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Welcome to February, the 2nd month of an already tumultuous year. February carries the frequency of the ‘2,’ bringing us the feminine energies of compassion, balance, service, diplomacy, receptivity, adaptability, courage, and unconditional love, all the elements of Pisces. It resonates with partnerships and relationships of all kinds, including those we have with all parts of our Selves. It can reveal polarities that separate us, or offer ways to build bridges across those differences through awareness, intuition, higher perspective, and heartfelt love.
The ‘2’ represents duality, polarity, reflection, and balance. Duality is the perception of otherness through which the One can understand itSelf. It is what results when Source energies descend into the 3rd dimension. Duality provides contrast and differentiation; there is no Light without darkness, up without down, and so on. Electricity is the positive Male (yang) principle, and magnetic attraction is the negative Female (yin) principle. Both are necessary for creation. Balance between masculine and feminine energies produces ascension, which brings us back to Source, the Oneness behind everything.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents the 2 o’clock hour of Spiritual Wisdom; where we go beyond (imagined) limitations imposed by the ego in order to ultimately realize our unlimited potential, our Oneness with Source, and our connection to one another. We face the fears and doubts thrown up by the ego’s desire to keep us separate. We master our Selves in the process; it is Divine Love activating through us.

It takes spiritual wisdom to remember that we are whole, limitless beings, connected in Oneness. Because we are experiencing the illusion that we are separate and limited through our descent into the 3D realm of physicality, we must act on faith that we are One limitless Being, until we remember. We move from unity consciousness to duality and back into Oneness again in a cosmic dance of compassionate love and forgiveness.

February Energies

After the intensity of January, February seems a little tamer, especially with Mercury’s retrograde. The energies at the beginning of the month include a Sun Orcus great eliminator, Pluto Eris square, Venus Pluto resource, Mercury Sedna stepping stone, Uranus Varuna stepping stone, and Chiron Varuna manifesting. It’s helpful to be aware that there is a part of us that is immortal, and that life in 3D is temporary. It puts everything in perspective. Pluto and Eris will be interacting all year long, but the closer they are to an exact square, the more intense the disruption which forces change. The last exact Pluto Eris square was on 1/26 and so the first 2 weeks in February might still feel disruptive; it’s Pluto doing his transmutational work. Meanwhile, if we’re sitting in the observer’s perch, we will note our heart’s rebirth into a larger perspective of Love beyond those frequencies we know and are comfortable with.
The stepping stones lift us up also, to a higher perspective and a much broader view, which includes awakening to the highest energies of the Divine Feminine. As we acknowledge and integrate the feminine into our hearts, minds, and souls, we can’t help but awaken more. Then we can align our Selves with the broadest view we are capable of; this alignment helps to make us whole. It is a process that continues this month.

