection when spirit and mind come together. We have so much more awareness now.
On 9/13, at the master degree of 29 Virgo, a world axis degree, the Mercury Venus new cycle occurs. Everyone will feel this new mind/heart alignment on some level. When mind and heart are balanced, we feel a stronger sense of Self-worth and wellbeing. This new cycle manifests with Sedna, stabilizing and wholing the Divine Feminine.
September 17-18 are significant days, featuring a triple conjunction between Astraea, the Soul Star Chakra (N. node) and Sirius, all at 14 Cancer bridging the Earth Star (S. node) and the stationing Saturn.  Astraea represents the sovereignty of the Divine Feminine Self, and she conjoins the multidimensional star Sirius in a new cycle on 9/17. The following day Astraea follows up with a new cycle with the Soul Star. Infused with new life and the wisdom of the masters, the spirit of the divine feminine is ready for the next step towards the future.
But there are other conjunctions as well, all with 5D planets. Mercury is the 1st of the lower body planets to create a new cycle with MakeMake on 9/17, aligning the higher mind with the cosmic laws. Our relationship to our immortality is strengthened with the Juno Orcus new cycle. It will be a long time before another planet conjoins this 5D archetype. And Venus follows Mercury in a new cycle with MakeMake on 9/18, bringing the universal laws to the deeper, heart level, where we feel their Truth.
As the month winds down, the 9/25 Soul Star Sirius new cycle marks the infusion of very high consciousness into the collective dharma. At every level we are moving forward, whether we are aware of it or not.
September 28 contains 2 new cycles as well as the New Moon. Mercury and Venus have connected with MakeMake, and today’s Sun MakeMake new cycle signifies a new awareness of the universal laws; notably that what we put out into the world comes back to us because it comes from us.
On this day the long awaited Saturn Earth Star new cycle occurs, exactly polar to the Soul Star and Sirius. Saturn is a social archetype, and we have seen what happens when people don’t take responsibility for knowing themselves, telling the Truth and for stepping into their own authority. We see the lack of integrity everywhere. In order to clear collective karmic debris we have to see it for what it is, and it is quite uncomfortable and ugly. With this new cycle the opportunity to utilize the Inner Teacher and act authentically from a higher perspective is available to us. It marks a new beginning in applying discipline, integrity and cohesion in standing up for the Truth. The 9/30 Mercury Haumea new cycle serves to underscore this by recalibrating unity consciousness into our thinking and communication systems.


Changes in Consciousness

Following their new cycle, both Mercury and Venus enter Libra together, on the same day as the Pisces Full Moon (9/14). Our minds and hearts are newly integrated as they enter the energy field of the Mirrored Self, expressing the realization that the relationships we have reveal what we don’t yet recognize in our Selves.
On 9/23, at 3:51 am, the Sun enters Libra, a world axis point, birthing the Fall/Spring Equinox, balancing day and night around the world. In Cosmic Consciousness, this marks the Sun’s movement into the divine feminine Portal of Truth that brings our consciousness to the physical level. It is here, through every relationship we have--with another person, an idea, an object, a physical symptom--we learn to take responsibility for our earthly experience. We work towards the realization that our separate Selves are an illusion, that we are all connected, even within the extreme polarity being expressed at this time. It is vital to remember that these intense experiences of polarity can bring us to a new sense of unity. The shift occurs within, and it begins with us.
The Equinox chart is a harbinger of what the season will look like. And it looks like a powerful season of greater awareness, clarity, higher consciousness, accountability, and clearing.  For one thing, Chiron (healing and alignment) and Salacia (awareness of the play of light and dark) conjoin for the 2nd time, manifesting with Varuna (cosmic perspective). The Black Moon conjuncts Chiron Salacia, and they all form a bridge to the Sun MakeMake conjunction. Much will be uncovered for us to see and heal, especially with regard to the universal laws that have been disregarded in the past.  Sun MakeMake makes a great eliminator with Uranus; shake-ups are on the agenda and we can choose the best way to respond.
The Soul Star Sirius conjunction bridges Saturn and the Earth Star Chakra, and Mercury intersects that bridge. We have access to some very high evolutionary frequencies, which can be used to clear very old karmic debris. It’s like a breath of fresh air. It is time to really practice the first of the Four Agreements, being impeccable with our words, holding our Selves and others accountable for misrepresentations and falsehoods. Mars’s great eliminator with Eris gives us the choice to respond in a new way to the discord we encounter in our bodies, surroundings and even the Earth herself, and to act accordingly. The energies produced through loving thoughts and actions magnetize frequencies in a positive direction, elevating all of us.

