Among all the various number combos, today includes 12:12: and 3:3 Stargates.  
Continuing with yesterday's theme, the May energies are gradually infusing our strong April progress.  There is striking change in how we move from one phase to the next. We progress with more refined Light design.  The Cosmically coded bridge from April to May is active and lit up.  While more is asked of us and we work faster, more fully, with few breaks, the increased Cosmic support is awe inspiring…. Heavenly.  
I imagine that everyone can tune into the unique life change that happens when we have a jolting scare, loss, surprise...  a big one that flattens normal priorities and opens our Hearts fast. Those gifting moments are coming our way more frequently now through more mundane experience.  Whereas we used to have maybe a handful of those in one life, they will soon be regular occurrence.
That life current in which brave open Love stands out as the priority, replacing closure, strategy, and need, that is the life stream I see we move into May.  And we have all seen enough to know that the strongest thing we will ever do here, is BEcome Love that doesn't' turn, close, or give in.  This is the strength the world needs… the medicine we are BEcoming that cures all ills.
We use the second half of April to prepare, to open to the places within that have closed off from Love, or can only endure it for a bit… and to warm those places with unyielding compassion.  We no longer need demand performance from ourselves... we can open the flow of our Love with such dedication, that we become the new definition of stability.
Outer world "threats" grow thin as our we deepen within and our inner Love structures build.  With these foundations, we will build something sustainable…. that the Light future grows from.   

Cosmic Numbers April 2019

In the theme of the '4' of our month, of foundational structure, I will open with the basics, the bones.  Ways we can read the numbers for this month/year dynamic:  4:12, 4:3, and '7'.  
From this entry point view in which I'm writing, this looks like completely unmapped '4 territory in April...in scope, dimension, depth.  We are closing shop on separation based structures; physical forms, identities, templates and roles that were fear based, including what was called Love that is not.  
There are many ways in which guilt/penance, obligation, karmic servitude, misplaced hope, has been called Love.  We are gently or not so gently awakening from the anesthesia of unLove. With still blurry vision and returning senses, we gradually see and spark to what Love in the physical/Human realm actually is.
To complete our '4' square/crossroads work in April, for a four cornered foundation, there will be reconciliation in which we require ourselves to find clarity, insight, forgiveness, before we move on and up.  In the thorough work of revising physical flow for Love, we open our Heart/eyes to see clearly where we have not before.  We see what we looked away from in order to understand it, in order to forgive it, to let it transmute and move beyond it.  
We may continue to review old structures/roles/designs at ever deepening levels AND with increasing sight.  We will revisit pathways, channels, that have timed out, become congested with blocks swelling for release, or are now empty/drained/blank.  
Entering April we will wind through the old pathways as long as we need to, to learn ALL we need to learn, to come current with ourselves where true feeling was denied - until we truly don't need the old structures anymore.  Thoroughness is being redefined.  If we agree to the task we set for ourselves, to move beyond the karmic loops for Self, for All, for good, then we will resolve our need for/attachment to old structures/designs completely (yikes).  
When we are complete with the old designs, we will know it.  Still the new may not appear right away. Manifest 5d Earth won't pop up like an inflatable castle.  We are becoming the New in order to LIght the way to it, as we build it. It may not look fast on paper, but ev-er-y phase will be full and fulfilling in its own right.
This April we go through a multi reality process of illuminating the unconscious underground to free up our Creative will… to apply that Creator will to physicalize the Light we have been wanting to, KNOWING we could live for so long.  New pathways for new flow in our thoughts, emotions, energetic and physical bodies.  New flows of communication, resources, information, inspiration WATER… through our bodies, environments, and lives.  
We are distilling the accrued wisdom of our karmic sojourns to come clear like never before, to expand in Faith beyond old roles, to physicalize our forward vision of Love without doubt, recants, or apology.  We shift our life roles accordingly and compromise is taken off the menu. We see options never noticed before and automatically they are essential to include.  
We are newly Love savvy in purifying, unblocking, and aligning
our flow of energy, attention, and life force.  
We may restructure our schedules, travel new (literal) roads, rearrange our homes, priorities, lives.   Our expression, movement, digestion, routines, giving and receiving will revise in structure to support the flow of authentic Love.  
This '4' month we open our voices to let an ancient tone arise.  We speak our truth even when it may change tomorrow, because we know we are living closer to the Truth by the day and we are called to give it f.o.r.m.
The numerological sum of month and year gives us '7': Heaven on Earth.  And bridging to Heaven may include reconciling how far we traveled away from it.  Our Human Hearts and Souls will need some "time of reckoning" to catch up, to transfer to something that has no old comfort and digest the reveals of what was unseen.
As we become more whole our confidence is self contained… which empowers us to move into what we cannot foresee... for tomorrow and the next five minutes.
At times out of nowhere, we see where germinating seeds of Heaven have begun to bloom.  We find a feeling of rightness where our Soul and Spiritual interface, harmony in place of friction.  
The New Love foundations, pathways we form this month are sure to amaze... before they are complete.  This April we move next phase further into the five sense experience of Divinity in form. We wield our Cosmic Light into the collective basements of grief and entropy.  Transmutation dissolves the obsolete. In forging new foundation pathways we work from the zero point field, to bring the will of the Light collective into now. stable. form.  In this Creating we are as delighted as children free in play, we are steady like sages of ancient age…. and we are together, doing what we came here to do.

