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December 2019 Cosmic Consciousness

Get ready for December, the last month in another extraordinary year—and an extraordinary decade! December is always very powerful. The number '12' is in itself a very significant vibration in 5D... it is the number of universal consciousness, and it delivers us to the Christed Self. The combination of ‘1’ and ‘2’ creates the ‘3’ vibration of manifestation. We need the creative force (Spirit), combined with the balance of polarities (expressed in Love) to bring something new into physicality.
According to Cosmic Consciousness, the 12 o'clock Capricorn hour is where we connect with Source energies. Our task is to accept and align with the new beginnings that are the result of our past actions and intentions. From here we allow Source to direct us. We learn to tap into our higher authority through stillness, meditation and an open heart, working to strengthen the quality of our connection to Source.

In the Capricorn energy field (sign) we are tasked with claiming our own higher authority, knowing that the integration and power we seek lies within. Saturn has domain in this sign and all the planets in it, at home here, on his way to a one-time life changing new cycle with Pluto. We are already feeling it; our social identities are being restructured and will continue to transform, as we find the courage to look within, claim our inner authority and step up to redefine our Selves.
When we connect with our inner Guru, we are actually in touch with Source itself, and it guides us if we allow it. Every year we reaffirm that connection, starting another year of new intentions and beginnings. Those abusing that higher authority, living out of integrity with what they know at a deep level to be True, cannot feel their connection to Source. That relationship is never broken, but we must make the effort to clear the channel; that’s where Sagittarius energy comes in.
Sagittarius is where we clear the issues that keep us from expressing our higher Self by addressing the areas where we are still out of integrity. It contains the Great Attractor (14°) a huge, extremely magnetic black hole that includes the other black holes which are a part of this sector of the cosmos. Sagittarius also contains the Galactic Center (27°), the black hole and creator energy at the center of our own local galaxy. Every time a planet moves over those points we get an infusion of higher consciousness expressed through the unique energies of the planet. These infusions can help lead us to the place where we can clear lower frequencies and align with our higher Self in the physical realm.
In December, as always, the Sun (our consciousness) travels across the Sagittarian energy field over the Great Attractor (GA) and Galactic Center (GC) and into Capricorn for the winter solstice. According to Cosmic Consciousness, the journey from the sign of Physical Wisdom to Spiritual Power is where resurrection happens. Each year we are reborn. This year, Pallas Athena, the fragment of divine feminine wisdom that quietly observes, joins in for part of the way. The wisdom of the ages is available to us as we reset our consciousness.
Each planetary archetype (planet) represents the collective projections of the vibrations we are all experiencing within our consciousness. This month, so many planets are located in the Capricorn energy field. The world is being restructured. When the Sun enters Capricorn it signifies a new season globally, and the beginning of a new year. But this month Jupiter enters Capricorn for a year, his expansive energies significantly changing everything. By the end of the month there are 9 planets in Saturn’s domain.
Venus begins the month with a stepping stone to MakeMake. Taking our cues from Source we are motivated to connect with the higher laws and apply them to what we value. Mercury, out of the via combusta (the ‘fiery way’) at last, is moving full speed through Scorpio. Mars, in Scorpio, resources Venus and the Earth Star Chakra. He doesn’t leave the via combusta until the 12/12 Gemini Full Moon, and he resources Saturn (12/19), Pluto (12/22), and Chariklo (12/23) throughout the month. Mars will not enter Sagittarius until 1/3/2020.

