August 2019 Cosmic Consciousness

Welcome to August, 8th month of a 12/3 year. In July the energies were sudden and explosive, moving sideways with the eclipses, and changing directions with the planets. We stood in the observer’s perch with an open heart and mind, allowing the energies to move us. As we find the blessing in every situation, we are readying our Selves for the influx of August’s energies, becoming adept at being fluid and adjusting to rapid change. This month we are called upon to align ourselves in mind, heart, body and spirit, to purify our hearts, and to be response-able and transparent.

In Cosmic Consciousness, the 8 o'clock Virgo hour of Divine Mother energies is where we apply the emotional wisdom to discern where we are out of alignment.  In this hour we work to bring errant fragments of our Selves together and integrate any misqualified vibrations that prevent our wellbeing on every level, as we bring our Selves into wholeness. As each of us becomes more aligned and whole, we see the potential for wholeness in others, and they see their own potential. At higher levels we create space within mass consciousness for all of us to come together as One.  Now as we clear out old karma and unconscious thought patterns we are resonating with higher dimensional frequencies and rewriting our cellular structure, which will come to reverberate on the physical plane.
In numerology, GOD is an 8 vibration, eternal, infinite, vast, imperishable. Horizontally the 8 signifies infinity, unending abundance: infinite Love, infinite energy, infinite supply, infinite bliss, infinite awareness, infinite choice. The energies are always there; it is up to us to tap into them, and the only way to do that is through the center, the heart, where Love exists, always waiting for us to tap into it.
August Energies
For half of August we are in the energies of Leo, the Sun’s home sign. The Sun, masculine co-dispositor (with the Moon) of the spiritual body, is the generator of consciousness on every level. In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo represents the life force that flows through all of us, which can be expressed through joy, gratitude and awareness. It refers to the light we bring to others when we hold the space of gratitude in our hearts and shine our Truth.  
Mercury ended his retrograde on 7/31, regains his shadow in Leo on 8/15, and travels through that sign until 8/29. Mercury’s activities demonstrate how important the mind is as the creator of reality: every thought, and every word springing from those thoughts have the power to transform. Coming from the heart, with inner gratitude, the mind has the capacity to express so much Love, if we stay conscious of the process.
The Leo/Virgo portal of Knowledge is emphasized this month as all the personal planets cross this portal into Virgo in the second half of August. As each planet enters and moves through the sign of inner alignment, they make new cycles with Regulus (see below), manifest with (trine) Quaoar, step up with (square) Ceres, make great eliminators (inconjuncts) with Chiron, and manifest with Uranus. And that’s before each of them conjoin with Orcus in new cycles, and manifest with Saturn and the other Capricorn planets next month.
We are coming to a new awakening and realization of what alignment truly is and how to embody it, and choices must be made to face and heal what prevents that alignment of spirit, mind, heart and body. All this is underscored by the New Moon in Virgo at the end of the month, when all 5 lower body planets are in the sign of the Divine Mother! Get ready for some major purification and recalibration in the second half of the month that will continue well into September. It will serve us well to remember the Virgo mantra, I AM Whole.
August features 8 new cycles, not counting 2 conjunctions of the Black Moon with Neptune; 3 major planets changing direction; 8 planets changing signs (and 5 entering the same sign); and last but certainly not least, the Lion’s Gate portal. Almost every day brings something noteworthy, but the dates that are especially significant are 8/8, 8/11, 8/15, 8/23, 8/29, and 8/30. On these dates there are multiple events, magnificent lunations, and more.
Lion’s Gate: 8/8
Every August features the powerful 8:8 stargate known as the Lion’s Gate. Each year the portal opens on 7/26, and reaches its zenith on 8/8 before it closes on 8/12. We have another opportunity to open our Selves to the high frequency downloads now available to us. By connecting with the Divine Feminine Christed energies of the Divine Mother through the refuge of the heart we will find the strength and courage offered by the Leo/Virgo energies of the month.
