Cosmic Numbers

Some of the numbers: 8:10:12 8:1:3 8:4 9:3
Distilled number of the day:  12/3 Number of the month:  11
Every day right now is so different, and held in cohesion through the strong energy of this Gateway.  We are both masters of this passage and beholden to it. We find the most balance right in the center of our experience.. not resisting, but aligning with it.  Investing full Faith in what we are and what we are putting in motion through this powerful stretch of days; with back to back arrivals of things bigger than what we can see, but will SOON be ready to live.   We are actually ready to live them now. This is the wink of time/no time. 
 Wherever we're not yet living something we know we're headed towards, we can notice what we believe the time gap to be, then shrink it down to a minute.  We are now ready to fully learn: how to use time as we need it, without being trapped by it.  
The numbers are also working differently than anything I've seen before.  The Lion's Gate surge is so strong, amplifying each number, and organizing their effects in a way that is particular to this event.  The cosmic configurations of the numbers is adapted for this Gateway. 
 This is a good day to look at the list of numbers above and invite the ones that want to speak to you, to come forward.  To ask those numbers what message they have for you. The alternative is to let the entire group of numbers carry you through, and know that the specific messages will find you when you need them.  
We arrive in our New reality through this Gateway.  We can use time to orient to it as needed. We are arriving in the world we've been Creating at the Higher levels.  We are coming home to our true selves, while still here. We do all this, in Unity. 

August 2019

The number for the month of course is '8', and the overall number of the month ( + year) is '11'.  This month, more than some, working with both numbers: '8' and '11', will help us keep pace with change.   
'11' for mastery of  the Infinite power of '8' in our '3' Trinity/Creation year.  
We will want to welcome the access to Infinite as the limitations of 3d are laid bare.  There are many strong energies this month, building in a systematic way through each day, drawing from every month this year, more pronounced than other years.  It's part of the critical phase of change we're in at this planetary moment, while we've also gone multi-dimensional with time.  
The mechanistic proceedings of daily life don't mean what they used to, they don't have the 'weight" that they used to, unless something needs emphasis for karmic completion.  Otherwise, there is a sense that WE are not fully in the linear procession of 3d life. Part of us is, necessarily, while more of our consciousness/energy/aspects are steady working in other dimensions, helping us get familiar with having more of ourSelves in a wider dimensional range, while also remaining in 3d.   There is an early sense of freedom with this.  
We have memories (however far back) of being multi-dimensional in form on Earth… so there is an enlivened reminiscence.   And not having all of our reality determined by time in physical,, is the beginning of coming home.  
Simultaneously, we may be on edge, especially through the early part of the month.  Because we know that we are at. an. edge of change; that we have dedicated ourselves to on one level  - and in the collective unconscious, also dreaded. We can sense a sweeping change coming that is clearly needed, and not knowable in advance.  
The general layout of this precipice will be foreseen by some.  But part of how we necessarily move through this  phase is by calling forth our Spiritual Power, because we need it most when we can't "know"  at the Human level. This is as it should. it is how we've designed it.  Being able to reassure ourselves by old measure would preclude the full emergence of Spiritual power. 
 Here we can embrace what the '8' of this month really means - the Infinite in US. .  Old safety nets that we might pine for, are less than our Infinite nature, and if we ask our Higher Selves, they just won't do… they won't fit the Cosmic bill for what we've organized to do, with fully powered Love
 In order to realize that we are more than the past, thus no longer beholden to it, we must prove it to ourselves first.  And in certain moments in August, that may come out of (seeming) necessity;  where yielding to the emergence of our Spirit power is all we can do. And right on the other side, maybe as early as mid August, this scale of power will seem so natural (because it is) that it will be easy, 
At the Higher Collective level, where we're working in Unity, we have more or less said; "time is up".  The result is not just the changes in "regular" time that we're all noticing, but also that the karmic clock is ticking it's last tock.  With this, New Order emerges. It's not completely new., because we've been cultivating, nourishing this New order… invoking it into existence with both:  our refusal to believe in delays and our Faith in what we came here to do.  {Doubt and wavering is normal, it's how we come back]
Mastering (11) our Infinite potential (8) in the realm of physical Creation (3) won't come from our past selves, but from the faith-full surrender of past self to our Full/True Self,  that we have always known and are ready to live here. again.
In 2020 and beyond, we may note this August as a month when we SEE Earth order change, because there was undeniable emergence of our True Divine Selves….  reclaimed, rising, As Love. As One. 