The Personal Planets

The personal planets of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms are busy this month. On 2/2, Mercury enters his shadow near the end of Aquarius, for a master lesson about putting our thoughts on unconditional love for our Selves. On 2/3 Mercury enters Pisces, the sign of Divine Mastery, where we learn to master our fears and realize our Selves as truly unlimited beings. Here we explore how we limit ourselves through those fears and by the way we think about things.
Mercury enters his 1st retrograde of the year at 13 Pisces on 2/16, a day with 3 other major aspects. Being in Pisces, Neptune has domain over it, and one of the themes of this cycle is to be aware of confusion or misunderstanding in our thinking. Then we can take steps to correct it. Before the retrograde all the solar system planets are in direct motion, which in Cosmic Consciousness, means a focus on the physical realm; it speeds up how we experience everything. Now, for 3 weeks we can slow down a little and sharpen our ability to think and speak with Love. By the end of February, Mercury resources Uranus, his higher octave, and some realizations regarding the way we think is possible.
On 2/7 Venus enters Aries, the quality of consciousness of mental discipline to think loving thoughts. It’s also the divine spark of Creation that lights up the higher mind. Venus traveling from Pisces to Aries moves the heart from the universal perspective to individuality. Here we can apply love to our thoughts using meditation and conscious discipline. It is not always easy, but compassion and forgiveness allows us to keep going. With loving thoughts there is more energy to create new ideas.
On 2/5 Venus conjoins with the Black Moon for a new cycle of finding the Truth within our hearts. The Venus Chiron and Venus Salacia new cycles occur on 2/10, bringing alignment at the heart level. This prepares us for the Venus Eris new cycle on 2/27. Once again, the heart leads the way, and the realization that our values have changed can set off discord that can be unsettling. We can trust our hearts; this awakening will lead us to higher ground.
Mars is especially active this month. Traveling through Sagittarius, Mars goes out of bounds on 2/9, the same day as the Full Moon, until 3/2. The way we experience the physical realm gets expanded. It’s a time to be mindful of our bodies and our actions. The Mars Galactic Center new cycle on 2/12 signifies the downloading of multidimensional energies into our bodies. A new cycle is dawning, and we are getting prepared. On 2/16, the same day as the Mercury station, Mars makes a new cycle with Ixion, giving a boost to the soul’s purpose; then he enters Capricorn, the last of the personal planets to resonate with the 7-planet stellium. He is very resourceful in the sign of Spiritual Power, for he has direction and purpose here.
On 2/22 Mars connects with Quaoar in a new cycle of higher thought concerning the nature of physicality. Actions spring from thoughts, and thoughts create the reality we experience physically. When thought and actions are guided by Source, a new world based in Oneness is born. Mars finishes out the month with a new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra on 2/25.  Old beliefs and ideas about the body, and the planet, can be cleared. It’s time to honor the physical experience and not try to run away from it or pretend our actions don’t affect it.
When the Sun changes signs, the vibration of our conscious awareness shifts to a new part of our energy field. That energy field gets infused with Light and new life force. On 2/19 the Sun enters Pisces, the limitless field of possibilities, resonating with Mercury, the Black Moon and Neptune. For the next 4 weeks we get to master living as faith in action, applying the spiritual wisdom of unconditional Love. The Sun Moon new cycle (New Moon) occurs on 2/23, and the Sun Mercury inferior conjunction, the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, takes place on 2/25.

Planetary Movements: Changes in Consciousness and Direction; New Beginnings

There are other notable events this month. One of the most significant occurs on 2/25, the same day as the Mars Earth Star new cycle and Sun Mercury conjunction. On that day, the 5D planet Ixion enters Capricorn for the first time in 245 years! At that time we were at the dawn of creating a new country. Ixion represents the promise the soul makes to accomplish certain evolutionary milestones that were attempted or worked on in past lives, but not completed. For the past 25 years Ixion has been in Sagittarius, and collectively we have been clearing past karma and preparing for the future--for the Now. Ixion will retrograde back and forth between Sagittarius and Capricorn over the next two years, so this change in consciousness is only a taste of what is to come. Our collective soul purpose is in the process of changing and we need a higher consciousness to access it.
Pallas Athena, the fragment of divine feminine wisdom that quietly observes, is slowly moving through Capricorn all month. On 2/7 she meets the Earth Star Chakra in a new cycle of clearing karma through her particular brand of wisdom that comes from observation and reflection, a kind of knowing from within. We need this quiet wisdom now.
The Saturn Chariklo new cycle on 2/16 occurs on another day of major aspects: the Mercury retrograde station and Mars’ transition into Capricorn. The Saturn Pluto new cycle will be felt all year, but Saturn Chariklo imparts a calming, stabilizing energy that is sorely needed now. Chariklo’s partner, Chiron, conjoins Salacia for the 3rd time on 2/22. The involvement of Chariklo and Salacia in these new cycles brings a lighter energy to the realignments we are experiencing.
Two planets change direction on the same day, 2/8. Juno, an asteroid fragment of divine feminine consciousness, represents the wholeness that is inherent in all relationships. In Libra, she reveals that there is no separation between our Self and the “other.” She works in a similar fashion as 5D Haumea, but on a more personal level. Her 3 1/2 month retrograde takes us within, to recalibrate our relationships with each other and the ideas and things we cling to.
Sedna, the record-keeper for all beings throughout time, holds the collective remembrance of the Divine Feminine and all her stored wisdom. Sedna’s retrograde has allowed us to integrate at the highest levels the newest consciousness that has become available. Now stationing direct, this new Divine Feminine consciousness, as held by Sedna, is ready for outward expression. Look for the wisdom and resilience of women to become prominent in the coming months.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Jupiter and Neptune are known as the ‘inner outer’ planets. Throughout the year these 2 planets will connect in a resourceful (sextile) relationship. On 2/20 they make the 1st connection, making possible the expansion of spirituality for those who are ready. Be aware, an expansion of confusion or even deception is also possible. Awareness, patience and compassion are essential to move the energies in the direction of higher wisdom and clarity.