Right in the middle of the Sun’s sojourn through Leo, at the world axis point (15°), the Lion’s Gate culminates on 8/8. It is the original Egyptian New Year, celebrating the portal connecting our life force to that of the Great Central Sun Sirius. Each year at this time light codes and keys are downloaded through the crown chakra. This portal affords us the opportunity to elevate, expand and quicken our frequencies, calibrating our vibrations to superconscious levels and higher dimensions. The faster we vibrate, the greater our awareness and the more we perceive while aligning our Selves with the changing energies.
The Lion’s Gate is associated with the rising of the 7D star, Sirius, whose energies connect us to higher frequencies and dimensions. This year the energies are even more intense, as Jupiter prepares to station direct, right on the Great Attractor, which holds the highest multidimensional energies in the cosmos. Jupiter’s great eliminator with Sirius reflects our capacity to expand our consciousness to new levels if we are ready for it.
On 8/8, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Ixion, (our collective purpose), and Astraea (our access to the divine feminine) bridges Ixion as well. The Sun’s great eliminator with Saturn and the Black Moon’s great eliminator with the dharmic Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) indicate the choices available to act with integrity and claim response-ability for our own evolution.  The Sun also makes a great eliminator with Neptune on 8/11, before the closing of the Lion’s Gate, completing a 3-day Finger of God (yod) between Saturn and Neptune pointing toward the Sun. The choices we make –to come from Love or fear-- have the capacity to continue the confusion or bring clarity and enlightenment now and in the coming months.
Changes in direction
Any archetype tapping the multidimensional frequencies of Sirius will automatically connect with the Great Attractor, the Source of our home series of super clusters. According to Cosmic Consciousness, whatever falls on the Great Attractor degree, by transit or by birth, is drawn inexorably toward some of the highest consciousness possible for us to achieve. Those with eyes to See can open themselves to some truly high frequencies. There is no way to grasp this at the (lower) mental level, no way to describe it. It can only be experienced with higher awareness and trust.
On 8/11 Jupiter goes direct on the Great Attractor (GA) at 14 Sagittarius 30. When a planet transits the GA new keys and codes are delivered to us all. Jupiter’s vibration reflects the part of us that seeks Truth, growth, and expansion. As a social planet, his energies allow us to expand our experience of our Selves through explorations and interactions with others. Jupiter imparts the courage to go beyond one’s limits, providing the impetus to engage and create in collaboration with others. His energies direct us to seek wisdom and Truth through educational, cultural and spiritual pursuits as we interact with the outside world. Where Jupiter is, that’s where our consciousness expands. This direct station on the GA, right before the Lion’s Gate closes, promises an expansion of our consciousness in unprecedented ways. Headaches, fatigue, and spaciness may result, so heed the body’s needs and plan accordingly.
Uranus has been on the 6th degree of Taurus since 7/4, and it is no coincidence that he goes retrograde on the same day Jupiter goes direct.
Uranus’ journey towards Source gives us the opportunity to integrate and reevaluate the realizations and awakenings we’ve already encountered from a higher perspective. Do we truly trust our intuition and follow it, or do we talk ourselves out of its wisdom? Do we ground ourselves through the practice of non-attachment and coming from the heart, or do we become distracted by fear-based thoughts? We have until 1/10/2020 to examine what is true for us. By then the world will be totally changed.
On 8/29, another significant day, Sedna goes retrograde at exactly 28 Taurus. Sedna is the multidimensional librarian and holder of the vast Divine Feminine energies that we are now re-membering and unifying. Her retrograde, lasting until 2/8/20, gives us the opportunity to bring these energies into our own personal frequencies in any way we can. We have the capacity to make great evolutionary leaps in consciousness as we hold the energies of the unified Divine Feminine for our Selves and the planet. We’ve seen how the Divine Feminine has come to the fore and changed life on the planet. There is so much more to come.