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2019

This is a task, writing for a year which is New beyond what we've known. Our
language, by design, works with previously established ideas. 2019, by design, takes
us beyond what's been established. Hence our theme for the year, discovering and
Creating beyond the limits we've known.
Its a 12/3 year and we have 12 months to explore New Creation potentials,
each month, in a different way. We can see/feel progressions as more circular than
linear now. Linear applies less and less all the "time". As we spiral up to the '12' level
of Spiritual culmination, we work at the '3' level of Earth Creation. And the levels
inform each other.
Here, '12' infuses '3' with Spiritual Maturity, with the High view of what
Creation is for, how it actually works and serves. This refines the trajectory of
Human Creation. We're accessing the vision to bring Human Creation back into
alignment with Source Love.
This year infuses our Human/Soul desires with the pure Divine vision. Where
we have been short sighted or one sided in Creating, we balance and expand. Last
year's dual realm mastery work cleared space in our Human/Earth depths, brought
back essential aspects of Soul, making us stable conduits for New Earth Light. To be
steady through change going forward.
In 2019 we realize the power of our choice in new ways…. in the everyday. It
is for us to choose, like never before, what reality we invest in. The one we invest in
is the one that's (more) real. We've been working with this life principal for a while...
now we demonstrate it with new power. We're no longer tasked with straddling lower
and higher. This year we find bright polished Love that emboldens us to new roles.
No longer interested in propping up what's failed… we let it time out. We see with
fresh eyes where our energy investments do or don't Light up the New. Through the
year, we draw on all that we mastered in 2018, honing our Creator abilities in every
way… like the New frontier we came to be.
The "limits" in human/physical life that we assume will be there, loosen their
grip through the year. Energy gives rise to matter…. our energy. This year we see in
real time how our thoughts, feelings, desires, direct our reality of choice. The
boundary between within and without dissolves.
Last year we moved through our depth shadow lands to ground our authority.
This year we claim full ownership of all that we are, want, choose...to see it come
alive around us, in real time.
As this new level Creating becomes real to our Human, it stirs a deep
knowing/remembrance... that it's not that wild or strange. It's the experience of true    
Self and the Natural order of the Universe. We're just now coming back. 
I want to share something about
the geometry I'm including, in line with
what we're doing this year.
Aesthetically, I'm preferring digital
sacred geometry. And doing it by hand
is tedious. Because it needs to be so
precise, imperfections are par. And
tuning into the New year I wanted to
use physical materials, have a slower
Creative process. Leave space for it to  be imperfect. What I found was surprise liberation in imperfection… a simple
transcendence. Allowing what I don't like lights up and dissolves remaining judgment.
This is one of our features for 2019. The roots of separation based reality, ie fear and
judgment, have been release. Our old human patterning won't vanish in a blink, but
what held it in place is gone…. In that sense, we're complete. This geometry image
isn't up to the standard of what I set out to do, and I share it in homage to all that
we've liberated from.
On a more intentional note, for 2019, the triangle represents the '3' and our
inner trinity, from which we practice Creating this year. The three triangles express
the '9' of the year. each triangle is a 3, and there are 3 of them (3x3=9). The circle is
the Unified '1'... our more complete center connecting us to the whole of Creation.
The column through the middle is our vertical column connecting us from Cosmos to
deep Earth... more substantial than ever. The column separates the '2' halves of the
image. As the overall goal is bringing Source Light through to manifest in the dual
Throughout this year, may we move with the fluid knowing that all is One. May
we overflow with the Love of our inner trinity…. and proceed into New Creation as
pillars of Love.

Ceres is offering Life Path Reports using birth numbers, for a big picture view of purpose in this New cycle/year.  You can reach her at Ceres.Andromeda@gmail.com

***Ceres would like to share some work that she just birthed.  She did a webinar on Aligned Sexuality and also created an Aligned Sexuality handbook on the same material.  This work is really about owning our sacral/Creative power and brining it alignment with Love.  She finds that people can readily notice what's out of alignment (needing more Love) in their sexuality.  It's also a place where many can get stuck in lower places of struggle and suffering. 
Below is the link to purchase the handbook.  The webinar will be up on youtube and as a podcast.