Changes in Direction

Ixion (our collective purpose) and Quaoar (the capacity to perceive entirely new thoughts and beliefs) have been on a parallel path for years. Although they are 5° apart, they go retrograde within days of each other. This month they both go direct, Ixion on 9/10 and Quaoar on 9/14. Ixion’s purpose speaks to the soul’s promise to accomplish certain evolutionary milestones. Ixion’s station on the Galactic Center, the Source of everything in our galaxy, ties that promise to the elevation of our consciousness. We are on our way to manifesting a new world. 
Saturn completes his retrograde journey on 9/18 and stations direct at 14 Capricorn, conjunct the Earth Star, manifesting with Juno Orcus. The bridge with Sirius, Astraea and the Soul Star speak to the inevitable dissolution of the patriarchy and the evolution of the Divine Feminine that is bringing us all to higher consciousness. For 4 1/2 months we have gone within, learning where and how we give away our authority, and now it’s time to reclaim it and put it into action.
Vesta, representing purity and devotion, goes retrograde on 9/24, minutes away from an exact conjunction with Sedna. When a planet refrains from conjoining another planet and goes retrograde, the entire backward journey and eventual new cycle is so much more significant. It will take the space of 6 months for Vesta’s new cycle with Sedna. We have that long to devote our Selves to consciously connecting with our inner guidance and realize our true beliefs and values.

Black Moon Activity

Black Moon Lilith begins the month retrograding through Pisces in a bridge with the Sun Mars new cycle. She will have something to say about bringing untruths and inappropriate, immoral actions to Light. On 9/4 she reenters Aquarius, going direct at 28 Aquarius on 9/6. Black Moon then dances into Pisces for the 9th time on 9/8 and conjoins Neptune once again (#9) on 9/14, this time in a bridge with Mars. Black Moon also aspects the Moon’s nodes (the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras). Perhaps more veils will lift regarding the seriousness of global warming, inspiring some long needed action.
On 9/18 Lilith begins to work with a new quality of consciousness, Aries, which she enters for the first time since September 2010! Aries is the place in our energy field where we awaken to the Light of Spirit through the power of the higher mind. Through the conscious discipline of making our thoughts loving, we create a vibration that generates higher consciousness and inner knowing, resulting in right action.
Black Moon conjoins Salacia and Chiron on 9/19 before going retrograde at 6 Aries on 9/21. She backs into Chiron and Salacia again (#2) on 9/23, on her way back into Pisces, which she enters on 9/25. Black Moon’s dance between Aries and Pisces serves to take the universal experience and bring it to the individual level. Her journey through Aries is sure to uncover many blocks to Self-realization that can then be wholed (Chiron).

Lunar Activities

Last month’s New Moon in Virgo delivered us to a new alignment of body, mind, heart and spirit, and to the unity and immortality inherent in each of us. The Pisces Full Moon, occurring on 9/14, is the culmination of that alignment. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are still in the sign of the Divine Mother, with Venus and Mercury heading for a new cycle of mastery in mind/heart balance; it is this mastery that makes ascension possible. The Sun and Moon access Pluto and Chariklo, indicating the stability and empowerment available to us. Mars and Neptune are in exact polarity, suggesting enlightened action, especially regarding climate change. The Black Moon manifests with the Soul Star, squares Jupiter, bridges Mars and conjoins Neptune. This is a high-octane lunation, much will be uncovered.
We are solidly in the quality of consciousness (sign) of the Mirrored Self when the Sun and Moon conjoin on 9/28 for the New Moon in Libra. With the Sun and Moon, there are 7 planets in the sign of Physical Power, including MakeMake, Venus, Mercury, Arcturus and Haumea. The Sun and Moon are the dispositors of the spiritual body, and they shine on every planet in the Libra stellium. Their exact new cycle with MakeMake emphasizes the prominence of the universal laws of Love, unity, balance, karma, nature, and so much more. Uranus is in great eliminator aspect with the Sun, Moon and MakeMake; more and more people are choosing to awaken to the presence of the higher Laws and how they operate on the physical plane.
The Sun, Moon, and MakeMake form a bridge with the Chiron Salacia conjunction; mastery and wholing are available to all. What a time to be alive!There is so much more to these lunar events; please see Stephanie Azaria’s daily blogs and Vivian Small’s moon reports for more in depth information.