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2019

This is a task, writing for a year which is New beyond what we've known. Our
language, by design, works with previously established ideas. 2019, by design, takes
us beyond what's been established. Hence our theme for the year, discovering and
Creating beyond the limits we've known.
Its a 12/3 year and we have 12 months to explore New Creation potentials,
each month, in a different way. We can see/feel progressions as more circular than
linear now. Linear applies less and less all the "time". As we spiral up to the '12' level
of Spiritual culmination, we work at the '3' level of Earth Creation. And the levels
inform each other.
Here, '12' infuses '3' with Spiritual Maturity, with the High view of what
Creation is for, how it actually works and serves. This refines the trajectory of
Human Creation. We're accessing the vision to bring Human Creation back into
alignment with Source Love.
This year infuses our Human/Soul desires with the pure Divine vision. Where
we have been short sighted or one sided in Creating, we balance and expand. Last
year's dual realm mastery work cleared space in our Human/Earth depths, brought
back essential aspects of Soul, making us stable conduits for New Earth Light. To be
steady through change going forward.
In 2019 we realize the power of our choice in new ways…. in the everyday. It
is for us to choose, like never before, what reality we invest in. The one we invest in
is the one that's (more) real. We've been working with this life principal for a while...
now we demonstrate it with new power. We're no longer tasked with straddling lower
and higher. This year we find bright polished Love that emboldens us to new roles.
No longer interested in propping up what's failed… we let it time out. We see with
fresh eyes where our energy investments do or don't Light up the New. Through the
year, we draw on all that we mastered in 2018, honing our Creator abilities in every
way… like the New frontier we came to be.
The "limits" in human/physical life that we assume will be there, loosen their
grip through the year. Energy gives rise to matter…. our energy. This year we see in
real time how our thoughts, feelings, desires, direct our reality of choice. The
boundary between within and without dissolves.
Last year we moved through our depth shadow lands to ground our authority.
This year we claim full ownership of all that we are, want, see it come
alive around us, in real time.
As this new level Creating becomes real to our Human, it stirs a deep
knowing/remembrance... that it's not that wild or strange. It's the experience of true    
Self and the Natural order of the Universe. We're just now coming back. 
I want to share something about
the geometry I'm including, in line with
what we're doing this year.
Aesthetically, I'm preferring digital
sacred geometry. And doing it by hand
is tedious. Because it needs to be so
precise, imperfections are par. And
tuning into the New year I wanted to
use physical materials, have a slower
Creative process. Leave space for it to  be imperfect. What I found was surprise liberation in imperfection… a simple
transcendence. Allowing what I don't like lights up and dissolves remaining judgment.
This is one of our features for 2019. The roots of separation based reality, ie fear and
judgment, have been release. Our old human patterning won't vanish in a blink, but
what held it in place is gone…. In that sense, we're complete. This geometry image
isn't up to the standard of what I set out to do, and I share it in homage to all that
we've liberated from.
On a more intentional note, for 2019, the triangle represents the '3' and our
inner trinity, from which we practice Creating this year. The three triangles express
the '9' of the year. each triangle is a 3, and there are 3 of them (3x3=9). The circle is
the Unified '1'... our more complete center connecting us to the whole of Creation.
The column through the middle is our vertical column connecting us from Cosmos to
deep Earth... more substantial than ever. The column separates the '2' halves of the
image. As the overall goal is bringing Source Light through to manifest in the dual
Throughout this year, may we move with the fluid knowing that all is One. May
we overflow with the Love of our inner trinity…. and proceed into New Creation as
pillars of Love.

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