For the week of September 17 - 23:

There are a lot of planets hanging out at the 0 degree of their respective signs this week, and that can only mean one thing: new beginnings, fresh starts, and the purity and innocence of first steps being taken into the as yet unknown.
Last week Mars spent four or five days at 0 Aquarius, putting a big dent in the undoing process of the current conditions of the polarized world. This week the Black Moon Lilith takes her turn at 0 Aquarius, and she will be retrograding there for about four days herself before dipping back into Capricorn for just a couple of days. (She’ll be back at 0 Aquarius next week).

This bears observing, as that degree is far from finished with its precipitation of the new order as other planets and points slowly but surely reach this sensitive point of the zodiac and add their energies to the new brew.
For now the Black Moon and the Earth Star Chakra (the Moon’s South Nodes, aka karma) will spend some time here. (The Earth Star gets to 0 Aquarius on mid term election day, November 6).
Back to this week. There are many bridges, Light bridges and stepping stones/crossroads to observe. I definitely would have said ‘navigate’ if this were a few years ago. But we have learned (hopefully) to just BE, to observe all options as they arise, knowing that nothing in the world is real, all arisings are temporary, and the only ones that can mean anything to you are the ones that appear and do not elicit emotional or mental compulsion in you. Those are connected to the lower Self, and they take you directly to the heart of the demanifesting reality that is inevitable. Does that make sense?
The only thing that has substance and lasts is Love. Love is a higher property. It is not what your ego would have you believe. I know words like these irk some of you. But I ask you to look that discomfort right in the eye and watch it dissipate as you fly past it. Discomfort (much like physical pain) is the ego’s way of insisting something’s wrong. When we feel something is wrong we have automatic reactions that keep us stuck in the pain.
Pain is as illusory as anything else in this physical world. It’s a message. Not a state of being. So this week, as the Sun reaches its Equinox point, moves into Libra and bridges with Chiron while forming a stepping stone with Quaoar, we each have the opportunity to WATCH the wholing process begin. Let it begin as you watch. When your heart starts to resonate with a certain frequency or vibration (and you’ll know it when it arises, if you are quiet and still), it will lead you onto a Path that is certain to take you home. Home to your heart. Home is where the heart is.
This is a big week for disruptive energies to show up. Mars forms a stepping stone with Uranus, and Uranus is in a bridge with Venus. This is all part of a major Love crossroad. Again, it is vital to remain in the observer’s perch (and this crossroad is made up of two perfectly great ones) and observe what is unfolding. Remember that what unfolds is illusory. That doesn’t mean it is useless. Everything here matters. Everything here is MATTER. But it is also transitory. It’s vital to observe from a higher vantage point to be able to recognize which path is going to serve your purpose best.
Life is beginning to look more and more like a video game that’s fun and adventurous, but it’s over when it’s over, and none of it matters in the end, except Love. Except how you played your game.
The Equinox is a moment of balance on the planet. Notice I am no longer calling it the FALL Equinox, because that is only true on half the planet. If we are one with everything we have to adjust our language and our focus to bring it all into clarity. The Equinox looks opposite on the two halves of the globe, but it is actually the exact same moment. Much like the Merkabah, which is the vehicle of the Light Body, the upper and lower halves of the planet are moving in opposite directions, but reflecting the same cycle.
In the North we move toward winter from here. In the South we move toward summer. But here, in this moment we are at the balance point.  All of us together. And it’s important to note here that if we remain still and centered in the moment, we are far more able to forget about our differences, AND we provide our Selves with the golden opportunity to experience the miracles that are only available in the here and now.
The week is a changing one. Filled with highs and lows, ups and downs. Don’t focus on those. Stay tuned to your heart. Remain glued to the observer’s perch of your choice. And allow the balance that is truly your own to emerge and reveal to you who you are. We are in changing times. But Love is the one constant. If you’re feeling lost or untethered, remember you are not. Your heart is your anchor. All you have to do is stay tuned to it. Practice conscious discipline. In the face of all this outer change, there is no better opportunity to open to.
Here are the aspects for the week. Please check out my daily blog for much more on the day to day aspects.

Day by day aspects:

All times given are Eastern Daylight time 

MON 9/17:

Black Moon Lilith transits 0 Aquarius (retrograde) (9/17 – 9/21)
Vesta enters Capricorn: 11:55pm

TUES 9/18:

Sun Ixion Stepping Stone: 12:41am (25 Virgo/Sag)
Vesta Quaoar New Cycle: 1:35am (1 Capricorn)
Mercury Eris Great Eliminator: 2:49pm (24 Virgo/Aries)
Mars Uranus Stepping Stone: 7:01pm (1 Aquarius/Taurus)

WED 9/19:

Chiron Vesta Stepping Stone: 12:41am (0 Aries/Capricorn)
Mercury Ixion Stepping Stone: 9:07am (25 Virgo/Sagittarius)
Sun Galactic Center Stepping Stone: 10:55pm (27 Virgo/Sagittarius)

THUR 9/20:

Sun Sedna Manifestation: 4:37am (27 Virgo/Taurus 20)
Mercury Sedna Manifestation: 12:39pm (27 Virgo/Taurus 20)
Mars Varuna Light Bridge: 6:00pm (2 Aquarius/Leo 26)
Mercury Sun Superior Conjunction: 9:53pm (28 Virgo 02)

FRI 9/21:

Mars Salacia Resource: 2:15am (2 Aquarius/Aries 32)
Black Moon Chiron Resource: 6:58am (0 Aquarius/Aries 12)
Mercury Juno Manifestation: 8:07am (28 Virgo/Taurus 49)
Sun Juno Manifestation: 6:52pm (28 Virgo/Taurus 53)
Black Moon enters Capricorn (retrograde): 10:00pm
Mercury enters Libra: 11:40pm
Mercury Quaoar Stepping Stone: 11:54pm (0 Libra/Capricorn 01)

SAT 9/22:

Mercury Chiron Bridge: 1:55am (0 Libra/Aries 10)
Venus Albion Bridge: 9:36am (7 Scorpio /Taurus 45)
Sun Black Moon Manifestation: 3:58pm (29 Virgo/Capricorn 45)
Mercury Vesta Stepping Stone: 7:15pm (1 Libra/Capricorn 28)
Sun enters Libra (EQUINOX): 9:55pm
Sun Quaoar Stepping Stone: 10:27pm (0 Libra/Capricorn 01)
Mercury Uranus Great Eliminator: 10:46pm (1 Libra/Taurus)

SUN 9/23:

Sun Chiron Bridge: 1:01am (1 Libra/Aries 07)
Black Moon turns direct: 6:03am (30 Capricorn)
Ceres Albion Great Eliminator: 6:08am (7 Libra/Taurus 44)
Mercury Varuna Resource: 8:40am (2 Libra/Leo 28)
Mercury Saturn Stepping Stone: 12:47pm (2 Libra/Capricorn 47)
Vesta Uranus Manifestation: 1:32pm (1 Capricorn/Taurus 43)
Varuna Salacia Manifestation: 8:04pm (2 Leo/Aries 29)
Mercury Mars Manifestation: 9:30pm (3 Libra Aquarius 26)

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