Lunar Events

The Full Moon in Leo takes place on 2/9, with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. Aquarius signifies a more collective, humanitarian view of the future, while Leo marks an individual ‘s ability to find blessing in whatever situation arises in the here and now. The Aquarius/Leo axis relates to how we affect the collective at the individual level verses how the collective affects each of us. It’s about giving to the world what we feel we have to offer.
During this Full Moon, Juno, the oneness behind our relationships resources the Moon, and Eris, the awakener who changes everything resources the Sun. Pluto the transformer is still in a close stepping stone with Eris, and Chiron and Varuna are manifesting. This Full Moon gives us a chance to elevate our perspective, and gives meaning to the Beatles’ phrase “the Love you take is equal to the Love you make.” Self Love and gratitude will help reach those who are ready (or afraid) to awaken.
The Pisces quality of consciousness is where the next New Moon takes place, on 2/23. Pisces is where we learn to face doubt and fear, embrace it and move past it, learning the Truth of our limitless nature. The Sun and Moon, at 4 Pisces, resonate resourcefully with the Mars Quaoar new cycle in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. Mercury is retrograding in Pisces as well. Within the ocean of possibilities the potential for new thought is available, and with it, more likelihood for awakening. Acting from the spiritual wisdom of the heart, also known as faith in action, brings the energies of Christ Consciousness into what we experience.

Black Moon

Black Moon continues her dance between Aries and Pisces and back again, connecting and reconnecting with the same planets all month. In Cosmic Consciousness, the Pisces/Aries portal of Truth is where we go from being one with the universal realm to moving into individuality; it’s the birth canal, and the masculine portal between the spiritual and mental quadrants. With Black Moon turning her attention more and more towards Aries, her retrograde reentry into Pisces (the 5th so far) is like moving backward through the birth canal into the field of spiritual wisdom to bring forth more universal Truth before we can create anew. Pisces is also where we face our fears regarding the Truth of who we Are, and Black Moon’s dance between the 2 signs will continue for another 2 months, revealing and recalibrating the new Divine Masculine.
The retrograde Black Moon conjoins with Salacia and Chiron on 2/2. We cannot whole our Selves without seeing both sides of the bigger picture. Black Moon reenters Pisces on 2/4, and runs into Venus there on 2/5, the 3rd and final meeting. This is a new cycle in realizing what our values are and how we love our Selves and each other. Traveling backwards through Pisces, Lilith conjuncts Neptune for the 18th (!) time, taking us inwards yet again for the enlightenment we need. On 2/11 she conjoins Mercury for the 1st time this year. Then she goes direct (2/15) at 5 Pisces, and spends the rest of the month retracing her steps all the way back into Aries.
On 2/18, the Black Moon meets up with Mercury again, only now the Great Messenger is retrograde. Oddly enough, Black Moon will conjoin Mercury 3 more times in April, but they won’t connect at all in March. The truth of our thoughts and what we say must be integrated, for our words and thoughts are so powerful now. The 19th Black Moon Neptune conjunction takes place on 2/20, signaling that their dance is almost over. Lilith heads into Aries on 2/22, and finishes out the month with conjunctions with Salacia and Chiron once again (#11 for both) on 2/24. With each meeting, she gets to the core of our wounds and brings them up for healing and wholing.


After the incredibly intense energies of January, February brings a reprieve of sorts. Mars winds his way through Capricorn, and Venus in Aries brings heartfelt energies to the power of the higher mind. With the Sun, Mercury, Black Moon and Neptune in Pisces, the energies are somewhat slower and less frenzied, more flowing and deeper. It’s time to quiet the mind and allow the unlimited Self to be heard. Let us find the middle ground of balance between the polarizations all around us; it is all an illusion. Let every action this month be buoyed by the faith that there is a place for every One, and that the greatest service is to come from Love, be Love, and spread Love. That is the only way to break the impasse and ignite peace.
“Let's trade in all our judging for appreciating. Let's lay down our righteousness and just be together.”
― Ram Dass
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