Sign Changes
Now that he is direct, Mercury ingresses Leo on 8/11. When Mercury moves into Leo the mind enters the realm of the heart at the emotional level of inner gratitude. The higher Mind gets a wider view of what there is to be grateful for, seeing the blessing in everything. Mercury spends only 18 days in Leo before joining Mars, Venus and the Sun in the Virgo part of our energy field on 8/29.  Astraea and Pallas Athena are the other planets moving into new qualities of consciousness: Astraea enters Cancer on 8/15 and Pallas moves into Scorpio on 8/26.
The second half of August undergoes a palpable shift as one by one the personal planets enter Virgo, a rare event. The symmetry is amazing, as Virgo is the place within our energy field where we realign all parts of our lower body systems:  spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Mars leads the way when he ingresses Virgo on 8/18, followed by Venus (8/21), the Sun and Juno (8/23) and finally Mercury (8/29). When the Moon enters Virgo on 8/30 all the dispositors of the 4 parts of the human experience are together in the quality of consciousness that holds purity, sacredness, alignment, mastery and wholeness.
Virgo is the sign of Inner Alignment and emotional wisdom, disposed by (belonging to) Chiron, the Master Healer/Teacher. It is also the sign of pure heartedness. It is the place within each of us where we master our Selves, purifying the heart. As the heart purifies, it opens space for the Christed (Self-Realized) Self to be born.
Virgo is an earth sign, represented by sand, signifying the yielding quality required to bring fragmented or misaligned energies back into wholeness. Sand moves when pressed upon; it does not resist. Carefully tending to our own wellbeing is a great service to humanity. Alignment of spirit, mind, heart, and body produces a wholeness of Presence that is expressed as emotional wisdom, such as knowing when and how to act, when to speak and when to listen. A soul who is whole serves as the example for others to realize their own state of wholeness.  In this polarized world, nothing is needed more than the possibility of recognizing wholeness.
Although not a sign change, it should be noted that Eris has been traveling out of bounds, outside the ecliptic, since her discovery in 2005. The ecliptic is the path of the Sun, representing our conscious awareness. On 8/23 Eris will enter the ecliptic for the first time since we became aware of her. Now that Eris is reentering the field of our conscious awareness we will get to know her more intimately, just as the Light Bridge with Haumea begins to dissipate. This is a huge, rare event in a month of rare events.
New Cycles
All new cycles are in Leo and Virgo this month, except for the Pallas Haumea new cycle on 8/11, which bridges Eris. The Mars Juno new cycle opens the month on 8/3, connecting us with the wholeness of our relationship to our own body, our community and our environment.  Mercury’s 8/13 new cycle with Varuna should produce a much more elevated point of view that will help the ongoing mind/body realignment that completes next month.  
Venus meets up with the Sun on 8/14 in a new cycle at 21 Leo, in a great eliminator with Pluto. Emotions and consciousness can be transmuted and cleared of old energies, but only if we choose it. We are called on to come from the heart in new ways, in gratitude for the gift of being here now to anchor Love in these untethered times. Both Venus (8/19) and the Sun (8/22) conjoin Juno in new cycles at the master degree of Leo. It is as though we get to demonstrate the mastery of our relationship to our emotions and awareness through our relationship with others, shining our Light in places where it is needed, in gratitude and Love. After these new beginnings, all three archetypes enter the realm of the Divine Mother.
Regulus:  Regulus is the brightest star in the Leo constellation; as one of the Royal Stars, Regulus is guardian of the Northern quadrant of our universe. This fixed star is represented by Archangel Raphael, twin ray of Mother Mary, who her Self is represented by Virgo, the Divine Virgin Mother. Regulus moved into Virgo in 11/2011, and will remain at the 0° portal for another 65 years, and every planet that passes into Virgo conjoins Regulus in a new cycle. This 0 point marks the beginning of the alignment of the Sacred Divine Feminine with her Divine Masculine counterpart. And this month every personal planet – and Juno, representing the unity within each of us-- makes a new cycle with Regulus—at the same time!