Planetary Aspects

Because the 4 lower body planets are traveling together, they make the same aspects with the other planets of the solar system (and beyond). The new cycles with Orcus have already been mentioned. Following that, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Mars all manifest with the retrograde Saturn (9/1-9/8), which bodes well for restructuring our inner authority and authenticity on all levels.
The same planets form stepping stones with Jupiter from 9/2 through 9/12 and polarities with Neptune (9/4-9/12) as they make their way through Virgo. Jupiter stepping stones lift us up over the emotional waters and point us towards the Truth of any situation. Bridges with Neptune look foggy until we walk forward in faith, trusting the way. Then the fog lifts and clarity arrives. As the 4 lower body planets make their way to manifest with Pluto (9/6-9/19), clarity brings empowerment and transmutation.
As previously mentioned, Mercury, Venus and the Sun all enter Libra, making new aspects. One by one they create bridges with Chiron, the Master Teacher/Healer. Each of us has another chance to heal and master the shadow parts of our Selves, our core wounds. Recognizing these core issues goes along with the realization that what we see in other people is really what is within our Selves. It makes healing the polarities we see a little easier.
Next, Mercury, Venus and the Sun meet MakeMake in new cycles, which have already been discussed. They make great eliminators with Uranus (9-17-9/29) indicating the choice that is always present to awaken and realize the Truth, however difficult it can be. Flashes of light show us what was always there that we couldn’t see. The Truth always lifts our consciousness.
Mars will make his own aspects to Chiron, MakeMake and Uranus when he enters Libra in October.
Another important aspect that must be mentioned is the 9/21 Jupiter Neptune stepping stone. It is the final square between the archetypes of wisdom and clarity. The stepping stone lifts us over the fog or overwhelm of emotions and moves the veils aside, delivering us to a place of new social awareness.
In the movies, when a person is inebriated or engulfed in deep emotions and acting out, they get thrown into a cold shower. The bracing effect brings them back to themselves and into their bodies. The energies of September are like that: clear, cold and bracing. There is so much new information coming in, bringing new clarity and perspective; it can be refreshing and invigorating, or sudden and shocking. It can cool tempers and make us pay attention. The journey of the personal planets through Virgo and into Libra, crossing the Divine Feminine Portal of Truth, highlights how to handle the energies: allow things to be, stay engaged, open hearted and dispassionate, be clear in our thinking.
It will be most important to keep or begin a journaling habit. Writing helps to clarify information, explore emotional reactions, and organize next steps.
It helps to focus attention. Making lists will help us ride the flow of new cycles and the new information they bring.
Another thing to keep in mind is to be courageous and face any uncomfortable Truths or situations, events or tasks we might want to avoid. It will be useful to engage with it directly. This is a month for seeking out facts, Truth, and transparency in everything that happens. Let the energies of September invigorate us with their sudden clarity. Allow this clarity by coming from the heart, which provides a safe, peaceful haven of empowerment and authenticity.  It is all our reflection, and we are all in this together.
"In the 3rd dimension, the universe responds to what you think. In the 4th dimension, the universe responds to how you feel. In the 5th dimension, the universe responds to what you say and act out. To work on trying to change your thoughts and feelings keeps you spiraling in the 3rd and 4th dimension. Yet, when you bring greater consciousness to your words and actions, no matter how you think or feel -- your thoughts and feelings spontaneously change on their own. This is the heart of conscious action." ~~~Matt Kahn

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