Changes in Consciousness

When the largest planet in our solar system changes signs, it is a big deal. On 12/2, Jupiter enters Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. He will remain in this sign until 12/20, when he conjoins with Saturn in Aquarius to begin another 20-year cycle of social change. For the coming year we have the expanded capacity to reconnect with Source and practice stillness, surrender and acceptance, assimilating the pure energy of Divine Power and letting it be our guide without doubting or misusing it. It is where we consciously align with our higher Self and Divine Will. As we do this, our social contracts are slowly being rewritten.
There will be the realization that things must and will change at the social level. We are all meant to be connected in unity, and the Venus Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) new cycle occurring today underscores this; it is where we clear old karma around what we love and value. The Sun Pallas new cycle brings wisdom and awareness to this realization. The trick is to go beyond the fears that give rise to separation consciousness and be willing to engage with everyone and anyone, with an open heart and mind. This vulnerability and transparency may cause some to lash out at us, but those who are ready to engage will surely benefit. As more people begin to sense the Truth of the unity and interrelatedness we all share, things will begin to shift dramatically.
Our mental and communication systems are up to speed, so to speak, as Mercury enters Sagittarius on 12/9, and moves through that sign in 20 days, joining the stellium (grouping of planets) in Capricorn on 12/28. During that short period, the Great Messenger’s new cycles with the Great Attractor (12/18) and Galactic Center (12/27) afford us with a greater capacity to clear misqualified ideas and beliefs that lower our vibrations. The transformation effected in the mental realm through the Scorpio energy field leads to new Sagittarian wisdom, which becomes a new Capricorn reality.
Venus was the 1st personal planet to enter Capricorn in November, and she spends part of December making new cycles with the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) on 12/2, Saturn (12/11), and Pluto (12/13). Venus was out of bounds since 11/13, and she returns to the ecliptic just after meeting Pluto. The heart has been leading the way, going into uncharted territory, clearing old energies and getting restructured and transformed in the midst of change. One could say we’re having a change of heart, reevaluating our values, how and what we love. This is all in preparation for Venus’ entry into Aquarius, the energy field of unconditional Self-Love. What would it feel like if we could see our Selves as Source does, each a unique expression of universal Love in human form? What would it be like to feel the Divine’s appreciation for what It experiences through us, through the way we choose to live our lives, and what we choose to create? We must allow our Selves to be seen for who we are, and love every bit of it; we are the products of Love.
Winter/Summer Solstice: At 11:20 pm on 12/21 the Sun enters Capricorn, joining the stellium that will dominate our consciousness for the coming year. This is a world axis point, and everyone on the planet will be feeling the energetic shift of awareness. When the Sun enters Capricorn’s quality of consciousness, our awareness naturally begins to turn inward, towards Source and our connection to our Higher Self. The New Year’s resolutions we make are really agreements with our Higher Self and we fulfill them when we remember to turn them over to Source without condition or attachment, with joy, trust and Love. The Sun resonates and eventually makes new cycles with Quaoar (12/24), Jupiter (12/27), and the Earth Star Chakra (12/30). This is just the beginning. A superior conjunction with Mercury follows on 1/10, right before the massive 4-planet new cycle with the Sun, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto, all at 23 Capricorn on 1/11-13. Much more on that next month.
The chart for the Winter Solstice reveals the energies for the next 3 months. The Mercury Pallas new cycle occurring today brings a special kind of wisdom to our thought process and communications, the kind that comes from observation and reflection, not doing. The Sun is now the 8th planet in the sign of Spiritual Power, conjoining Ixion in Sagittarius, Quaoar and Jupiter, and forming stepping stones with Chiron, Salacia and the Black Moon in Aries. Much will be uncovered this season, as the Sun makes his way to the Aries planets in the spring. There will be a shift in our collective purpose, from seeking Truth (or avoiding it) to acting upon it with integrity. More and more the new world is coming into view, although we have no idea what that looks like or how it will develop. As we individually align our 4-body (spirit, mind, heart and body) system with the higher frequencies pouring in, our capacity to perceive everything in life in entirely new ways grows. This month presents the opportunity to take the lead in consciously accessing and expanding new thought patterns and intuitive perception, through balancing mind and heart and leaving all results to Source. The new wave of leadership belongs to the ones who are awake, responsible, and willing to lead from the heart, in alignment with the higher blueprint.
Mercury goes out of bounds on 12/22, taking our mental systems to uncharted territory. He will return to the ecliptic on 1/12, just in time for the life changing 4-planet new cycles with the Sun, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto!