Each new Regulus cycle enables us to connect with what is regal and sacred within each of us. It is the place where we begin to heal, align and balance the split between masculine/feminine energies in order to master this Truth: that we are all drops in the limitless Unfathomable Ocean. After all, Virgo is the polar sign to Pisces, where we access our limitless potential. This August, alignment and mastery are at the forefront as we apply the healing balm of emotional wisdom to each of the archetypes of the lower body systems.
Once Venus enters Virgo she meets Mars for a new heart/body connection on 8/24. The heart is the center of the body, and a healthy heart nourishes the body as well as the soul. On 8/29 Venus becomes the first personal planet to connect with Orcus, where we connect with our immortality.  Our heart Knows that the Soul, and the Love contained within, never dies.
Lunar Events
The 8/15 Full Moon at 22 Aquarius is a very heart-centered lunation, with the Sun conjunct Venus in Leo. The Sun resources Haumea, manifests with Eris, and is in great eliminator with Pluto. The Moon resources Eris and manifests with Haumea as well. Vesta intersects the Full Moon, providing a grounding off-ramp to the Sun Moon Leo Aquarius bridge. Being devoted to our intuition provides the wisdom to respond with grace and unconditional Love to disruptions that threaten our equanimity. Mercury captures his shadow today and resources MakeMake, signifying that all is as it should be. Mercury and Varuna are part of a grand manifestation in Fire (spiritual) signs with Chiron and Ceres. Our elevated perspective, borne of the high frequency downloads from the Lion’s Gate, are preparing us for the changes and alignments to come.
The 8/30 Virgo New Moon is extraordinary, promising much awakening, balancing of thoughts, words and deeds, and Self-acceptance. With Regulus, there are 8 planets in the quality of consciousness represented by Mother Mary, progenitor of Christed consciousness. The Sun and Moon, generators of our personal consciousness, resource Astraea and manifest with Uranus. Both Astraea and Uranus resource each other, and point to Ceres in a Finger of God (yod) aspect. And the Black Moon bridges Orcus. We are awakening to the sovereignty of the Divine Feminine Self and bringing her to the world. There is no going back. We are forever changed.
Black Moon Lilith
The Black Moon is winding down her dance between Aquarius and Pisces. She retrograded back into Aquarius on 7/31, and on 8/7 she goes direct at 17 Aquarius, forming a great eliminator with the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node).  Black Moon enters Pisces for the 8th time on 8/12, the day the Lion’s Gate closes. Once again she goes deep into the limitless realm to lift veils and uncover truths. 
For the past 2 months Lilith swam in Neptune’s waters but refrained from conjoining him. She meets up with Neptune on 8/18 for conjunction #7 at 18 Pisces before turning around again on 8/23 and retrograding back to Neptune (#8) at the same degree on 8/26. Neptune presides over the divine feminine realm of consciousness (water), and with Black Moon’s influence, as hidden truths are unveiled, all aspects of the feminine are being slowly healed.
Have you noticed how many times the number 8 comes up this month, aside from the fact every date begins with it? The frequency of the 8 is so strong this month; it’s shape, which loops around at the edges before meeting in the middle gives an idea of how the energies of August are flowing.  Like a roller coaster we are looping around, going up and down but we will come up again. We are in the process of aligning all the parts of the human experience, moving towards unity from the polarity we see everywhere; we are bringing infinity down to Earth.
Like a roller coaster, the momentum will move us along, but may not really take us very far. It will do no good to fall prey to upset or frustration. Everyone is recalibrating, working through things on whatever level the misaligned energy is expressing. Leo’s energies support us in remaining heart-centered and aware, and in blessing whatever comes. Virgo’s energies require us to pay attention to our own wellbeing first and follow our own path, focusing on the next step and doing it well. Caroline Myss has said that faith is powerful; it is the absence of fear. It is the capacity to keep our attention in the moment, knowing that “all is as it should be right now”, and trusting that all our real needs will be met.
This August requires us to have patience, compassion, and faith in the process of growing into our own evolution.
Inner peace is never born of outside conditions. It comes only when we have harmonized our thoughts, feelings, and actions with the inmost core of our being.
~~~ Carleton Whitehead
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