Moon Matters

The 12/12 Gemini Full Moon is the culmination of what was begun with last month’s Sagittarius New Moon, which opened the current wormhole. Gemini is where we think with the heart. When we take action from a balanced mind and heart we are capable of anything. Sagittarius is where we wrap up issues to prepare for the next cycle. With Gemini’s vibration of communication and connection and Sag’s wisdom, we can clear the path for the coming year. Plus, this lunar event occurs on the 12:12 stargate, the portal of Universal Consciousness, which itself is the culmination of the 10:10 and 11:11 stargates.
Mars has just come out of the via combusta and he manifests with Neptune; while our bodies have gone through much adjustment in the past few weeks, or there has been a change in the environment in some way, things will settle down now in the physical realm, and become clearer. It is all in how we think about what is happening, and where we apply our consciousness. Saturn’s great eliminator with the Moon (and intimate aspect with the Sun) points out the choices available to claim our authority at the emotional level. During the Full Moon Chiron is stationing, and he goes direct at the end of the day. Chiron’s stepping stone with Jupiter and Quaoar is another indication of the mastery we are fully capable of and the new world we are creating together.
On 12/26, at 12:12 am (you can’t make this up) the last lunar event of the year, the Capricorn New Moon solar eclipse occurs at 4 Capricorn. Usually there are 2 solar eclipses in a year, but this is the 3rd for 2019. It is interesting to note that the 1st eclipse of 2019 was a New Moon partial solar eclipse also in Capricorn, right between Saturn and Pluto, on 1/5. We have come full circle.
This is an annular eclipse, where the Moon is farthest away from the Earth, so when it moves in front of the Sun we see the Sun’s visible outer edges form a “ring of fire” around the Moon. (See for more information.) A solar eclipse is a reboot of consciousness, and with 9 planets in Capricorn (not counting other bodies such as Pholus, Arawn and Arrokoth, the renamed Ultima Thule) we are getting a massive reboot of Source energies.

This New Moon is conjunct Ixion, Quaoar, Jupiter and the Earth Star Chakra. Jupiter’s new cycle with the New Moon signifies the expansive burst of new consciousness available and the karmic clearing that results. The old world is being eclipsed so that the new world can be grounded in. Jupiter is in great eliminator with Astraea, underscoring the significance of the sovereignty of the divine feminine.
The New Moon, Jupiter, and Moon’s nodes form a Power Crossroad (cardinal cross) with MakeMake, Chiron, Salacia and the Black Moon. Standing in the center we can choose any and all roads to mastery and new consciousness. The New Moon Uranus manifestation promises another level of awakening. Ceres (nurturing new life) resources Neptune (enlightenment); and Pluto (transformation) and Chariklo (stability) are in a long-standing square with Eris (disruption). These are just some of the indicators of how transformative and far reaching this lunar event is. Stephanie Azaria, Vivian Small and Christine Clemmer will have so much more to say about it.

Black Moon

No monthly report would be complete without a look at what Black Moon Lilith is doing. We look to the Black Moon to see what hidden shadows she will uncover in her current dance between Pisces and Aries. In Cosmic Consciousness the Portal of Truth between those 2 signs has been called the “birth canal,” where we go from unlimited possibilities to stepping down, at the individual level, the divine spark of what we want to create. When Black Moon is in Pisces, as she is from 12/1 to 12/21, she resources most of the planets in Capricorn, and when she’s in Aries, she squares them. She uses the energies of Chariklo, Pluto, Saturn, Ceres and the Earth Star Chakra to lift us up over the emotional waters we are swimming through. Each shadow faced or hidden Truth uncovered brings more enlightenment and wholing to the picture.
Lilith starts out retrograding at the master degree of Pisces, moving backwards to conjoin Neptune on 12/8. She goes direct at 8 Pisces, resourcing the Earth Star and manifesting with the Soul Star. Each little bit of enlightenment takes us forward on our evolutionary path. On 12/16 she meets Neptune again (#15!) as she goes over the remaining planets in Capricorn and on into Aries again on 12/21. On that day Black Moon conjoins Chiron and Salacia, where we learn to align with both sides of the bigger picture. She goes retrograde again on 12/25, retracing her steps with Chiron and Salacia again (#8) as she heads back into Pisces on 12/31, where there are still more possibilities and hidden shadows waiting to be revealed. It’s a beautiful way to end the year—and the decade.


It should be pointed out that all the events described above take place in a wormhole that began with the Sagittarius New Moon on 11/26. It’s a Jupiter wormhole, expanding our capacity to hold a greater consciousness. Wormholes represent a larger new chapter in our lives, an opportunity to reach heights and get to places within our Selves we didn’t know were there. Sideways elevators can pop up at any time, creating major shifts in consciousness that can take us anywhere. Are we ready? The wormhole, eclipses and concentrated energies and new cycles in Capricorn are moving us towards our own evolution. The guidance for the month is to find time to meditate and get still, accepting and surrendering to the Source energy that is a part of each of us, giving it the final word. Universal forces are at work, and while it may feel as if things are out of control, know that each of us is the author of our own life. Being disciplined and discerning of where we put our attention, and applying Self-care in all situations are the ways to ride the energies of December. The future awaits and it is already here.
From my heart to yours, I wish each and every one of you a holiday season and New Year filled with joy, peace, abundant blessings and so much Love. ❤❤❤


The Universe is saying: Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen. ~~Klaus Joehle
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